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Signature: Miiros

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Well, seeing as how there are a number of your who are very talented with banners and such I figured I would ask for any of you to make a banner that I can use in my signature! I'd do it myself, but any product would be quite abysmal, I assure you.


I'd like the banner to feature some of the things iconic to Miiros. The most obvious would be the black lion (roaring, sleeping, sitting, whatever), a cityscape, or a detail shot of urban streets or something of that nature. I'd prefer more digital type images rather than pictures from real life cities, but its not too big a deal. Any city will do so long as there is no visable end to it.

Example: http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/dbgallery/...hamgarden.shtml


Also, if anyone would tackle making some small news banners for my newstopic I would appreciate it. The same banner with different text for Headline News, Special Report, and Newsflash would be cool.


Also, any improvements to the flag... j/k I'm demanding enough as it is. XD


Anyone who takes up the task will have a street named after them! ohmy.gif

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