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The Dacvi Conflict

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The Dacvi area is a part of Suverina where the majority of the people are Russo-Suverinian and primarily speak Russian. There have been several organizations that have wished the areas freedom since the revolution united Suverina, although most people haven't supported the organizations until now. Dacvi Freedom Force (DFF) has promised people a better life now when the economy is weak in Suverina. Many people are listening as they don't have enough food or water. Large parts of the Suverinian army have defected to the rebels under this time of our collapse so 30.000 men of the Royal Guard have been moved to the area to secure peace.


An actual guerrilla war has started in the area between government forces and DFF.


Ocnita and Brijeni have been secured by our forces but heavy fighting is occurring in the area around these two cities.


user posted image

Government troops move to take new positions.


user posted image

Government forces fighting hostile vehicles.


user posted image

The Royal Guard moving into Brijeni.


The high command of the army has started to work on a full-scale plan of the war to make it end as soon as possible.


6783 members of the DFF have been reported as casualties.

1528 Soldiers of the army have been reported dead or missing. (Of which 314 are of the Royal Guard)

8340 civilians are reported dead.

(Another 2305 have apparently starved to death before the city fell back in government hands.)


user posted image

Dead civilians being buried.

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user posted image

Map of Dacvi area.


user posted image

Current positions and plans for offensives at the moment.


(the little red ring is where loyal government forces are supposed to be located but we haven't had contact with them for several days.




To: our Allies


We would like to have troops from you to start an offensive in the south in Tarnova and Horodiste because most of our forces are tied up and we need to put preasure on these terrorists!!!

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Night time, just north of Cupcina in the Davci region...


The two Mitsubishi Shogun 4x4s came rumbling to a halt on the gravel road. With the headlights still on, the eight passengers disembarked, 3 of them carrying guns for protection, the other five, carrying briefcases. The door slammed shut, to reveal the emblem of a black mountain - the symbol of Taishan oil, the Ide Jiman fossil fuel giant.


'Urgh' thought Li, as he opened the case inside the boot of the car 'another night of uneventful geological survey. I don't know what they expect us to find up here'. His team was on a routine geological survey, to look for oil abroad. The guards were getting nervous, for this region was a time bomb waiting to explode into conflict.


"Ready?" He called into the darkness at the roadside...


"Yes, we're in position!" Came back the reply, from his colleagues who had moved to set up seismic reading devices.


There was a loud thud, as the devices sent a sound wave into the ground. Gradually, the blurry images uploaded onto Li's screen. He was startled as a noise came from the woods on his right, little more than an animal running away he thought, continuing to look at the results.


Gradually, something strange came into view...


"Are you sure it's right?" He shouted to his colleagues...


"You want to come and see for yourself?" An angry voice retorted.


"My god... Jin... come look at this."


One of the geologists emerged from the woods... "That's massive, we've got to get this to Serekan, they must see this..."


The team rushed into their cars and sped away down the road towards Edinet, ready for the next flight to anywhere in Ide Jima.


Li was sweating, this was one of the most groundbreaking discoveries yet, massive oil reserves in the corner of Suverina. His joy was however tainted with frustration. They were banned from using coded military channels, as they would show 'LT spies' (as the war ministry liked to put it) that something had been found. Nor could they openly announce the discovery, for fear of it being found out, so they had to take it to Taishan Oil HQ in Serekan in person, depriving them of any time to further explore this region...


The Government, let alone the Taishan Oil chairman would have something to say about this, this could give the Ide Jimans to exploit some of the largest oil reserves in the world, if the government chose to embroil itself in yet another far flung conflict...

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General Leach picked up the phone and asked for the Raleigh Light Infantry's commanding officer... static... then a distant voice.... "ye... ir!"


"Speak up Jim!" he said loudly.


"...es Sir!" Muffled, "Can...hear me?"


"Barely... listen your orders are to move your regiment to the area around Ocnita and Brijeni... Copy?"


"Ocni.......ijeni Sir?"


