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The Ravenhelm Conflict

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OOC: If there's a better title, Ravenhelm can pick it and a mod can change the title, but here we go. My forces are as follows:



Deployed To Ravenhelm on Frontlines:


1st Battalion - US Army



4 Infantry Divisions ( 1st-4th/ 100,000 Total Soldiers )


3 Armoured Columns ( 1st-3rd/ 1,000 Total Tanks,APCs and LAV's )


1 Helicopter Attachment ( 1st/ 20 AH64 Apache's )


1 Transport Division ( 20 C 5 Galaxy Tranports )


2 AA 2000 Gunships




1st Tactical Air Group


1st Stealth Wing ( 10 X-10 Stealth Fighters )


1st Strategic Bomb Wing ( 5 IJ 'Blackjack 2' Bombers )


1st Air Combat Wing ( 25 F16 Falcons )


2nd Aircombat Wing ( 25 F15 Royal Eagles )




1st Naval Group


25 SSBN Class submarines


30 Mark I Cruisers


25 Mark I Heavy Frigates


1 Carrier Battlegroup Consisting of:


3 Heavy Frigates, 1 Cruiser and 2 SSBN Subs, and 1 Aircraft Carrier with 10 F16 Falcons and 2 F15 Royal Eagles



1st Special forces Division


1,000 Marines


500 ONI Elite special Forces





Nuclear Weapons aren't going to be used, unless used upon us. I need a city to attack, to make a beach head. Also, what plot are you on the map?








US Naval Units, and US Air Force Units begin loading on their aircraft. The Naval Units are already on thier way. US Army and Marine Units are still loading up onto thier transports and are expected to make land fall in a few days. At which time, the Air Force is expected to have made an opening for a Beach Head, in conjunction with the 1st NAval Group.





Admiral Forrest was looking at the Radar screen. They were still several hundred NAutical Miles away from the Enemy, but there was a need to send out advanced scout aircraft, this close to the battle theatre. He barked out to the Deck Officer down below.


" Launch the E-3j Sentry Aircraft. Take 2 f15 for escorts. "




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TO: Ravenhelm

FROM: Suverina


We did not think you were as stupid as you are. You have declared war on our friends for no reason. It's obvious you faked the reasons to get a chance to declare war. This means that we will brake all diplomatic ties with you and that we shall put a trade embargo on your nation. We shall enjoy to see you be crushed by the US army and your government replaced by an anarchist one.




To: US

From: Suverina


Those bastards in Ravenhelm have declared war upon you for no reason. You are our dear friends and we shall stand by you side as much as possible. We will not take part in the conflict openly but our support is 100% on your side. We have voted that we will send a voluntary army consisting of 40.000 men if approved by you. It would be great chance for us to get some more experience.

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To: Suverina

From: Ravenhelm


These hollow threats mean nothing to Ravenhelm - our relations, while neutral, were certainly not diplomatic and we were in no position to have been trading with you. Your trade embargo shall do us no harm.


To: US

From: Ravenhelm


You have no place to invade our nation, buildings litter the land like a flood. Come if you wish, and we shall be ready.

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