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The Invasion Of Komzestan

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OOC: I am not good with fictional city names, so I am using Iraq as a Template



Baghdad 0100 Hours



The stealth X 10 Aircraft were flying over the Imperial Capital at a reletively fast speed. they carried conventional 2,000 Pounders. Enough to wake the enemy up. The first sortie of the Mission was given to the Captain of the 1st Air Stelath Wing. One of 2 Operation X 10 Stealth Fighter Wings. The 5 Aircraft approached thier target, and dropped thier bombs, They were picked up by the enemy's AA Siotes but the enemy could not effectively target them. the bombs exploded against the propaganda ministry's main side, and exploded, caving the structure in completely. The Jets screamed off, and the Triple A sites continued to fire in vain. The Campaign had begun.





East off the border with Komzestan - Operation Clean Sweep HQ


General Elabrej sat in his chair and listened to the report with earnest enthusiasm. It had been the first time back on the battlefield since the revolution, and he was eager to finally rid the last outpost of Fascists like the Nazi's that once infested Strathyclyde.


" We currently have 100,000 Troops, 1,000 Tanks and 500 Aircraft Devoted solely to Operation Clean Sweep. With 20 Troops in Reserve, and 2,000 Tanks ready to Reenforce the Main Force. Our Naval Fleet also stands Ready to blockade the Enemy's single Port of Tekrit. The Land assault should begin as soon as possible. "


the Breifer paused and pointed to the Eastern most city of Al Basrah. A main industrial center and also a main transportation hub of Komzestan.


" The city of Al Basrah should be our first objective. Once taken, we can continue to ship supplies in and out of the battlefield, and also help to coordinate a continued advance deeper into the country. "



General Elabrej nodded sagely. It was a sound plan, and soon it would be executed.



" Very well, begin the Invasion! "

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To: Deltannia

From: US High Command



Our Forces are able to secure Al Basrah. We would like you to concentrate on Taking the South Eastern Port City of Tikrit. We have established a Blockade there, and would like for you to secure the city to ship in additional supplies. You support is appreciated and will not go unanswered.

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Al Basrah - 1st Motorized Infantry Division - 1000 Hours



Colonel Brighton was on the phone with The CnC Elabrej. He had recieved his move out orders and was to proceed immediately along with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Motor Infantry Divisions, all together about 25,000 Troops, and 450 Tanks, and secure the city of Al Basrah. A heavily dug in force of Imperial Troops hold the city currently. It would be fierce fighting, but the local resistance groups had given them critical intelligence about the locations of enemy Anti Air and Armour Positions through out the city. An Artillery barrage by R 40 Katyusha Rocket Artillery systems would preceed the attack. It would begin at around 1200 Hours.







Al Basrah Battlefield - Combined Arms Unit, US Army - 1200 Hours



Gun smoke, Tracers and bullets filled the air. Screams of agony pierced the night breeze, and the din of various small arms surrounded the joint force of over 3 Motorized infantry Units. Supported by the 1st Helicopter wing, the US Army was making headway and had reached the walls of the dug in city of Al Basrah. Colonel Brighton was in his command tent recieving the news as it came in.


" Sir, we have reports of about 780 Men Killed, and over 1,000 Injured so far. We can send at least 430 of them back into combat immediately, but the rest need to be shipped to Stockhom Military Hospital for treatment. The battle goes well despite this. The enemy had not expected a large force, but thanks to Deltannia, we can concentrate our forces here, while The Deltannian Army keeps their reinforcements bottled up down south. We estimate the city should be taken in a few hours. " Said his closest aide.


There were rumours of foreign powers looking to this war with interest in involving themselves be it publicly or unofficially. He hoped that neither would happen. this was a private and more over, personal battle between two conflicting Ideologies. Not between two states over a plot of land.





user posted image

R35 Light Tanks in Al Basrah Area



user posted image

R75 MBT Engaging enemy Forces



user posted image

R40 MLRS System Starting the Offensive



user posted image

the State-of-The-Art R80 Viper Tank Demolishing an enemy R75 Fascist Copy

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Upper Stathyclyde


Mobile Infantry is now en route via Troop Carriers, with some armor. Several aircraft carriers will also be able to fly strikes over Komzestan. We are also diverting portions of the fleet to the port city of Tikrit as requested. We hope to set up a forward mobile command post shortly.


