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Official 1st Press Release:


The nation of Nan Gorgwaith has emerged from obscurity be becoming affliliated with the region of Europa. Along with the new identity, a fledgling news service has been established to report on events that are occuring in Nan Gorgwaith.


Here is the latest:


A fledgling news service has been founded.


So far there is nothing more to report, until we can find enough equipment to be able to report more. In the unlikely event that the battery runs out, be assured that there will be another battery coming soon and with it, more news!


Eventually the service will be upgraded as soon as funds are funneled through the appropriate channels to the proper repository, NGN!


- Robert "The Ink" Bruce, 1st Editor in Charge of the Current Week

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Here is the latest news -


Some recent issues have come before his lordship and have had some wanted, and unwanted, outcomes.


Recently legislation has been signed that prevents nukes (and much needed income) from being developed in Nan Gorgwaith. Lord Gothmog VIII has decided that he likes rainforests better. The Uranium Companies have been told that they cannot mine in the forests, also a habitat for the national animal - the rare Undead Dragon.

As a result, Book Publishing and Trout Farming have taken off and tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests. However, big businesses are being a pain by slowing down the economy.


There have been recent protests regarding political freedoms. These have been ignored. Lord Gothmog VIII runs the government (for now) and refuses to change it into some messy system. Recently, political parties have been banned from advertising and receiving private donations, even though they hold no real power anyway. His Lordship despises the ability to win office by buying your way into them. The only real way to get into power is through the issues, inheritance, or if you kinda use the military to topple dumbasses who think they rule the world.


More Coming soon...

- Sammi Shade, 2nd Editor in Charge of the Current Week

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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Recent News -


A tough decision to tax meat has been passed. The law was a compromise to appease the animal lovers and yet make money. If the poor cannot afford meat, let them eat cake(or get a job). Those on subsidized incomes get a ration of monthly meat at rock bottom prices since they are not expected to be able to ever afford it.


Oh, this is kind of important. When a citizen pays their income tax, they decide where it goes. Lord Gothmog does not want to run a country where he puts all of the money into attack-whale training, only to find out his citizens want more health care.


Due to his interjection of his own personal views

The only real way to get into power is through the issues, inheritance, or if you kinda use the military to topple dumbasses who think they rule the world.
, 2nd Editor in Charge of the Current Week, Sammi Shade, has been sacked. Although his lordship is in agreement with most of that statement, he would have never used the word "dumbasses" in a press release.


Also, positions within the Newsroom (1st Editor, etc) have been abolished. Only 1 post per Editor per week will be allowed.


-Ralph Neubauer, Editor of the Week. (My turn!)

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Latest News -


Dead people are allowed to give up their organs! At least according to the latest ruling by the Nan Gorgwaith courts, as directed by Lord Gothmog VIII. Due to the lack of organs for dying patients, the dead (excluding all undead) or people who are about to die, are automatically listed as organ donors.


Also, large-scale revitalization of the education system is underway in what hopes to make our kids the smartest, little, uh kids around. It has tenatively been given the name "The No Kid Left Behind to Fall Through the Cracks" Program, or NKLBFTC.

It remains to be seen if it will work or our children will grow up thinking Nan Gorgwaith is between West Virginia and California.


Our Minister of Geography is attempting to get our tiny nation recognized on the Map of Europa, but has reported that we are on a waiting list until the new one is complete.


Next update - when there is time.


- Bono "The Edge" Sonny, Editor of the Week

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Latest Nan Gorgwaith News


His Lordship is back from a summit abroad and has consented to the printing of the latest news.


Legislation is in the works to charge for cars entering into congested areas of cities during peak hours. Even though there will be backlash, it has been decided that this would lessen the pollution, raise more money by those who choose to pay the extra wooden nickels, and perhaps help out a floundering public transportation system (which charges LESS than 5 wooden nickels to access the same areas).


Voting to have our nation added to the map has started. Submission to Europa will be after the 15th.


Term limits have been imposed on those who are elected to positions that have worn out their welcome. No 14th consecutive term, Mr. Tarens! (who is 89 this year). Those who have reached their limit, can have the opportunity to find positions within other branches of the government.


For those worried about their safety, Nan Gorgwaith's #18 most dangerous criminal escaped from a semi-secure prison this morning. Yuri Quenta was convicted of murdering his landlord for messing up his credit rating and 2 neighbors for not liking him. Law Enforcement is hot on his trail. Be on the lookout if you live in an apartment complex. More as we get word.


That is it for now.


- Tuar Nimator, Editor of the Week.


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Latest News


Yuri Quenta, Nan Gorgwaith's #18 most dangerous criminal on the loose, has been recaptured!



Late last night while watching the latest episode of Kops, Mimi Jargentin a resident of the small village of Rentu, recognized Yuri as the boarder who was spending the night in her rented room. She immediately phone the kops who came and arrested Yuri before he could escape. Since then, he has been placed in a more secure prison and has been ordered to take a week long class in advanced math as punishment.


Current issues -

Due to the recent legislation that removed affirmative action, ethnic minorities are often refused admission to some of the nation's best schools. This has nothing to do with their race, creed, wealth, or status. They just did not have the brains.


In a bizarre case in the coastal town of Fro, a ten year-old founded his own political party after voting restrictions were relaxed. This law has enabled more people to form new parties. His party is called The Skater Party and noone knows what their issues are. (or how he got past the 21 year old age requirement)


Lastly, Librarians got their increased government funding. Since Lord Gothmog's mother was a University librarian, he helped the measure to get passed. Remarkably, some libraries have installed jacuzzis and mini-bars in their adult only sections. Most likely this will not last because his Lordship is old school and prefers libraries to remain dusty, be full of cool and rare books, and exist in old historic buildings.


