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Anyone that is willing ,I am planning on changing my Flag, and Sig to a USA Theme, considering my abbreiviation is US, and I use multiple pics from US Army stuff, as well as technology. I would like the following to be my sig:




Reletively same Dimentions, With a US Flag Background. Add in some cool Soldier pics from Iraq if possible. For the Title, have The Free Anarchy of Upper Strathyclyde. Also add an Anarchy Symbol somewhere on the sig. thanks so much! smile.gif

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@Suv: Yea, but it was because I plan on having the largest Obesity figures in the region though.    Big Macs!  licklips.gif

Our HC Donalds corporation (now with 6% real meat) can help you get that obesity figure up!


And Ravenhelm, it sure is nice, it's just not paint. But hold in their, it takes patience to master teh AWESOME POWAH of teh PAINT, but you'll see that at the end it was all worth it.


For exemple it took me more then an hour to make a crappy birthday cart for my dad using paint, now THAT is crafting!

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