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Fencing Association Of Europa

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Ravenhelm's people delight in the graceful, regal, and historical recreation of fencing. As our nation has taken such a liking to the sport, despite being devoid of cultural advancements, we have cultivated this passion thoroughly. The result: The Fencing Association of Europa, sponsored by the Culture Coalition of Ravenhelm. If any other nations wish to join and experience the thrill of fencing for their citizens' selves, then feel free to apply the league. We would be happy to dispatch trainers and instructors to any European country.


We eagerly await your responses!

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ravenhelm


While we will not be using any program officially, we are aware of the numbers of people who do fence as a pastime. We are sure that various nationa clubs within Deltannia would be interested in joining.


Deltannian Cultural Ministry


OOC: There is no national league

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To: Ravenhelm


We are interested in having some of your trainers and instructors come here to raise the level of competitiveness of our fencers. Fencing in Blueport is just in its infancy and it will really help if you can assist us in developing it. We are also interested in joining the association which you are spearheading.


We await for your response.


The Blueport Sports Agency

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En garde!


The Orioni National Fencing Association would like to take up this offer, made by Ravenclaw. We feel that joining an international competition could help relax possible international tensions by competing with peaceful means. Although fencing is linked with war and warlike behaviour, we feel that the current level of this sport is more sportive then aggresive.


We would like to enquire what kind of weapons/rules are to be allowed in the FAE: foil, ?p??, or sabre?

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