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Chicken and the horse...

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On a farm somewhere out there there lived a chicken and a horse that loved to play by the old dried up well. One day as they played the horse fell into the well and the chicken freakin paniced. He then took off to tell the farmer but was unable to wake him. He then decided to hotwire the farmers mercedies benz, drive it to the well, tie a rope to the bumper and pull the horse out. All of which he did sucessfully. The next day, they went to the well only this time the chicken fell into the well. The horse then paniced as well, he too ran to get the farmer but he wasnt home and neither was the mercedies. The horse then decided to stradle the opening of the well and let the chicken grad ahold of his penis to get he chcken out. All of which too was sucessfull.


Moral of the story is you dont need a mercedies benz to pick up chicks if you're hung like a horse.



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