"Ocnita and Brijeni! Ocnita and Brijeni! Copy?"


"es, Sir! Ocnita and Brijeni... copy?"


"Move into those cities and hold them, Copy?"


"Hold the cities, yes Sir!"


"Inform the Divisional commander of these orders. Understand? I can't reach him, copy?"


"What sir?"














Prior to making that phone call, and knowing his CIS mandate allowed him only to defend civilians, General Leach read the Suverinian dispatch with some concern. "They hold these cities, but only just... What the hell can I do without the ability to proactively engage the enemy?" After a brief conference with his staff, Leach decided on exactly how he was going to interpret his mandate. After listening to his staff he announced, "Ok boys, this is it, we are allowed to defend civilians and civilian infrastructure. So, now that Suverinian forces have captured Ocnita and Brijeni, we will move in to those cities and defend civilians and infrastructure... understand?"


"Yes Sir" came the unanimous reply.


"This is a hotzone men. We are likely to be engaged. Be ready to respond and make sure you react to any and all attacks on civilians in those cities. We've all seen the pictures of the dead and dying innocents, do NOT let this continue... and do NOT let enemy forces penetrate beyond those cities. This should take the pressure of the Suvs (as Rekamgil soldiers have come to affectionately call Suverinian soldiers). Remember we are here for civilain protection, I consider any attacks on those cities as an attack on the lives and well-being of civilians of those cities. We must defend them".


After issuing his order to the Rayleigh Commander, General Leach picked up the phone and called the Suverinian commander. "Alright, we are relieving your forces in Ocnita and Brijeni... we hope you can now better use those forces elsewhere. Good Luck."


Finally, he picked up his radio, "Get me the US commander". After a pause, "We're moving to Ocnita and Brijeni, can you take up patrols in the areas we are now vacating?... Thank you very much General. We hope to see you soon."

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The Serekanair Shorts 330 airliner took off from the airport at Edinet, carrying the team well on the way back to Serekan. Following a brief stopover on Tinian island, the aircraft touched down in Serekan Chang International. Immediately, the team rushed through passport control and onto a taxi, taking them down Expressway No.14 into central Serekan.


Once they reached the downtown district, skyscrapers enlcosed them from each side. Three blocks north of the ministry of the interior was the Taishan Oil Corporation HQ.


The five people came running into the Director general's office, and slammed down the results on the table. Only now did they realise that he was in the middle of a phone conversation. He closed the conversation quickly and turned to his visitors.


"Well, why aren't you in Dacvi..."


"Sir you should see this..."


The results were handed to the Director General, who stared in disbelief.


"You realise that these fields are larger than any we control in the north?"


"Yes sir,"


"We must get at them..."


"That may be a problem, we have at best mediocre relations with the CIS, and if we find massive oil reserves in their nation, they will surely want them for their own use rather than ours"


"You may have a point, (to telephone on desk)Jina?... Could you tell them to get my car ready,"




user posted image


In the minstry of Industry building, the results had caused quite a stir. Already foreign ministry and war ministry liaison officials had been called into the meeting. A debate followed for hours with the foreign ministry representative calling for diplomatic means to find part control and the war ministry for a low level support campaign for the Dacvi freedom force.


Sensing that there would be more to gain from the latter option, the Industry Minister himself in the end greedily opted for the second option. The foreign ministry official stormed out of the building, whilst talks continued with the war ministry official.


"We need to act now... the enemy are closing in on the Dacvi freedom force as we speak. We must get in contact with them, tell them that we would like to exploit their oilfields and in exchange we will give them money, weapons, training and Spec ops support".


"Very well, how do we get someone out there?"


"There is an agent on the next flight to Edinet, he'll get in touch with the Dacvi rebel leaders and negotiate a deal..."


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OOC: IJ, Macko Beregovoi is the leader of DFF, you might want to contact him. wink.gif




The story of a guerilla soldier.


