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Invisionfree Becomes Zetaboards

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This might be an interesting read, since it WILL affect all of us.


InvisionFree is proud to officially announce ZetaBoards™ (what has previously been referred to as InvisionFree 2).


user posted image


The ZetaBoards software will be a full upgrade for InvisionFree. It already has gone through thousands of hours of design and development. While it is designed to be familiar to current InvisionFree users, it will have hundreds of new features. Nearly every aspect of InvisionFree will be improved: from the PM system, to the admin logs, to security, to attachments. Administrators will find their tasks much easier and faster to perform. New members will have an easier time learning how to use your board. Experienced members will also find many useful new features in our software.


ZetaBoards is intended to offer the benefits found normally with self-hosted forums in the ease of a remotely hosted free environment. ZetaBoards software has been designed from the ground up to allow multiple forums to run easily on the same server. Your remotely hosted board will be able to have a wide variety of modifications easily installed to personalize it.


As we approach the release of the ZetaBoards software we will be providing screenshots and details on some of the new features. We will be upgrading the support board and providing a test board for members to get acquainted with before upgrading all boards. You will be able to opt out of the upgrade if you are not comfortable with an immediate change.


Since the name InvisionFree would not fit the new software, we will be changing our name to ZetaBoards. Both URLs will still work, so the transition will be easy. We will guide you through the URL change process and the upgrade to the new ZetaBoards forum software.


We will still be a free service. You will not lose your board in the upgrade. The upgrade will be done to all InvisionFree boards for free, without any required work on your part. We look forward to many more years of hosting with you!


Click here to see a working example of the new forum.


Further reading:

- http://support.invisionfree.com/index.php?showtopic=241452

- http://support.invisionfree.com/index.php?showtopic=88887

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^ Fooled you twice there buddy. tongue.gif

Six months later and the first results seem to be there. Only just yesterday did InvisionFree announce that the first b?ta version of their new forum software ZetaBoards has been found ready for testing. This b?ta version isn't open to the public yet, and knowing IF it may even be another six months before the new software is actually finished. And that's fast in comparisson.


The first public beta testing of ZetaBoards has begun. We have selected a few members from the support board for this first round of testing.


This beta team has already been selected and we will not be adding to it. The next beta stage will be open to all users of InvisionFree and should be beginning soon. The next stage will begin once acceptable quality standards have been reached for the software and we have performed a security audit.


ZetaBoards is an all-encompassing upgrade that will take the place of InvisionFree's service. ZetaBoards features enhanced moderation, automatic protections against spam bots, a post search, a new PM system, and an enhanced skinning system, as well as many more new features and enhancements.



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