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The Disputed Territories Of Rezzurus

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Hello everyone!


As you can see, my nation is a loose conglomerate of territories, each fighting the other in mad bids for power and glory.


Essentially there are three territories fighting, Mirshaa, Corolos, and Arius.


The largest territory, in the northern region of the country, is called Mirshaa. It has a large industrial power base, and has a well defended capital city nestled in the mountain range. It has the most powerful ground army out of the three territories.


The second largest is Corolos, and lies in the foothills along the eastern border. It has a highly mobile military and a fairly impressive capital, which utilizes the geography to protect itself.


The third largest, Arius, is located in the southern badlands. The difficult geography of this area makes land movement difficult, and in some cases impossible. It is known for having a powerful airforce in comparison to the other two, but lacks in having a army capable of offensive campaigns. It's capital is situated atop a plateau, overlooking most of the land.


Well, that's the quick overview of what my 'nation' is. I hope that my stay in Europa will be long, and fruitful.

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Hello and welcome to Europa!


It is nice not being the newest newbie anymore dance9bh.gif


You look like you have a well-developed background for your Nationstate. That is one up on me at the moment. Nan Gorgwaith's archives are being moved and everything is such a mess at the moment!



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