We left our camp after sunrise, we were eleven privates and one captain. We went north of Brijeni, we crossed the border at 7 and at 8 we were at the first village. Our mission was to recruit soldiers from the village but it looked like most of them had already escaped. Still we found one that was hiding in a well on the village square. When we found him we cut off the rope, mostly for fun. He couldn?t swim so it got serious for a while. His wife stood beside and howled like a dog. We pulled him out of the water and demanded som answers,amongst where the others had went. He shaked is head and said.

- I do not know.

The captain kicked him in his guts. The poor man started crying.

- I swear by god that I do not know! Please think of my poor children!

The questioning didn?t lead anywhere. The captain soon lost his patience, he shouted out an order. Some privates followed and soon his wife lay tied in the grass. They raped her carefully. Her husband got so upset so that he had to be calmed down. The blow was badly received, perhaps he was a little frail. Because when the whole thing was over the farmer was actually dead. When the woman was released she screamed that she also has to die. She scratched hereself in the crutch until her dress was red. I couldn?t see it I had to look away, but the captain did his duty and made her suffery short.


We hurried to get back to our side before government soldiers found us.

Later that day I realised that we had killed to innocent farmer, I would never be forgiven.


user posted image

DFF soldiers marching.

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DFF Headqurter:




"The gov. is prepearing for an offensive against Mica"

Macko thinks for a couple of seconds

"Damn!! That means that Edinet might be threatend, we need help quickly.

Do we have troops to protect Mica?"

"Yes, but they are very badly armed and we have almost no ammunition."

"Do we have any artillery?"

"Only 8 pieces sir"

Macko slams his fist onto the table.

"Can't we send any of the soldiers from the north?"

"Then our northern front would fall"

"If anyone is willing to offer us help, accept it. It might be one suverin rubel or a rifle. I do not care all help must be accepted."

"Yes sir!"

"Now leave!"



The advisor leaves the room and Macko picks up some maps and study the areas.

He starts thinking:

"This might be our only chance to get independence, I wouldn't be able to live with being a part of that damn Suverina for any longer. We are an own people we must be independent."


A messanger enters the room.

"I have news sir!"

"About what?"

"We have captured General Poushkin"

"what!?! THATS GREAT!!! Where is he?

"In the mountains close to Runita at our base"

"He will certainly be usefull while negotiating. Have those bastards agreed on starting

a negotiation yet?"

"No sir, they say that they don't negotiate with terrorists"

"They say we are what!?!?!?"

"Terrorists sir"

"Those damn bastard, execute general Poushkin imideatly for this"

"Is that a wise decision sir?"

"Just do it!!!"

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Outside Edinet international airport...


The Ide Jiman Agent walked into the streets of the city. Something was stirring, in the distance artillery thuds could be heard, and all around him groups of DFF troops seemed to be moving around. The agent found a DFF officer and asked "Excuse me, do you know where I could find Macko Beregovoi?" in poor russian. The DFF officer glanced at the agent in an untrustworthy way "I'm from the Ide Jiman war ministry, and it is most urgent that I speak to him."


After quite some time of discussion, the agent was taken to a DFF command post. Beregovoi was not there, but he would come very quickly when he found out what was said on the message that was handed to the commanding officer...


To:Macko Beregovoi

From:The Ide Jiman War Ministry


We would like to propose to you a deal. It could win you the war, and give us massive profit.


As you may already know, we had a team of geologists in the Dacvi region until recently. We discovered substantial oil reserves beneath your region. Our deal is that we will give you financial aid, weapons and special operations support in exchange for part control over these oilfields when and if you gain independence. Our airforce is ready to begin shipping arms immediately if you agree to this deal.


Field Marshal Jiangwei, Head of the Ide Jiman Army Group South

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TO: The Ide Jiman War Ministry



We have revieved your message.

We are willing to accept your help for the suggested "price". We are ready to recive your help at Edinet. Besides arms and supplies of all sorts we also need veichles, transport veichles and a couple of tanks aswell. Pleaseaid us as soon as possible the situations is very fragile at the moment.