Deltannian Military Command

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Al Basrah Airspace - 0700 hours



user posted image





Al Basrah Action Report - USN Attachment to US Army - A US Army UHA 1 Helicopter went down against small arms fire recieved in a final battle against fascist forces. Apparently the left tail rotor was hit by an RPG 7, and spun and hten crashed. since then the site has been secured and unfortunately all eight Passengers and a Pilot were killed.







user posted image



Al Basrah



the fighting was fierce, and the men and women of the US Army Combined force had finally secured the City with several Hundred dead and many more wounded. the city was taken and an Estimated 340 enemy Insurgents surrendered to US forces. The Fasicists have begun the long road to retreat.


General Elabrej was settled into his Chair in his quarters, reviewing the next city on the road map of Komzestani liberation. Najaf.

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US Army Staging Area - Najaf Operation




The 3rd Infantry Division was prepared to engage the outter elements of the Enemy forces occupying Najaf. Currently there was a 10,000 Man Strong element able to attack Najaf, with the rest of the Units tied up elswhere, busy with either rear guard or supply duties. Supported with 120 Tanks, and a handful of Artillery and Air pieces, they would engage and delay the enemy until the rest of an Armoured and Support Coloumn arrived later this week.



Colonel Brighton was once again with his men on the front lines, taking in the vast desert horizon. A wasteland of nothingness, Najaf was a hole in the nation of Komzestan. Various grazing farms were established but there was no major form of communication, industry or otherwise signs of civilisation. The city was a wreck, with bullet holes in every house and craters pock marking the landscape. Apparently this nation had seen its fair share of wars.


Soon the operation would begin, but before it could, the 3rd ID needed some rest and it needed alot of it, because they didn't know what was in store for them...



user posted image

US Army Soldiers preparing for the assault


user posted image

ONI Special Forces securing the outside areas of Najaf, in preperation for the 3rd infantry Division


user posted image

Colonel Brighton's Command Squad issuing Command Orders to Move out the next Day

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Outskirts of Najaf - US Staging Area




A Hellish nightmare ensued after dark. The Enemy's own Counter Artillery fire pelted the Firebase with High Explosive Rockets and Shrapnel. Screams of Pain pierced the night, all the while the preperations contiunued. The Command Staff along with Colonel Brighton had ordered the attack to begin.



user posted image

enemy AS1 rocket Batteries Firing on US forces



user posted image

US Artllery returning Fire




Us Tanks, and Troops moved out under the intense fire, suffering moderate losses and began to engage the Imperial Troops surrounding Najaf. Heavy house to house fighting is expected. The New R80 Main Battle Tank makes short work of the Various imperial Counterparts. The new Combat Upgrade to the R75 improves performance, and it enables the city's western perimeter to be secured.


The Battle Rages on....




user posted image

US Army Troops enter the Area



user posted image

F16 Airstrike on Imperial bunker



user posted image

R75 Battalion Securing Western Najaf

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Najaf - Mid Day



The fighting was probably fiercest in the Cty Centre, compared to the Rest of the scene. bodies lay strewn on the ground. Mostly civilian Partisan Forces and Imperial Conscripts. Most of the US Army was concentrated here. A Large bunker was situated at the city centre, no doubt containg the last of the forces, inside and surrounding the structures. Copies of various US Forces were positioned in Defensive positions around the bunker, and were engaging R80 Viper MBT's. Shells exploded against the heavy Steel and Concrete structure, but even the Rocket assisted shells from the Viper could not penetrate the structure. The US Navy would have to get involved.


