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Political Parties Of Miiros

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The Political Parties of Miiros


The United Workers of Miiros (UWM): Marcus Green

Core Values: Equality, state ownership, and unity

Platform: It is the goal of the United Workers of Miiros to usher in a New Age of equality and sharing amongst the people of the Free City. Through state ownership, all aspects of life can be carefully managed by those elected, thus deemed responsible, by the citizens, so resources and products are distributed to produce the highest degree of equality in Miiros. New welfare systems will be put into effect to protect the people of Miiros from falling into a miserable and desperate life of poverty. The people of Miiros are brothers and sisters; they should all work to help each other. The United Workers will make Miiros not a country, but a family!

Primary Supporters: People of the industrial sectors below the Grand Plate and the impoverished.


The Libertarian Party (L): Andrea deVries

Core Values: Liberty, free market, and low taxes

Platform: The Libertarian Party works endlessly to ensure that the Free City becomes even freer in virtually all aspects of life. They value a free market economy, high personal freedom in daily life, and respect and wish to preserve the political freedoms the people of Miiros have enjoyed. By lowering taxes and loosing restriction on business, the Libertarians hope to bring formerly unheard of economic prosperity to the Free City, which enables the citizenry to live the lifestyle they wish to in a comfortable manner without government intervention. In the social aspect of life, they wish to eliminate archaic restrictions on drug use and free the common person from dependence on the government. Their government will be more of a guardian to stop corruption and aggression and to deal with foreign lands in matters only a state may carry out.

Primary Supporters: Capitalists and civil rights activists along with large portions of the upper and middle class.


The Holy Order of God (HOG): Patrick Phelps

Core Values: Morals, religion, and defense

Platform: The Holy Order works to instill the morals of the Bible into the godless heathen society that torments the Free City of Miiros. People simply do not fear or respect the Word of the Lord and they believe that it is the task of the government to guide the citizenry into the light ? kicking and screaming, if need be. They will strive to bring religion into all aspects of life, especially education, so that the people of the Free City can renounce their heathen ways and enjoy a new enlightened age where God is central in life. The religious, God-fearing people of the Holy City would live in a safer society due to the planned increase in police and military spending that will be required to ?keep the heathens at bay.?

Primary Supporters: Radical Christians


The Citizens' Rights Coalition (CRC): Mari Visercon

Core Values: Mixed economy, welfare programs, safeguarding the people

Platform: Seeking to safeguard the people of Miiros against a money-driven corporate world, the CRC believes in a mixed economy with government regulation in business when it is critical to protect the citizenry and state. Welfare programs and urban renewal programs will be created to revitalize areas long in decline and to combat the blight that is poverty in Miiros. The CRC will also hold corporations accountable for their actions against workers and demand that they recognize the right of workers to organize unions. Political freedom and civil rights traditional to Miiros will be upheld.

Primary Supporters: People primarily of the middle-lower and lower classes who are primarily employed in factories or lower corporate positions and immigrants.


The Federal Alliance (FA): Richard Gaul

Core Values: Sector and sub-city rights, local government, small central government

Platform: The Federalists believe in allowing the bulk of decisions to be made on a more local level, putting more power in the hands of the sub-cities and sectors. The central government would be scaled back, leaving them to deal with only matters of foreign policy and the military. The national government would also be prohibited from collecting income tax, to ensure that the people of each sub-city have greater control over their tax dollars. With greater powers in the hands of local governments, the citizens would be allowed to live in a lifestyle more akin to their own beliefs rather than a general mish-mash of all Miirosi beliefs.

Primary Supporters: Sub-cities populated with people of radical views outside of the accepted mainstream.


The Technocrat Party (T): Claire Merlon

Core Values: Scientific freedom, R&D funding, increasing technology levels

Platform: The Technocrats are a specialty party that focuses on fighting for greater scientific freedoms and increased government backing of research projects across the Free City. They are also staunch advocates of ?taboo? research and procedures including, but not limited to, the insertion of electronic components into the body, human cloning, and genetic manipulation. They fight for a better, more advanced future and look boldly ahead when others would shy away.

Primary Supporters: R&D companies and academics.


The Our Country Party (OC): Vincent Flair

Core Values: Isolationism, xenophobia, and defense

Platform: Our Country is an organization of people violently opposed to interacting with the other lands of Europa and fiercely against immigration and emigration. If in power, the would effectively seal the borders to outside goods and people, outlaw the use of foreign tongues, and deport any foreign born people in order to ?keep the bloodlines pure.? A sharp increase in police and military funding would be brought about in order to safeguard the borders and stop any foreign influences from breaching Miiros. They view anything originating for another land as a direct threat to the ?proper? way of life.

Primary Supporters: Isolationists


The Children of Liberty* (CL): No Single Leader

Core Values: Direct democracy, civil liberties, and zero ?government?

Platform: Opposed to government of any kind, believing it to leads to oppression and violence, the Children of Liberty think that the people of Miiros should rule themselves directly and form policy based on referendums for any critical issues. Majority rule would prevail and the corrupt ways of politicians out for money and power would disappear. The Children of Liberty want to make the Free City truly free; cast down the oppressors once and for all! The Children of Liberty are suspected of using tactics akin to those of terrorists and are under surveillance by the Miirosi government.

Primary Supporters: Anarchists inspired by Upper Strathyclyde.


The Order of the New Dawn* (OND): Denise Gratiot

Core Values: Imperialism, defense, and law & order

Platform: The Order of the New Dawn is a radical organization bent on restoring the glory of the ancient Free Cities of the Miirosi archipelago through military force and cultural domination. From there, the power of Miiros would be projected out into Europa through commerce and force. The OND has been classified as a terrorist organization by the current government of the Free City.