Our people that have been oppresed for years thank you dearly.


//Dacvi Freedom Force

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The offensive against Mica:


2 hours ago suverinian troops left their positions and started heading towards Mica. So far only 13 soldiers are reported KIA and another 32 are wounded.


user posted image

The 2nd divisions is leading the attack.


user posted image

A wounded soldier carrying one of their wounded comrades.


user posted image

Soldiers enters the first liberated village.


user posted image

Long-distance artillery have started fireing upon Mica.


user posted image

A building where 63 guerillas held for one and a half hours until the building was blown by our men.

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At 1st Division HQ, Brijeni: General Sweet looked angrily at the intel report, clenching it in his fist, "Fuggin' goddam bastards..." he mumbled. The intel report had informed him that murdered and raped civilians had been found north of their position, it suggested that DFF forces were to blame. "Goddam 'freedom fighters'! These animals have no idea about freedom. Freedom to torture and abuse? This is 100% UNACCEPTABLE!" He had lost his temper. His adjutant recoiled slightly.


"So, wh... what should we do, sir?"


"Captain, do not be afraid, be pissed off! Now, call the Upper Strathyclyde Commanding Officer, ask him to move into the area where these alleged abuses took place. Ask him to investigate, and ask him to arrest anyone... ANYONE believed to have perpetrated such crimes. Ask him to fortify that area and to link up with us here in Brijeni. Once he's in position, US forces will take over responsibility for Brijeni and we will move behind Suv forces near Mica; there we will try to stop these abuses."


"Yes Sir."


"And, Captain, inform our forces that they are to be extremely vigilant. They must keep their eyes and ears open, they must look for forces infiltrating to the rear, they must stop these criminals wherever they are, and with ANY MEANS NECESSARY."


"Yes Sir"


In Rekamgil City: The Defence Sectretary strode into the President's office.


"Samej, listen, Suverina's going downhill in a hurry. General Sweet wired me that civilians are being raped, tortured and murdered by DFF forces." He collapsed into a chair. "This might get ugly."


The President smiled at him, "This is why we're there. It WILL be ugly, I know, but we are there to stop rape, torture and murder if we can." He sighed, "tell General Sweet he has our backing... our backing to the hilt".


South of Brijeni: A light, unarmoured vehicle was parked by the side of the road, outside a small farming village. The Rekamgil platoon scout peered carefully into the flatbed. There he found dozens of rounds of spent ammunition. This was a combatant vehicle. He dashed back across the road and into the tree line, where the rest of his platoon was waiting.


"Sir (puff puff), it's DFF I think. There're spent shell casings in there"


The lieutenant straightened his back, and called his NCOs around. "Okay, there is nothing right about this. This truck with no soldiers nearby. My guess is they're in the village. They're up to no good. Remember, we're here to protect people, they're probably in there right now raping and crap like that again." He hoisted his rifle to his shoulder. "Box out, Able troop, flank left, through those bushes and report. Baker troop, you go right, observe and report. My group, were moving up past the truck. Now move."


The three troops, 65 soldiers in total, moved out. Quickly reports came back. The commander turned to his second in command. "Ah Bill, they're not su..."


CRACK CRACK CRACK gunfire erupted on the right, and then, on the left.


"Who's firing goddamit!"


A rekamgillian private had been spotted and the enemy troop had immediately fired on him. Our troops returned fire, and all hell broke loose in the village. Screams could be heard on all sides. The enemy had saturated the trees with bullitts and hit 6 or 7 Reka troops. A small detatchment from Able company on the left stormed forward and bust into a small building. Therein they found a farmer and his family, alone and scared. One private tried to calm them and sent them into a back room as the rest kept watch and returned fire. The sergeant turned to coordinate with his men, and the lookout noticed one of the farmer's children running across the square toward the enemy. "Crap, come back" he whisper-yelled. Then he noticed the rest of the family, minus the eldest son, sprinting across the square... "what the hell? Sir, these peop.... GRENADE!" From the backroom of the house a grenade bounced into the room, three soldiers managed to make it out of the room before the grenade went off, killing two and wounding three. The three soldiers that had made it outside were immediately fired upon, one was instantly killed, the others dove back into the house.... Private Smith stepped carefully into the back room and the others heard a burst of gunfire as Smith killed the eldest son, attempting to escape. "Crap, crap, crap... get the LT on the phone."


