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Nation Loss Problem

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It came to my attension today, after Tag mensioned it, that many nations have been lost, again, in NS. First Tag relised all of his nations were gone, I then checked my nations, and all were gone too. Also, checking in the Europa regional area, several nations which are quite active on the boards seem to have seasced to exsist.


I think this may be another memory problem, which NS has encountered before, but I do hope that it will be possible for nations to be re-activated. Another theary which is serculating is that this could be part of the April fools day joke in which NS had going yesterday, but, I personly think it's to do with memory.


What say the rest of you guys?

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NS is down, probably due to maintenance. I can't even see our region. Only time will tell when this problem is fixed.


For more information, you should check the big ns forum: http://forums.jolt.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=1235


Edit: See, I told you so.

Don't sign into all of your nations to see if we deleted them all. There is a server problem. We'll get everyone back ASAP.



At the time of writing, logging into your nation will set your national variables to null values, breaking it. Your nation will subsequently display a long error message. Please do not log into any of your nations at this time.



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i logged in with Italgria before i even noticed that there was a problem...


But everything was still fine with my nations stats at that time.


The mods did not delete your nation. You are a victim of the 0 of 0 error. Your nation should be restored soon, don't worry. I had the same fate.
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