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Concealed Carry Videos

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Here's the story:


The guy with the Concealed Carry works at ( I think ) a type of Loan Service for Advanced Paychecks, or perhaps a Hotel. Either one. Anyways, an "African American", enters with nylon on his head, pulls out a .45 Long Revolver, ( not Shown, but you can see the robber shoots at the clerk, because the man ducks and returns fire justifiably ). and fires at the Clerk, when he drawed his own Glock Handgun. Gotta love dem' Austrians! The robber shoots and the Clerk returns fire and shoots the Robber 3 Times, wounding him.


The Moral of the story: If you don't want shot, and you don't want a person to die, accident or not, do not rob a store in america, because you could GET shot. Its a thing called common sense. If I'm a robber, and I don't know if the clerk inside has a concealed Carry Permit, and a .357 Hand Cannon, I'm probably not going to risk my life. And just like that a violent crime or a Robbery is ended before it starts. Thank god for Right Wing Legislation.

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Self defence against what? another gun? my point is that if no-one had a gun then you wouldnt need such ridiculous means of defending yourself.

So then only people have guns illegally, so that hte Armed robber buys it from big geno on the corner, and robs Me, and I cannot defend myself. Just because the gov't says guns are illegal, doesn't mean there won't be guns. Look at drugs. Pot is illegal her, and so is meth. We have meth labs blow up all the time where I live.


Live a few years, and get some real world experience. I am still learning myself.

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I don't see why people shouldn't be allowed to own guns, for sports such as clay-pidgeon shooting and target-shooting and for use by people such farmers, so long as it's properly regulated.


Concealled carry doesn't, personally, sit very well with me. An armed general population, who can carry such weapons when ever they want, seems crazy. It'd be better to keep weaponry off the streets, rather than have more of it. I'm also for unarmed police, but there should be a well trained armed response unit about.


Illegal guns will always be the danger. The best way to deal with this would be to attempt to stop the flow of such into a nation, but this ultimately a very hard task. Going for a gun is never the best way to solve an argument.


US, you must understand that a lot of people here come from European nations that just don't have the sort of gun crime, or the concealled carry laws that the USA has. Suggesting such a thing to your average Englishman, such as myself, just seems madness. My dad has done a large amount of sport shooting in his time, but I suspect the idea of such a thing would strike him as crazy.


Thus, by our standards, we are experiencing the "real world". You just don't need to lug a .44 about in England to feel safe and protected. You don't even need a knife.


I know we're not going to convince you of our side, just as you probably won't convince us tongue.gif

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Living safely out in suburbia, I would never need a gun myself. However, I have travelled to Detroit quite a bit as it is not terribly far from where I live and I KNOW most people there probably NEED a gun of knife or something with them if they're going to be safe on the streets, especially at night or if they own some sort of business. I see no problems with concealed carry as long as there are good regulations on it and we do background checks and whatnot. Disarming the police there... would probably never be a good idea. My cousin's a Detroit cop and if she didn't have that gun, she'd probably be dead by now.


In a perfect world, we wouldn't need concealed carry or gun ownership at all. But this world is far from perfect and there are definitely places in America where a gun could mean the difference between life or death. Sad, but true. I'd love a gun-free state, but here it just isn't practical.

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