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Ravenhelm Conflict OOC

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MOD NOTE: Split OOC chat, and opend OOC thread fo this conflice. US and Ravenhelm please use this to plan things out.


I would also like to be enlightend on what this war is about please.

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Same here.


I thought you two had just made an alliance, or something?


It does sort of look like just an attempt to land troops somewhere else, especially with all this "plan B" crap in Aki's news thread.


Also, you cannot involved anyone who doesn't want to be involved.


This looks like, as much as I don't want to say it, a "n00b war". I'm surprised at the two of you, as you're both apparently experienced RP'ers.


I'm going to keep an eye on this thread.


Both of you ought to bear in mind the region's RP rules.

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Just delete this. the war from the beginning, was thought out by Raven. I said we had something else going on to start and I reluctantly agreed. It looked good to start out with, and I was going to use it to have a few fun battle with Akiiryu. thats it guys. I really did not intend to piss anyone off. Lets just delete this, and the war since neither has really started.

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MOD COMMENT: Really US? That's the first I've heard of it. You certianly hadn't asked me if I had wanted to be involved in rping a war. When was that going to happen? After you and Ravenhelm had posted you had attacked me across the border I had opened on Ravenhelm's request?


Why did it look so good to start out with? Because you were going to be able to attack a player (me) would had stated that he wanted nothing to do with rping a war at the moment? As has been pointed out already, rp wars only take place if all to be involve agree. It is much like using other players nationals without asking permission first. Respect for rp rules and guidelines please!


A little reality would also be nice! The swing in US's relationship with Ravenhelm was so massive to be quite unbelievable (Military Treaty to War in a day!) and when it was coupled with Ravenhelm's rather clumsy attempts to have Akiiryu open its borders it was rather obvious something was going on.


I am not being nasty here, nor am I angry, I am just speaking directly to the point. If want to have wars people as an rp mod that's fine by me, just follow the correct rp protocols.


I will now close this topic.

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