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Economical Collapse Of Suverina

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In the recent few days the Suverinian ecenomy have been badly hurt. The Economy has almost totally collapsed during a very short time. Means will be taken to improve the economy.


Thousands of people have lost their jobs, thousands are queueing at unemployement offices all around the country.

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Water and food is scarce in the entire nation, if this will continue for long we won't be able to feed our own population!


Capitalists state that this has happened because the state have again and again refused to privatize the economy in Suverina.


I will loose a lot of prestige saying this but the people are depending on me.

We pledge to our allies now when we are in need. We need food, water and medical supplies.


Rebellious organizations are taking this as a great opportunity to try to cease power and becaus of the we almost can't pay our troops and police we are afraid they'll defect to the revolters. Therefore we wish our close allies to send troops to our nation to keep peace in these hard times.


The whole situation of our economy is fragile.

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The Free Anarchy would like to send you Thousands of Medical and Aide Supply Trucks to aide in the distribution of our supplies when they arrive. We also would like to send you about 1,000 US Army Troops, to work with your own forces to help combat and rebel insurgencies you may have. We hope that this can be of assistance to you.

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To: Suverina

From: People's Federation of Adaptus


We will help you in this time of need. The Adapton Red Cross have stated they will head out to help, and we can supply aid drops and anything else needed. We will send any help needed. We will use our training bases within your nation to help your people. Please if your people head to our training basess, we can supply them with any foood or water, and more will be distrobuted ASAP.



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To: Suverina

From: Rekamgil


We are disheartened to hear about the bad news from Suverina. We wish to offer you any aid that you require.


Our relief efforts in other parts of the region have stretched our resources to the limit and so we cannot offer any immediate material assistance. We have four Rekamgil Army Medical Corps (RAMC) units operating in Rhomanoi and two operating in Upper Strathyclyde. Our large government cruise ship is also being used in Rhomanoi to hhouse refugees from the disaster there.


However, we have informed the Rhomanian government that we are immediately withdrawing two of our four RAMC units and transferring them to Suverina. So you can expect their arrival with one week.


RPS Nuralol and RPS Able (two of our naval warships previously operating outside US waters) are steaming back to Rekamgil to pick up a regiment of Rekamgil soldiers. If you need these soldiers, they will be available to help rebuild and repair anything that requires attention (including state-owned infrastructure such as utilities, water works, etc.).


We are also sending 10,000 ration packs and 4000 medical kits on board RPS Nuralol. These, along with the two RAMC units should help alleviate the worst suffering (should they be necessary). Finally, we are willing to transfer you funds, but suggest that, maybe, we ought to send along some of our best financial and fiscal experts to help ease your financial crisis. These experts are normally employed in the Rekamgil Revenue Department, but have volunteered their time to help go over your books and try to hep bring order to your economy. (You will notice that we have a socialist economy and, therefore, have some experience at least technically with your kind of economy). Once we have determined the kind of assistance required, we will set a monetary figure and will gladly wire you the financial aid.


So in summary, we are sending:


2 RAMC Units

1 Rekamgil Army Regiment

10,000 Ration packs

4,000 Medical kits

1 team of financial advisors

a pledge to send monetary assistance once we can determine the most beneficial figure.


Please offer your suggestions for additional aid, or any objections you might have to our proposed aid package so far.


We hope above all that we can help avert social and economic disaster in your nation

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To: Suverina

From: The Free City of Miiros


We in the Free City are sorry to hear of Suverina's economic woes and would like to help. While we do not have much food to spare, we will organize five medical teams with mobile hospitals to be dispatched for your use and we also will send water trucks with large quantities of drinking water. They will be en route by the end of the day via two cargo planes.


To help revitalize the Suverina economy, we will allow your government to borrow from the Bank of the Free City and hold off on any required payments and interest charges for thirty years. We will also try to work out an agreement with our private banks to do the same and make an effort to get the private sector to sell to Suverina at a discounted rate.


If you require any additional support from us, please ask.


- The Office of the Executor, The Free City of Miiros

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Suverina


Deltannia is ready to supply any economic restructuring or repairing effort that Suverina is to endeavor. National banks are willing to loan money needed at very small interest, in the hopes that Suverina can pull itself back up quickly. We realize that every Dalium counts (along with your currency).


Supplies are also en route at the moment. With all of the problems across Europa, Deltannia is willing to spare a few peacekeepers during this time should Suverina needed them.

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Our supplies and troops have been loaded at the capital, Rekamgil City. We await word from Suverina whether or not they wish to have these troops on their soil before dispatching them, but they are ready to go.


The Cruiser RPS Tseanap has picked up the two RAMC units from Rhomanoi and they are enroute to Suverina, they will arrive within 2 days.

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To: All nations that have offered help

From: Suverina


We thank you all, all help are welcome. Medical care have always been free in Suverina and now large parts of our population are flocking to our hospitals but we're almost out of medications. We are pleased to accept any possible help as the situation gets worse by each day. Our money reserves that we have left are what once was a large part of our defence budget that we have saved in dollars. These are our last reserves and are used to maintain security. We shall contact nations when we need loans.


We are ready to take on the ships from Rekamgil. Not many ports are active because of this but some are still functional.


Today it was reported by our generals that entire 2 divisions had left the state and joined the Dacvi freedom force (wich is a guerilla operating in our russian speaking areas) We are preparing for an actual war in those parts of our nation. 324 suverinian soldiers are reported KIA so far. 46 Suverinian high ranked members of the local government have been reported as hostages.


We have informed that people close to adapton bases to try to get help from there.

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RPS Nuralol, RPS Able, and RPS Tseanap are enroute. RPS Able carries one regiment (1200 men and women) of the Rekamgil Army. They have orders not to engage in combat, but we will see how the situation develops and we will of course be discussing the developing situation at the CIS.


The entire aid package as outlined earlier is on its way and will be there very shortly. We have alerted the entire 1st Rekamgillian Division to muster up and be ready for transport if necessary. We realize this is an internal matter for Suverina, but we wish to help the government in any way possible. But again, prior to actual peacekeeping operations, we must debate the issue at the CIS, but this should occur very quickly.


We stand with you.

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First Rekamgillian Division has arrived in Suverina. This consists of three infantry regiments with supporting material. They have moved to their areas of operations.


The two RAMC units are in country and have begun relief operations.


Ration packs and medical kits have arrived and are being distributed.


Our financial advisory team has arrived and is in talks with Suverinian Revenue officials.

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The economy is back on track and our problems are going away.


We would like to sincearly thank: US, Rekamgil, Deltannia, Miiros and Adaptus. You have helped us in the time of need and we are most greatfull, your kind acting shall never be forgotten, many suverinians owe you there lives. You may now start withdrawing personal from us now as we mostly have things under control.


Thank you once again.

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To: Suverina

From: Miiros


It was a pleasure to aid a fellow nation in a time of need. We will now withdraw our equipment and people from your nation. May your people remain strong.


- Office of the Executor

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