A Flight of US F15 Royal Eagles was called in, and they screamed into the sky from the USS Stockholm, the Free Anarchy's first and Only Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. Designed shortly before the Revolution, its keel was laid after the Revolution. This was her first mission. The F15's came in and dropped thier payloads and secured the fate of Najaf. the rest of the City was destined to fall within the day.


user posted image

A Flight of Royal Eagles inbound to the Bunker


user posted image

Destroyed Fascist Tank outside Najaf



user posted image

The bunker after the Airstrike

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"I'm sick off this 'Facist Bashing' going on in US, first they discrminate them and now they slaughter them, what for? Being facist."


"It's seems sir, the Komzestan, is completly in distress, and chaos, maybe we could, 'assist' them."


"I like your thinking George. Tell Vickers - our close friends - to start prepering weapon supplies, and let the 'top brass' in the General Staff know of our plans. Open some supplie routes with the Komzestans, and we'll send in the SAR, their currently unocupied at the moment, after not having being sent to Suvernia, but only on the highest of secrecey, and only for observation. Make sure our military advice and supplies are being used right, lets hope this will inflence the Komzestan government to swing to us."


"No problem Andrew, on my way."


Once George Smith left, Ramsey walked over to his drinks cabinet, poured himself a double whisky, and muttered. "This should be fun." Then with a large evil grin, downed his whisky in one, poured another, and walked toward the window.

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OOC: Sorry, Upper Stathyclyde, I was out. Will do.


*Outside Tikrit*


A majority of the Deltannian force was now outside of the small city of Tikrit. The Deltannian 1st Komzestan Army Invasional Division had been organized from various sections and deployed along with the 1st Marine Division.


Some mobile infantry were gathered in their tents, listening to the radio. Apparently there was some action around Najaf, it was time to go on the offensive on this side.


The city limits were relatively quite, but defense towers were clearly visible. The air support would not be ready until tomorrow, but they needed to start now. They needed to divide Fascist attention between the two.


~~~Forward Command Center!~~~

"3rd Battallion, have all men converge on the right. 4th will follow on flank."


~~~3rd Battallion Command Post~~~

"Message received. All companies move in! E Company, watch your flank until the 4th Division fills in!"


~~~B Company Commander, 3rd Battallion~~~

"Yes, sir! All men out! Get artillery on that tower, I want that bunker taken now!"


~~~Primary Artillery Battery~~~

"We have a call on the right. Get guns on those towers."


"Of course, sir. Calculating firing solution now...."

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Al Basrah - Mid Day




The US Army reported that Fighting has Occured near the area between Najaf and Al Basrah. Apparently a Large Armoured division has cut off a small Unit of ONI and US Army Soldiers. A Large counter offensive is expected from the Imperial Guard, the elite of the Imperial Government's military. The US Army is attempting to maintain the Situation, and expects to blunt the attack to both sides and contain the enemy.


user posted image

Imperial tank engaging US Forces



user posted image

US forces return Fire with the new Viper 2 Anti Armour weapon, one of the most feared in the Region


user posted image

Imperial Tank after Missile Impact



US Army Units continue to fight on in the immediate area. Deltannian Forces are expected to achieve a Victory in Southern Komzestan, in the City of Tikrit. The Naval Blockade of that city by the US Navy is still in effect.

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The naval blockade were picking up transmissions being sent between forces outside of Tikrit.


"....without air support. Get the ships to shell..."


"....Carriers, now! Get them on the...."


The Vice Admiral decided to make a move. "Draw up the hotspots in Tikrit. I want them under targets now."




The forward command center was picking up even more transmissions from each Company commander. The left was moving in now, the center had already been engaged, moving into the city. But with the right flank pinned down by those towers and bunkers, the whole movement would be hit hard. The artillery kept coming down, but the Fascists kept on fighting...

