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Will Be In France

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Following the led of Rekmagil who went 2 years ago, I will be in France this summer on a two week study tour exploring Canadian battlefields of both world wars. I don't know why I am telling you this, other than the fact I am really excited.



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Well I be damned! ohmy.gif


We (my significant other and me) were planning to go to Normandy this summer, or either Luxemburg. We chose luxemburg, because it would cost less; we're saving to travel to Sweden next year. But now I have my doubts.. mellow.gif Aki seems like an interesting bloke to meet, and I believe we share the same study;

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You mean people actually take a holiday in Luxemburg? huh.gif


And non-Asian/non-Dutch people visit Belgium too? ohmy.gif


France is always a fine choice (n?1 tourist location, so I have learned). From all the crappy mass-tourist places I went to, France was least crappy.

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