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Forum Takes Ages To Load

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Administrator Notice:


There seem to be some problems with Google Pages, where some of the codes used on this forum are stored. I had to take all of them out, so you will notice that some features are missing: extra tags for posting, remove infobox, etc. Rest assured that I am trying everything in my power to restore the forum back to normal. I hope you all bear with me should this problem take a while to fix, because for the moment, I'm still saving to purchase Google™ and get rid of these server flaws forever. wink.gif

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Administrator Update:


Things seem to be working again, at least for me. I believe the problems over at Google Pages are solved. But, seeing as how this dependency on an external host seems to be hurting this forum, I am working on a way to let the forum host it's own big list of javascript hacks and codes. It's nothing special, as you guys probably won't even notice a change (maybe a bit faster loading), but I just wanted to post this technicality.

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I am very sorry. I thought I had finally figured out what was causing the problem, but I guess there are still problems.


Pirilao: Is it only this forum where the page loads slowly, or do you experience the problem on other websites as well? If yes, then perhaps there is a problem with your internet connection. mellow.gif

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