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Battle in the 'Desert' - 2300 Hours




The battle was still raging. Imperial forces were determined to throw all of their remaining non stationed assets in the area surrounding Al Basrah. Tanks, infantry, APC's and Helicopters were combined against US Army Units in what is affectionately called, "The Battle in The Desert". Despite the Daunting circumstances, US Army Commanders have stated victory is certain thanks to the Training and superior equipment of the US Military.



user posted image

Imperialist AH 1 Helicopter attacking US Forces



user posted image

AH 66 US Helicopter sent in to combat the Fascist Counter part




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A meeting was taking place within Ramsey's office. Inside his office was a large space in the middle, with a large lavish rug spread across the centre of the floor, covering the dark, ebony laminate flooring, on the rug sat two leather sofas, facing inward, and each other. To, the left of the sofas was a large drinks cabinet, and to the right, a large book shelf. At the far end of the long room was Ramsey's large mahogany desk, facing inward to the room, and behind that was a large window, looking out into the street outside.


Ramsey, George Smith, and three generals from the General Staff sat at the sofas, and were talking about yesterdays actions.


"Vickers has given us a list of things they have prepared to be sent over for the Imperials." George then handed the list to Ramsey and a copy to the three generals on the other sofa. "It seems a fairly good list, some new stuff; it should help their war effort."



  • 20,000 - RPG 29's


  • 15 - Hind A Helicopters


  • 50,000 - AR-101's


  • 20,000 - FELIN G2's


  • 100,000 - AR-47's


  • 30,000 - MG3's


  • 200 - T-50 MBT's


  • 150 - K1 MBT's


  • 200,000 - Zebra Woodland Camouflage Uniforms



"Good work George, now, about the military advisors?" Ramsey then turned his head toward the three generals sitting in front of him.


"Ah, well sir, we have compiled a group of 9 officers to send over, 3 from each branch." The general handed over a list of names to Ramsey. "As you can see sir, these are good men, with plenty combat experience."


"Good, and George, what?s the latest of the Komzestan Government?"


"Well Andrew, we have full support of their government, although the same can?t be said for the people, however, after we pull this off, we can make them fear us rather than hate us."




Ramsey, then arose from his seat, walked over to his drinks cabinet, poured a triple whisky, swilled it in the glass for a few seconds, then downed the glass, poured another and sat back down. They continued discussing things.

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Battle in The Desert - Day 4




user posted image

A brief pause for US Forces





The fighting has cooled, though there are still significant Imperial Forces in the Area. the lines are well drawn, and the fighting is reletively contained in this single engagment. There are appx. 12,000 Imperial Forces fighting about 10,000 Better equipped US troops with about 235 Tanks and APC's. Most of the Imperial Force is comprised of Infantry with scattered Tank and Anti Armour Units. They have no air Cover, while we have 2 F 15 and F 16 Squadrons on call.


Enemy forces have retreated to thier Trenches and are awaiting something, though commanders on the ground can't be sure of what precisely it is. they speculate it could be a shipment from Baghdad. So far, the US forces are waiting and Watching, and preparing for the Final Push for Baghdad...





*** Encoded ***


To: Adapton Government

From: Imperial High Command




We need immediate assitance in "The Battle of The Desert", about 145 Miles from Al Basrah. We need the Requested supplies you are willing to Render, ASAP. Please respond.








*** Encoded ***




To: Deltannian Government

From: Upper Strathyclyde



We thank your government for its help. In exchange for your forces valiant and crucial efforts in southern Komzestan, we are willing to Offer the following:

  • A 1.3 Billion Dollar Aide Package containing Muinitions, Food and Supplies for your nation
  • A blueprint for one of Europa's most powerful Anti tank missiles, the Viper 2
  • And finally, A Partition of of land. After the occupation, and once we have secured the Country, The city of Tikrit will be recognised as Deltannian Soil, and a Colony. Up to 125 Miles Surrounding the City will also be considered Deltannian Soil. This last Gift is optional should you not have the resources to leave a garrison.
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To: Imperial High Command

From: The People's Fed


The requested supplies are en route as we speack, they will be droped by unmarked aircraft, deap in Imperial held deserts, at the pre selected cordonates. they should arrive somtime tomorow.


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FROM: Deltannia

To: Upper Stathyclyde


We humbly thank you for you generous gifts. We would suggest putting you aide into Komzestan however, as they will need it more than we do. Any trades you would like to make, especially for SysTech technologies, would be acceptable.




