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Joint Advanced Tank Development

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***Joint Development Statement***


For a few months now the people within the Imperial Guard Research Brigade, and the engineers at Vickers Weapon Systems have been developing a new tank, one for the 21st century. The X-90 will be armed with a dual 135mm rifled main gun, and a newly developed firing system and ammunition type. The vehicle will be fully digitalised for the 21st century, and will be compatible and capable of being linked with the IWS systems, the Adapton teams working on the project have thus dubbed it the Steel Warfighter. New turret technologies will also be incorporated into the X-90 for a faster and more fluent turret movement.


We look forward to the development of this vehicle, and will explain in detail later. We now leave it to out Tagmatine counterparts to explain a little bit more.

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The New Adapton-Tagmatine Tank Released!


The Joint Advanced Tank Development Programme (JATDP) between the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and the People?s Federation of Adaptus. Codenamed ?X-90? by the JATDP and ?Steel Warfighter? by the Adapton armed forces due to the fact that it could be linked IWS of the Royal armies, the ATAV-06 Taurus Main Battle Tank will be replacing the Challenger used by the People?s Guard, Imperial Guard and Cataphract Corps and the various MBTs used by the Royal army of Adaptus.


The first tank rolled off the assembly lines this morning, and they will shortly be joining the various armoured units in both the Greater Holy Empire and Adaptus. In Tagmatium, the Challenger MBTs will be scrapped and recycled in order to produce the Taurus at a reduced cost, although by no means a reduced performance.


The main feature and armament is its turret mounted gun, the A3 ETC gun. The Tagmatine version mounts a dual weapon system in its turret, whilst the Adapton version mounts a 140mm gun.


The tank also has a longer and wider hull than the previous models used by either nation, therefore allowing heavier armour than before, making it one of, if not the most, heavily armoured tank within the region.


The main gun itself doesn?t feature an autoloader, and will remain with the tried and tested method of a human loader. Many autoloaders were tried out during the trials of the tank?s prototypes, and all proved to be less reliable than a human loader.


The Taurus also has a veritable arsenal of secondary weapons, and has some of the most advanced tank-mounted targeting systems in the world.


Other details of the tank, including defensive capabilities, weight and speed, will remain classified.

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Holy Imperial Press Statement

user posted image

This is the first image of the ATAV-06 ?Taurus? Main Battle Tank released to the public. This particular tank is shown in grasslands camouflage, and is a typical example of the Taurus used in all three branches of the Tagmatine Army.


At this point, the Tagmatine Army has nearly completed the withdrawal of the FV4030 Challenger MBT and its replacement with the ATAV-06 Taurus MBT, and is confident that all vehicles will be ready for combat should the situation with either the current government of Adaptus or the Aristocratic Confederacy take a turn for the worst.


There are several other variants of the tank, one being an armoured recovery vehicle based on the chassis of the Taurus, due to the fact that this was the only chassis that could haul the weight of a crippled or broken down Taurus. Another model is the Taurus Command Tank, which features a bigger crew compartment to allow more space for a commander of an armoured unit to command his unit.


The details of other variants will not be made clear at this time.


OOC: Image by Soviet Bloc

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