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Improvement Diplomatic Relations

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The People?s Republic of Emakera wants to improve relationship with the nations in Europa, and to establish diplomatic contact with nations that we haven?t contacted yet, by estabilishing and receiving embassies from foreign countries. This is part of one of the new policies adopted by the Emakeran government, and we hope to establish contact and friendship with everyone, and to improve relation with our already known neighbors.

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To: Emakera

From: The Free City of Miiros


As we are always seeking new trading partners and friends across Europa, it would be an honor for Miiros to exchange ambassadors and ebassies with your nation. We shall immediately set aside ample office and residence space in one of Orthen's finest towers so your embassy can be established. May this be the beginnings of a strong friendship between our peoples; may trade prosper and our armies never call one another foe.


- Miirosi Foreign Ministry

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To: Emakera

From: Blueport Ministry of Foreign Affairs


We would like to propose an embassy exchange between our nations. We are looking forward to opening contact with your nation.


We shall immediately send an ambassador to Emakera once your government agrees to our request.

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OOC: 3rd damn time i?m trying to write a post for this, but something always happens while i do so. Dog chewing my earphones, internet falling (curse Telefonica), and lotsa stuff i can?t remember. BTW, i have to edit the thread title soon... i was in a poor english wave then.






We thank all nations interested, and we are ready to open embassies on all said nations. We specially look forward to diplomatic relations with the new government of Upper Strathyclyde.

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Haken Rider Foreign Affairs


Embassies are automaticallty opened with all nations willing. As we have no quarrel with the Emakeran people, nor it's republic representing them, we are more than willing to offer you our hand an a location for an embassy in the center of our capital. We hope a mutual profitible relationship.



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To: Emakera

From: Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands


We would be honored to exchange ambassadors towards the development of our two great nations. We are looking forward to your arrival and look forward to a long, succesful relationship.




Thomas Kahuilui

Secretariat of State

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Greetings, the Emperor of Damak Var would like the People?s Republic of Emakera to consent to a nonaggression pact between our two nations. Let it be known that the Emperor is not trusting of your nation yet, but does not wish for an armed conflict and would also like to relieve any tension between our two nations. Does the People?s Republic of Emakera wish to sign a nonaggression pact between our two nations?


-Chief Administrator of Foreign Affairs

The Emperor's Executive Council


-High General Gerald

The Emperor's War Council

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TO: Emakera

From: Rennd


Dear potential friend,


In a rare occasion of free time, I, Drogogli, myself have taken the privelege of writing this telegram


In an aim to improve the relations of our two great countries, i extend my hand of friendship and will dispatch a foreign embassy as soon as possible. I trust that you see things in a similar light and hope that our nations can work together in the near future.


Mr Drogogli

Supreme Dictator of Rennd.


OOC: If the map co-ordinator approves of my request, my lands will be situated in plot number 81 near your nation.

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To: Drogoli of Rennd

From: President Dictator Richard Haller of Emakera


You are more than welcome. We will probably get along kinda well, for Emakera, as a federation, holds a responsive socialist way, while embracing the good parts of the capitalist system. We will be more than happy to have a fellow socialist nation next to us in body and heart. Your plans on making an embassy here are encouraged and thanked, and we are preparing to make ours as well. We have a building on Northern Pa?o city that would fit perfectly for your embassy. So please, feel free to settle your embassy there. May we learn much together.


Richard Haller

Presidente Ditador da Rep?blica Federal Popular de Emakera

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To: President Dictator Richard Haller of Emakera

From: Gerald Heraldquin, The minister of foreign affairs, Rennd


We thank you deeply for approving our request. We are also pleased to know that the great nation of Emakera shares many of our left wing ideas and has expressed interests in co-existing.


Rennd will despatch two ambassadors to Northern Paco city, as soon as we have appointed them. This will take 2 days. It will take a further day for our ambassadors, travelling by car to reach your humble location. This process is expected to be completed by Thursday 18th May.


Rennd would also like to offer our warm invitation to your great nation to establish an embassy in our country. We have a building situated in southern Onyx near Goalla park that we feel is perfect for a magnificent nation such as Emakera. We hope that by doing this, our relations will strengthen.


We look forward to an era of friendship and peace


Signed: Gerald Heraldquin

Minister of foreign Affairs


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