The right had broken through. With the artillery and the navy bombarding the city, the outer defenses had cracked. There wasn't much of an inner defense either. Tikrit would hopefully fall in a matter of days.


OOC: I plan for som einsurgency, perhaps?

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OOC: Will do. I'll advance the timeframe a little bit.


Deltannian forces now claimed occupation of the Komzestani city of Tikrit. Most civil rights would be upheld, but a curfew would be in effect until the regional governor could be placed from the MBO (OOC: Moblie Bureau of Occupation, it's a Deltannian agency). And the 1st Komzestan Army Invasional Division moved in to take the city. But unlike the mistakes of others, they were hoping to not become the dreaded police force....

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Baghdad - 1100 Hours



user posted image

New Tanks enter the City, under Imperial Command





The Imperial Forces have recieved a massive resupply from pre arranged supply drops form a Foreign Force. Imperial Offensive units are massing along the Imperial lines for a counter offensive. It remains to be seen wether or not the US Army can maintain its superiority in this Conflict.

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Battle in the Desert - Day 8 - 0400 Hours


user posted image


The US Air force announced that the largest Air Bombing Campaign in Operation Clean Sweep, to date, will begin This evening. A Total of 20 Modified Blackjack 2 Aircraft will pound the Imperial Reinforcements into submission, before they're counter attack can reach its full strength. There are still reports of scattered fierce fighting around the area from various US Army and ONI Units, however for the most part US forces remain dominant as usual. The New forces that re inforced the Imperial Army are as yet unidentified.




US Army Cadet Patrol, Al Basrah, Safe Zone - 1100 Hours



The Company of 50 US Army Cadets was marching in staggered formation, down the long dusty sand road. The US Corps of Engineers hadn't put any type of work intop infrastructure, since the city was still being cleared of IED's. The 3 Officers in charge of the group were placed in fornt, middle and the rear of the formation.


" Don't bunch up! Watch your intervals! I don't want a single badly thrown grendae from some Fasc to take half of my numbers. " Said Commander Hart, leader of the 162nd Training Company.


This was the men's first time out. Eace US Soldier served 3 Months in a training Company before being placed on active duty. They really didn't expect to see action. But what reality is, and what they expected are two different things.


Up ahead, the Hazy forms of about 10 or 12 figures and a vehicle could be seen by a Cadet in the front of the position, known as the Advanced Scout. He signalled the company to halt, and Commander hart raced to the Cadet, taking out his binoculars.


"What the Hell?" Said Hart, withdrawing his Binoculars, and taking another look again, and he passed them to Lt. Reed, who was behind him.


" What does this look like to you, Lieutenant? " said Hart. The Lt. took a long look, and said at last,


" Thier Special Forces of some Kinds I believe. They look...no. Thats not possible. Sir, theyt are Adapton." Said Reed, handing the nocs back to Commander Hart. the officers conferred, and made the descision to move in closer. they approached very Close, but somebody made a mistake. One of the Juniopr Scouts loaed and Locked his weapon, and the loud sound of the AR 2 Sentry Rifle, the standard Rifle of the US Army, startled and alarmed the enemy Patrol. The Cadets Took Cover, but were no match for the quick response of several Automatic Rifle Rounds that caught at least 5 Cadets in the Chest.



the Cadet company returned fire, but they had no co0mbat experience and 2 of the three Officers were hit, and several Cadets rose to retreat, but were cut down indiscriminantly from the Experienced officers.


"Stay Down! Order cover Fire. I want Alpha and Omega Squad to head out While Bravo Covers! " Shouted the now Elevated Commander Reed. The rest of the Company Opened fire, and 12 Cadets had successfully Retreated, but the Rest of the company was cut to ribbons in the next ten Minutes of Fighting...





4 hours Later, ONI Special Forces Patrol



the Squad leader kneeled next to the Vehicle tracks. He squinted at the metal form glinting in the intense sunlight. He reached and picked up what appeared to be a spent casing. Turning it over in his hand, he recognised the configuration.


" Alright, lets radio an evac. We need to get this to General Elabrej Immediately. "



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