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Map v3: Rules

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1. Your main nation must be in Europa.

2. Your nation must be registered at this forum.

3. Expanding your nation will only be allowed (you don't h?ve to expand) according to these rules:

  • 1 Plot:

    Minimum pop - 20 million + 20 posts (Anyone can do this without breaking a sweat. Introduce yourself, spam a bit, and you're there. NationStates will take care of the rest within a week or so.)

  • 2 Plots:

    Minimum pop - 500 million + 150 posts (Aha, a little more difficult. Be active in RP for example, and a second lot awaits.)

  • 3 Plots:

    Minimum pop - 1 billion + 500 posts (1 billion takes about six months if I'm not mistaken. 500 posts only a month or so.)

  • 4 Plots:

    Minimum pop - 2 billion + 1000 posts (A reward for the senior members. You've got to be rewarded in some way for sticking around this long.)

  • 5 Plots:

    Minimum pop - 3 billion + 2000 posts (This rule was added in September 2006 after an interesting debate .)

4. You can change the borders via role-playing. (If your border is against an empty plot, do not make too big annexations for this reduces the chances for new countries to have the slot they want. Empty slots are primarily for them. However, if the border is against another country, you can role-play the changes as large as you wish if and when everyone concerned has agreed. See our role-play rules for guidance.)

5. You will be removed from the map if:

  • your nation leaves Europa (exception made for TEA).
  • your nation ceases to exist.
  • you ask that your nation is removed from the map.

No exact time limit can be placed on the actual removal. The mapmaker and RP community will decide on the faith of the nation in question.


As tempting as it is to expand when your nation hits both the post and population parameters to do so, I must remind everyone that any and every expansion must be properly RP’ed for. This doesn’t mean a one-post mention in your news thread, but a proper thread which goes through your acquisition of that land.

Don’t be afraid to be controversial or reluctant to stir up trouble – in fact, this is often the best way, as it means that the much more fun can be had. Maybe you’re taking over a plot that was originally another player-nation – you could RP the fact that that nation had recently fragmented and you’re going in to “pacify” it.

Or perhaps the plot you’ve got your sights set on has always been vacant. In this instance, there could be a minor regime with an opposite political ideology to your nation’s, sponsoring terrorism within your borders. Time to invade and scrub out those commies/fascists-supporting terrorists!

Just because your nation is expanding, it doesn’t mean that every nation will automatically agree. In fact, the majority of wars in this region, whether minor or major, have originally been started over nations expanding. This is perfectly valid and, to a point, does reflect real-world tendencies, as some nations resent others moving into their spheres of influence.

On a final note, I must add that when your nation does get big enough to expand into another plot, it doesn’t mean you have to. If and when you do wish to take over another bit of land, be prepared to have a proper reason and story thought through to explain this expansion, as well as the fact that other nations may not accept it.

Examples of Previous Expansion RPs:

  • Collapse of Abyssioan Government – Peacekeepers are sent in to secure a previous player’s nation.
  • Operation: Hammerfall – One nation reacts to terrorists attacking from an adjacent plot, and reacts by invading it. Other nations didn’t agree and sent military forces.
  • Plot 21 Incident – A nation of one alliance expands into the sphere of influence of another. Nearly went nuclear!
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After some discussion, the rules for map plots have been revised as follows:


Proposed new rules

1 Plot:

Minimum pop - 20 million + 20 posts

2 Plots:

Miminum pop - 250 million + 60 posts

3 Plots:

Minimum pop - 500 million + 150 posts

4 Plots:

Minimum pop - 750 million + 300 posts

5 Plots:

Minimum pop - 1 billion + 500 posts

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