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A + Sign In Front Of My Name, Koku.

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(If I may correct you, Tag.)


These are the current members of The 500 Club, both active and inactive:

- Koku

- Phil IV

- Senator Gaius

- Meteorola

- Byzantium Nova

- Upper Strathyclyde

- Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes

- Amnalos


Just check out the memberlist. wink.gif

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biggrin.gif Many thanks, both of you, Big-O and Tag.


Wow...We misses those people, aren't we?

Did I see Phil IV mentioned he would be back once a while...say, once a week??!?

Never saw Senator Gaius for some time.. and Meteorola..I miss his weather reports.. sad.gif ...and all others...

Just can't believe my endorses dropped to 11 !!! blink.gif ...Too many people ceased their presence... sad.gif

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