But the lieutenant had seen it, and was preparing an assault.


"Get some medics over there" he said sombrely, "And bring up that goddamn 50 .cal. This whole goddam village is crawling with them... the civilians we're supposed to protect are fuggin blowing us up... this is messed right the fug up!"

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?So? what is the situation in Suverina??


The setting was one of the various meeting rooms in the Imperial Palace Complex, and various ministers sat at the long table, giving the High Chancellor, Gregorius Ford, the weekly brief on


One of the Ministers looked up at the High Chancellor. ?It?s not of any great importance to the Greater Holy Empire, High Chancellor. Just a bit of civil strife after their recent economic collapse, with some areas trying to form independent nations.?


?Is there any need for Tagmatium to get involved??


?Not that we can see. Apart from the nation being a member of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations, they aren?t really major players in the international field. We don?t have much in the way of contact with them.?


The High Chancellor lent back in his chair. ?Is there anything interesting about the country itself, then??


?Not really,? answered another Minister, that of Overseas Geological Oddities. ?There are large areas of porous rock in the Dacvi region, one of those caught up in the civil war, according to some old geological surveys done in the nation. This could point out massive reserves of oil and gas, a veritable gold mine. Equally, it could point out large areas of porous rock, nothing more than a geological curiosity. Either way, it is an area at war, and not something to get involved in lightly.?


?Who are involved in this area at the moment??


The Minister of War answered this. ?Apart from the various rebel factions and the Suverian Government forces, there are detachments from several other CIS nations, such as Rekamgil and Upper Strathclyde. Which isn?t very surprising, as they are duty-bound by their alliance to give support.?


?Actually?, said the Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities as he looked at the laptop in front of him, ?there does appear to have been some foreign interest in the area, according to these newspaper articles.?


?From who?? quizzed Gregorius Ford,


?Well, there?s a local paper called the Brijeni Trumpeter, dated the 27th of March this year, as well as another called Ocnita Mercury...?


?No, you dolt, which nation!?? the High Chancellor almost bellowed.


?Oh, Taishan Oil Corporation.?


?Ide Jima, eh? Well, that changes everything??


To: the Principality of Suverina

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Help?




Although our nations have not had that much contact, our hearts go out to in at this time. Tagmatium was rocked by civil strife recently as well, and we feel that it is our duty to prevent this happening in other nations as well.


Therefore, we would like to offer you any support that we can, whether in the form of armed assistance or any intelligence that we may have garnered from the area or of the factions at war.


We will stand by your nation in this hour of need.


Gregorius Ford,


High Chancellor of

the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

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The defence ministry could have guessed they would receive a positive reply to the offer. Already contacts were buzzing to and fro within the ministry, getting ready to ship arms into Suverina. At Chang international airport, an AN-225 cossack aircargo plane had been commandeered by the Army to begin shipments...


Back in the MoD...


"What are we sending to aid the DFF?" Brigadier Sun, head of the aid program asked.


"Here, sir..." His assistant passed a clipboard listing what was to be sent to Edinet international on the AN-225...


200 STGW 05E Advanced Assault Rifles 
++Extra Ammunition
450 SAC Warhorse HP Combat Pistols
++Extra Ammunition
15 SAC Anti Armour Weapons
++60 Rounds for each launcher
2 Alvis Stalwart Amphibious Light Trucks
2 Stingray Light Tanks
35 Weapons Instructors
5 Stormtrooper Strike Teams (5 troops in each)


"Very good" Sun signed the gap at the bottom and gave electronic authorisation on the computer.


