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Mayhem In Blueport City

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People were gathered around the parliament building. Police cars are swiftly coming into the scene. The SWAT team was in their tent, planning what would be their next move. The media is quickly making its way to secure a good angle.


?What?s the commotion?? asked Peter, who was on his way home from work.


Anita, an onlooker, said, ?There?s a hostage situation in the parliament. They took Prime Minister Smith as hostage. They were having a session when a group of armed men stormed the premises. The guards were no match to those men.?


Suddenly, an announcement was heard through the public announcement system. It was Interior Minister Parker.


?We advise all of you to stay away from this building. Rest assured that Prime Minister Smith is fine, well, that?s what the hostage takers said to me earlier. We still do not know the identities of these armed men but they demand the independence of Moroland state from Blueport.?


On the widescreen panel outside the building, a man with a mask appeared. He was holding a knife while sitting on a table.


"We are the Moroland Liberation Movement," said the man "we demand that our state be independent of this baloney called the Democratic States of Blueport."


He was playing with his knife when he suddenly stabbed a live mouse on the table. "If you don't give our demands, your Prime Minister will suffer the same fate as this mouse."


Everything went into a standstill.

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The news coming from Blueport City has shocked the general opinion in Orioni. In this extremely difficult situation, our government would like to offer any help possible. If your government agrees, we could send some expert negotiators. However, we fear it may already be too late when they would arrive.

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To: Blueport government

From: Upper Strathyclyde




While we are Anarchist, we sympothise with your trouble. We do hope that the situation will resolve itself peacefully.





*** Encoded Transmission ***



To: Moroland Liberation Movement

From: Upper Strathyclyde



We salute you in your efforts. Should things go Awry, you and your conspirators may move here to the US for safe harbour and asylum. You can continue to work for the independence of your nation from the safety of our borders. We can provide any monetary and Technological assistance that you may need.

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In an undisclosed location, the government's cabinet ministers are meeting about what course of action to take.


"Foreign nations are offering to send negotiators to Blueport, should we accept?" asked the foreign affairs minister.


The justice minister responded, "It could be too late when they get here, besides, this is an internal affair."


That triggered a loud debate among the ministers with the exception of Minister Parker, who seems to be thinking of an alternative.


He suddenly said, "Stop! You're acting like children. If we cave in to their demands, it will set a precedent to other terrorist groups out there, if there are any other groups out there. The director for intelligence called me a while ago and he said that secret service agents are ready to be dispatched anytime and participate in rescuing the prime minister. I say we put this into a vote."


They voted 4-3, in favor of the secret service option. Parker noticed that a minister is missing. "Where is the transportation minister?"

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Minister Parker gave the green light to deploy the SWAT and the secret service agents to rescue the prime minister.


?May heaven help us? Parker whispered to himself.


Inside the prime minister?s office, the PM was tied to his chair. The masked man was wandering around the office when he suddenly sat on the table in front of the PM.


?Who?s smarter now? Is it you who is tied to that chair or me who has the prime minister of this land as his hostage?? said the man.


?What are you talking about? Who are you anyway?? asked the PM.


The masked man suddenly took his mask off. The PM was shocked to see that it was his transportation minister.


?Why did you do all these??


?You took the job of prime minister from me, you fool. You tricked them so that they?ll replace me!? shouted the angry minister.


?I didn?t take it from you. The party directorate had enough of your mediocre performance so they replaced you.?


They heard gun fire outside. The door suddenly went down.


?Freeze, you?re under arrest!? shouted the SWAT leader.


?Arrest me or your prime minister will have his neck cut off!?


The SWAT members moved forward. The minister stabs his boss on the arm. The minister was shot dead by the SWAT after that.


PM Smith was taken to the ambulance outside the building. He still managed to flash an ?OK? sign with his left hand while being taken to the vehicle.

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