Primary Supporters: Radical imperialists and parts of the military.


The Guardians of the Free City (GFC): John Haggerty

Core Values: Defense and law & order

Platform: For too long Miiros has been a pacifist state with rusting defenses and an idle army. With dangers lurking across the region, the military must be reformed and defenses revamped or else the Free City will be subjugated by some foreign power or alliance or just flat out ignored and walked on. The key to influence is military power, even if one never uses it. It is high time the people of Miiros had teeth again; peace can be ensured through power.

Primary Supporters: Mixed support, military, and police.


The People?s Peace Alliance (PPA): Aron Vander

Core Values: Pacifism, civil liberties, and humanitarianism

Platform: The PPA exists to promote peace and freedom in and outside of Miiros and had been the dominant party in the Free City for many decades. Being a party based on pacifism, the PPA has largely disbanded the Miirosi military and let the defenses fall to ruin. The party responsible for ending Miirosi isolation, the PPA has also unwittingly shown the average Miirosi the need for a military force by involving Miiros in the Dacvi Conflict without military escorts for their medical corps. The PPA?s support has evaporated and the reign of pacifism in the Free City is definitely at an end.

Primary Supporters: Those in denial.

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Does the UWM believe in free-religion? If so i'd like to sponsor them, we share the same ideas. wink.gif


the Holy order of God, HOG is a bad shortening(or whatever it's called) as to me it stands for Head of Government. I think that is a common shortening although I'm not sure.

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@ Tagmatium:

Well, I wasn?t thinking specifically of Tagmatium at the time, but it is based off of radical Christianity and a theocratic form of government. Basically what I despise. XD Hence the acronym of hog. Also got some inspiration from High Priestess Selene of Grandia II. I was always a fan of her methods of "purification" techniques.


@ Adaptus:

And here I thought no one would like those guys. lol They?re pretty much fascists fixated on the past. Kind of like the guys who wanted to restore the Roman Empire in WWII. I might actually think of letting them into power one day. It wont be by election though.


@ Suverina:

All parties in Miiros pretty much share that religion should be free (with the exception of HOG), education should keep being the #1 priority, and the environment should not be trashed. Their chances of power are pretty slim, however, in the future they may lead an uprising of the lower class.


As for the shortening, well, I cant think og anything better, so uhhh... hog it is!


@ Orioni

Thanks! Is this your subtle way of saying, "don?t post this here,"? =P I forgot about the wiki, to be honest. Now that its all started though, I might just build onto it.


I?m going to be doing an election RP soon that goes kind of crazy soon. You?ll all have a chance to try to butt into Miiros?s internal affairs there. =D Thanks for all the replies too, I didn?t expect so many!


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@ Suverina:

All parties in Miiros pretty much share that religion should be free (with the exception of HOG), education should keep being the #1 priority, and the environment should not be trashed.  Their chances of power are pretty slim, however, in the future they may lead an uprising of the lower class.


As for the shortening, well, I cant think og anything better, so uhhh... hog it is!


@ Orioni

Thanks!  Is this your subtle way of saying, "don?t post this here,"? =P  I forgot about the wiki, to be honest.  Now that its all started though, I might just build onto it.

(I think Orioni was helping you...) biggrin.gif



To: The United Workers of Miiros

From: Suverina National Party


We are brothers(and sisters:rolleyes:) in the struggle for equality. We are the ruling party in Suverina, although there aren't actaully any other party.(No real one anyways)

We would like to support you and to fund you. We find the Miiros the be a very fine nation. Think of that it could be ALOT finer with UWM in power. We shall grant you a large sum of money if you would like us to start cooperation and work closely with eachother. Both parts would benefit alot from that. We are ready to send 500.000.000$ to you at any time. More money can be sent later in if necessary, we don't know how large your budget is but we're sure you could need some help with funding.


Like the frogs say: Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. wink.gif

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@ Suverina:

@ Orioni

Thanks!  Is this your subtle way of saying, "don?t post this here,"? =P  I forgot about the wiki, to be honest.  Now that its all started though, I might just build onto it.

(I think Orioni was helping you...) biggrin.gif

Yeah, me too; I was just kidding. She did a better job on that thing than I could have.




To: Suverina National Party

From: United Workers of Miiros


We thank you for your friendship and generous donation! For too long the working class of Miiros has been walked upon by the fat cats above the Grand Plate! For too long have we been left to rot in horrible working conditions and forced to live in neighborhoods where the sun can never shine. The Miirosi above do not care about us, so their politicians do not fight for us; we must fight for ourselves. With your funding and support, we are sure to have a chance in the upcoming elections. Then all Miirosi will be cared for - not just the rich. To think we can finally build those shelters our mayors have been fighting for... The UWM shall be known as the friend of the average Miirosi thanks to you.


Yours in brotherhood,

Marcus Green - Leader of the UWM

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I'm not going to get caught up in details. If there are too many OOC posts, the thread will be split and a new, OOC thread made, but the occasional post or OOC part to an IC post is allowed.


But there is NO IC in the OOC parts of the forum.


Now, remove it yourself or I'll do it for you.


If you do it you could just cut and paste into a new thread, but if I do it, I'll just erase it. I've closed threads before, after the person posted in IC.


Now, please remove the IC stuff.



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You're so boring. smile.gif


What should the thread be named then?




Edit: @Miiros, could you copy and past everything to make Tag happy? I am going away for a few days, I have to go now so I don't have time to fix it.



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