The AN-225's 6 engines burst into life, and the massive craft (in civilian markings) began to thunder down the runway, and off into the night sky.




Early next morning...



The runway was almost too short for the massive plane as it came into land, with the airbrakes making an ominous noise as they struggled to bring the aircraft to a halt. Once the runway was clear, the plane taxied round and moved into the 'kneeling' position - front cargo doors open and unloading.


"Courtesy of the Ide Jiman war ministry!" The head of the Ide Jiman teams announced, handing an assault rifle to one of the DFF welcoming committee. "We're ready to begin training your troops with these weapons"


Then in darker uniforms, the 5 Stormtrooper Hitsquads emerged from the aeroplane, ready to do any dirty work for the DFF...

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TO: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

FROM: Suverina


We would accept any help that we can get. The situations is very fragile and we suspect that some foreign power have send aid to the DFF. Any help you might offer would be higly appreciated. A couple pf bomber squadrons wouldn't do any harm as we don't have any bombers and our airforce isn't availible for actions.



Suverinian war ministry




To: IJ

From: DFF


We higly appreciate your help. It seems that the front will be quite for a small time now so that we can re-group and use your asistance wisely.



Suverinian HQ close to Brijeni.


"We have been informed that general Poushkin have been executed by the rebels. The problem is what we need to do now. He was a great man and a hero to our troops."


"We'll call for an armistice"


"Will the rebels accept that?"


"They suggested it"


"Inform them that we accept then"


OOC: The armistice will last until tomorrow as I'm not home and being at a friends place over the weekend I can't roleplay as much as I wish. We are to re-group our forces in the meantime.

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OOC: I'm in. Too Tempting.






Brijeni, Just outside The City


The US Air Force had been briefed on the Situation, and knowing that there had been extensive civilian casualties, something must be done. The People had been busy debating but they had finally declared thier troops weapons free, and that they are to get involved. The US Army had sent An increased shipmetn of 1,200 Troops and some tanks, along with a wing from the Tactical Air Bomb Group, which was now on route to its target, high above enemy territory.



3 New X 10 Stealth Aircraft were flying below the Radar screen, headed into the city. They did a fly by to see that the whole area was alive with gunfire. It was turning to dusk now. They must've been at it for a while.


"...Air unit.... Friend?..... Support need...." Was the indiscrimanant chatter on the 'Box' as it was referred to among us pilots. They split and armed weapons, turning around for another pass. the Lead plane radioed the Rekamgil Patrol.



"You boys keep your heads down, y'all's in for a show. Danger Close, i say again, Danger Close. Out. " They swooped in, the lead planed strafing a large group of onrushing AK weilding Guerillas. It looked as though the Civilians are trying to Over run the Rekamgil position.


"Two, Three, switch to jelly loadout. Fry em' " Said the Lead plane as it Broke off. The two flanking aircraft strafed and dropped thier payloads and they exploded against the enemy in a firely display of Napalm and destruction.


"Rekamgil Army Patrol, this is shadow One, we're bingo on ammo. Hold out, there's 2 Platoons and an Armoured Unit just outside the city to relieve you. Shadow Squadron Out. "



The Planes streaked off into the Sunset, confident that the patrol would survive.



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HQ Brijeni:


The forces are almost done with re-grouping and have prepared for an offensive against Mica. Not many kilometers are left to the City. Soon Mica will be liberated. The offensive will start in only a couple of hours, we are prepard with troops and ammunition. The terrorists can't have much to put up with.


HQ Edinet(rebels):


This short armistice was just what we needed we have regrouped and can withstand an attack against Mica, if our defense manages to hold we can use the confusion that will probably happen in the Suverinian HQ and attack against Brijeni. If we succed the chaos of the Suverinian army will be total. (Evil laugh)



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To: US
CC: Rekamgil
From: SPA

The Baronic Council condemns your air strikes on a village controlled by the DFF. ? Our reports indicate that as well as killing DFF forces your reckless use of napalm murdered several women and children. ?This is hardly the act of a nation that preaches peace to all and sundry. ?Indeed many might see it as bordering on being a war crime.

