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I am working on a concept of a Europa Union. the main goals, would be worked out here, and it would be structured so that each member of the region would feel encouraged to join it.




Establishment of a General Direction for Europan Politics, and how best to deal with International Terror.


Establishment of a Unified Peacekeeping force, under a Joint Command.


Establishment of a Strengthened and Combined Economic Force.


Establishment of a set of protocols to deal with Belligerent Nations.


Establishment on regulations of Free Trade and Tariffs.


Establishment of Worker, Civil, Human, religious and Minority Rights of all member nations.


Again, there is alot to be worked out, however I see that we can do this, and if we do, it would add a whole new level inro the Role Play experience, making it not only more realistic, but also more fun. Hell, we can correct the fundemental flaws in the REAL E.U. wink.gif

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Personally, I don't see the point in it.


We have three alliances, there is no need for a third. Four, including the ECA.


The goals of this are good, but the more powerful nations don't like being told what to do by anyone but themselves, especially in all of the fields stated wink.gif


And, after all, one of the funnest sorts of RP is the war rp, so why stop this from happening?

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Well he said it was like the UN and the UN combines allmost all nations, so friends and foe could be in it. If this is the case, however, there need to be a lot of members otherwise it will easily lose it's neutrality or it's power.

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