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Nope, no bother. Please keep in mind that anything I do or say IC is not refelctive of my OOC impression of you as a player... it's a game right... I don't get pissed (not usually) at friends if they make me pay rent when I land on Park Place in Monopoly... it's a rule of the game!

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Your fine with me, although I got some singes from some of the posts because I was standing too close cool.gif


Maybe people's frustrations and personal disagreements could be channeled into some IC RP. Like have a border dispute or diplomatic war or something.

I have been pre-occupied by taking the GRE test and moving (still packing) over the last few weeks that I have been frustrated and want to post rambling rants about stuff that has been driving me nuts.


hmm , maybe in my nation I will impose manditory testing of testing officals to see how much math they remember after 10-30 years of not using it! angry.gif

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