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The Kingdom of Niekjuhhh

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the saga continues:


The fighters died (i don't have any writer skills, and sometimes, my english is crap)

They where killed by just 1 men, Curious the first. He killed the fighters, he killed all 320 fighters. On the place where the fighters ruled, he started his own country, The Kingdom of Curious, he was a great king, after 30 years his son Curious the second, took over his job, and now he ruled the counntru, this continued for 1300 years, in these years, they enlarged there country, so now it covered one fourth of the whole world. The last Curious, Curious the 43th, was died in a stupid horse crash, while driving his horse, the horse went crazy, and just ran into a wall, they both died. (awh my story s*cks biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif ) The people had no king, it was a complete anarchy, till ww2, because it was a anarchy, they had no army, so Hitler could take over the whole country verry easy. He ruled it for 5 years, 1940 till 1945, 5 years of fear, many people where killed, and even more people just disappeared, they where never found again. After ww2, the people of Curious (they still called it Curious, after there first king) began a search for a new king. It became the Strangelinice Family, from Ittaly. The first king, didn't get a son, so the next king would be someone not from the family. It became me, King Niek. I first ruled the country verry good, people where verry happy, and everything looked good. But on a day, i just went crazy, I just felt the need of killing someone, just for fun, from that day (16 December 1980) my people didn't knew for how long they would live, they didn't konw what was happening in the country, From that day, till now, My country has grown, but people are less happier than they've ever been. I'm trying to change the country back to what is once was. My people have a lot of civil rights, but they may not talk about politics. I earn a lot of money, becease the income tax rate is 100%, and the main industry is Gambling. What will happen in the future? no one can tell, well maybe Nostradamus.


I'm pleased to join Europa


Goeden dag allenmaal,


King Niek

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