The DFF expresses the will of a section of Suverinese people who nolonger wish to be oppressed by the government of Suverina. ?Given your own recent history and your constant statements about the rights of the people to chose, the Baronic Council would have thought that you would have supported the DFF's right to define and protect their own future. ?Can it be, despite all your bleating about democracy, the US will only recognise the choices of other peoples when they work to its advantage? ?We demand an immediate explanation.


OOC: Yes, the SPA is being a bit pushy here...would you expect any less?

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The Minister of War and the Minster of Overseas Geological Oddities walked along a stone corridor in the Imperial Palace Complex. Imperial Household Guards, dressed in blood red with black armour, snapped to attention when the two men passed and then relaxed once the two walked far enough past them. Faceless bureaucrats dodged them as they went about the plethora of tasks that needed to be done in the largest bureaucracy in Europa, the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium.


?So? why do you think he did that?? The Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities asked his colleague around the mouth piece of his ancient pipe.


?Why?? The two men were talking about the recent decision of the High Chancellor?s to send men to Suverina. ?Why? It?s because he hopes Ide Jima will back down and not send men there. They won?t, of course. It?ll be just like the dark days of the EPA vs. the CPA.?


The Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities nodded and drew on his pipe, leaving a cloud of blue smoke behind as both men strode to where their respective Ministries lay in the bowels of the huge, labyrinthine heart of Tagmatium. ?Of course, I don?t blame them.?


?Why?s that?? The Minister of War flinched as a Guardsman slammed to attention on his right.


?Well, in my opinion, that area is completely full of oil. Completely full.? The pipe smoker nodded to himself as he said this. ?I spend 20 years as a field geologist doing that sort of thing myself. And I have a feeling that this place would make the owner as rich as Croesus. Richer, even. So, Ide Jima will back the- .?


?- DFF. And if the DFF win, they?ll be so grateful they allow the Ide Jimans to do what they want.? The Minister of War finished the sentence. ?So, it looks like our own men will be sent. And once Ide Jima has troops, the rest of the Alliance will follow. Like a bloody house of cards, but for all the wrong reasons.?


?What troops you going to send, then??


?Oh, only a People?s Guard division or two. And then, they?ll have some battalions from the Catering Corps and the Medical Corps, so it?ll look like more of a humanitarian mission. But all of the combat troops will be veterans from the Civil War and every other war we?ve fought since.?


?Ok. The commander??


?I don?t know. It?s a tie between Domestic Copronymus, newly promoted and all, and that one who was supposed to lead a division in that Hidaya Miliki thing, but it never got off the ground, Major General Valens Artorius?


?Well, it?s all out of my area. Ask me about Akiiryan mountains or Rekamgilan forests, then I could tell you anything.?


The Minister of Overseas Geological Oddities turned and walked down an ajoining corridor, back to his section of the complex.

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To: Tagmatium

From: Suverina


I, the prince of our nation wishes to thank you for taking a wise descision by aiding us in our crise. We will look upon you as our allies in the future, may also the god grant you happiness and success. The rebels seemed better organized than we thought and your aid is mostly valuable. I personally would like to thank your nation. I do not often do things like this on my own but when my nation needs me I am there for my people.


May we always be friends,


Michail II Prince of Suverina

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To: Suverina

From: The People's Federation of Adaptus


After reviewing, and assesing the situation, which he have not much knowlage of, after our short trip, we have came to this conclusion. We will help our allies in Suverina, but we have no idea to the extent of this situation, and to what needs to be helped with. For now, our troops stationed within Suverina will begin mobolization, as will several home based brigades, which will be sent over to help, as at the moment we only have 5 regiments of troops throughout Suverina. Aid oporations will be our main role untill a clearer understanding of the situation is compiled, and untill renforcements are dispatched to the area.


We hope you find this ok.


John Straw

Defence Sectratary.

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