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***The Haken Reader***


National News

The economy is still growing, making our nation a Powerhouse. Sadly unemployment is still high and employees have little rights. On the bright side you now find a "My Little Bull" in each Hap Hap Meal in HC Donalds!


National leader Chef Willy had an fierce discussion with vice-president Kaila Moore of the Council, composed out of representatives of the strongest enterprises. The growing influence of the latter is causing a shift of power that puts pressure on the current state structure.


This years budget again focuses on the Air Force. The Navy has been protesting against this, they say they can't achieve the modernisation with their current cut. The Army has no complains, as training conditions have again been lowered.


We've heared rumours of a possible training operation of the League of the Treaty. Seemingely the previous mission in Bhalman didn't go according to plan and reorganisation is needed.

Semi-Weekly Poll

Last weeks poll "what's your favorite animal?" ended suprisingly with the goldfish as preferred non-human. With 36% it easily beats the bull, second with 14%. Third was the cow, followed by the cat, the dog and the lama.

On the question if this might change our national animal, mister Peaz Green, minister of Cultural Affairs responed "no".

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Nope, especially not since this is mostly a desert nation. Fish doesn't represent it well. Did you know the famous national bull is actually a desert bull? ohmy.gif


Okay, so there is the desertfish (lives in Australia), but then I might get copyright problems with the production company. wink.gif

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***The Haken Reader***



Cultural News

ATHENIA The Bi-yearly festival Bull Rock, the biggest musical event in the nation, sturred quite some controversy this year.


Afer a local competition, the thirty biggest cities each send their candidates to the city that won last Bull Rock. This year Athenia had that honour. The festival is traditionally known for it heavy metal acts and never has a different music genre took a price. This is namely because 60% of the votes comes from sms-voting, a method higly popular by teenagers, who adore heavy metal. The remaining votes comes from a mixed jury from the hosting city.


However "Oldi" from Finville, an alternative group, whose chances were estimated "slim to none" with their "Soft Folk Superb" smashed their opponents to pieces with a reccord of 12469 points. The previous reccord stood on only 9139 points.


Specialists say that this climax probably has his source with the fact that the Grey Generation discovered the electronic world. Indeed the sell of portable boomed before the festival by over almost 160%, with many eldery purchasing it to vote on their favorite band.


Many younglings and local orgnaisations refute the result. They also protested against the representativity of the jury, which consisted out of people from the various Very Hip Clubs in Athenia.

The chairman could not be reached for a response, as she layed in the hospital, recovering from a broakend hip, after she jumped too enthusiasticaly to the refrain of "Soft Folk Superb". The same happened with three other jurymembers.


The only comment of the group itself was that they are misunderstood and they indeed play metal, altough they think Bull Rock should be open for all kinds of music.


user posted image

The band only wants to be shown in their costumes
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***The Haken Reader***


A new order: introducing the Wiener Republic.


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The political crisis between Chef Willy and the Council that started during the Tinian conflict has finaly come to an end. Willy surpisingely lost the power struggle and had to give his position as head of Haken Rider to the candidate of the Council: Willy's brother, Wally Wiener.


Wally Wiener is the biggest manufactor of beef. He is known as the beef baron, after taking over the family business from his parents. Altough Willy was the older brother, his ambitions were too big for even the largest meat producer in the nation. He broak with his family and refused to use his last name in public. Yet know his younger brother has again surpassed the older brother.


The Council, however, never managed to regain it's popularity and was quickly degraded to a symbolic assembling of old geezers in fancy costumes. This was one of the many changes Wally introduced to pull the country out of it's chaotic and isolated position. For exemple the protected position of the bull has changed and has been replaced as the national animal by the rabbit.


Wally, or chancellor Wally Wiener as he is called now, sees himself as a unifier of Europa. He seeks to a quick solution for the Tinian issue and wants the remaining troops repulled from the island. The two major alliances, the League of the Treaty and the Alliance, are weak and unstable. They should allign with one another, ending this cold war. Together they can take away the risk of war... and make sure others aren't tempted to change this.



user posted imageThe shield of the Wiener family.

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