Voting for the new map has been completed. Plots have been selected. All we need now is the next 2 days to pass.


- James McGandertosh, Editor of the Week

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Latest News


Recent legislation has put fluoride into the nation's water system. The result has been healther, bleached-white teeth. Citizens were at first aprehensive, but they love the new look. Companies that promote teeth whitening are losing business and may have to make some changes.


There have been minor protests around the nation due to some scenic valleys that are being flooded with water as damming projects get underway. Nan Gorgwaith has two major river valleys and neither of them are being dammed. Only three smaller, but just as scenic, river valleys are actually going to be dammed. This will result in a significant increase in power and water supplies. It will also create jobs. If you disagree, let us know and we will post it in our reader's comments.


A preliminary image of the map of Europa has been released and Nan Gorgwaith has finally been recognized. For those uneducated with Nan Gorgwaith's geography, we will publish a series over the next few issues dealing with it.


With the publishing of the new map, Nan Gorgwaith will be able to get a better idea of who its neighbors are. Up until now, overseas trade has been with the Pacific region. His Lordship is looking forward to starting up trade within Europa, as well as establishing embassies, or at least contacts, in order to make our nation and the region better.


- Fin Eritus, Editor of the Week

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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Special Edition


Nan GorGwaith public,


This is a special 2nd weekly edition, due to events that will effect the office next week. We are currently relocating the office. It is not certain when publishing will be resumed.


Latest News,


A memo has been received by a nation known as Upper Strathyclydem, welcoming our entrance into the region. Our office has no current records of this country, but are currently reviewing older material. Regardless of that research, the message is a good one for our economy and foreign relations.


Recent legislation has social advocates excited. One of the few attempts at helping the poor, sick, the tired masses, has been approved by his Lordship. Mental illnesses such as depression and bi-polar have been recognized as a major link to the recent spike in suicides in the nation. Therefore, additional funds have been granted to set up support centers and help existing ones. Together we can help those with these afflictions better deal with them.


It has come to our Foreign Relations Office that additional plots on the regional map ave been claimed by a new neighbor that could have potential negative affects on Nan GorGwaith's growth. Nan GorGwaith has claims on these territories as well, but up until now, has felt that it was not entitled to claim these publicly at this time. These lands have some historical and cultural ties to our nation. Intelligence has it on good merit that this neighbor is only a fledgling one and really has no right to be claiming things at this stage. Rest assured that his Lordship has action plans already in place should this nation decide to act upon its intentions.




This is the 1st part in a multi-part series that will help those who are not familiar with Nan GorGwaith's geography to become more educated.


Nan GorGwaith exists on what mapmakers have termed plot 19. This land was once part of a larger Country that no longer exists. For more on the history of Nan GorGwaith, please see the wikipedia entry, once it is comeplete.

Nan GorGwaith has many interesting features. We shall start with the mountains. The most dominant feature of the land is Mount Orodruin, a dormant volcano that is 20, 320 feet or 6.19 kilometers tall. Smaller peaks exist around the mountain, and near the north-west border is Mount Dolmed. Due to the inclimate weather and extremely steep sides, no climbing expedition has been mounted to explore it. No one is sure of its height, but the majority think it not as tall as Orodruin. The mountain range that supports these two great peaks is known as the Hithaeglir Range. The foot hills are known as the Taur-en-Faroth. Further explination of the meanings behind these names will be available in the language section (to be published in the future). That is all for now. For the next edition, we will cover bodies of water.


- Hjar Emeran, Editor of the Week, Editor Emeritus

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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The Latest News:


Our offices are newly relocated and here is the newest issue.


Due to recent events around Europa, and the need to begin a modernization program, military spending is on the increase. Lord Gothmog has increased the % of military funds from 11% to 19%. This will hopefully help our citizens feel safer. For those who disagree with the move, protest to your local officials.


In part due to the increase in military spending, the arms industry is going to be more strictly regulated. The increase in weapons coming into and being manufactured in Nan Gorgwaith must be tightly controlled. Like many nations, there is a small radical element opposed to the government that would love to get their hands on these weapons. There are also criminals and governments of other nations who disagree with our policies.


Other legislation recently passed requires that citizens who are currently being put through the education system are expected to be proficient in at least five languages, with English and Gwaithian counting as two of them. Current adults are expected to know these two proficiently, and have a basic conversational knowledge of at least one other language. This will enable our nation to communicate with the rest of the world better, and hopefully there will be less frequent negative incidents between citizens and foreigners.






This is the 2nd part in a multi-part series that will help those who are not familiar with Nan GorGwaith's geography to become more educated.


Nan GorGwaith is located along the Gulf of Jaihu. This is the major body of water that much of the sea trade occurs on. The next largest is Lake Evendim. It is not known at this time what the lake is called by other nations. It is located on Nan Gorgwaith's western border, and is not divided up among other countries. (ie no territorial waters, it is a "free" lake) There are other minor lakes, but they are dwarfed in size.

There are three major rivers that flow in Nan Gorgwaith. The largest and longest flows from Lake Evendim and makes up a large part of the south-western border. It is known as the Adorn River. The other two flow west out of the Hithaeglir Mountain Range. The northernmost is called the Onodlo and the southernmost is the Ringlo. Both empty into Lake Evendim and have been known to flood the land in between frequently. There are two other rivers of note, although they are not as large. One is the river Brilthor, which flows south out of the mountains and empties into the Adorn. It makes up part of a regional border. The other flows northward from Mount Dolmed. It empties into the Gulf of Jaihu and is called the river Sirith. It also forms part of a regional border.


For the next editorial, regions and major cities will be discussed.


- Hjar Emeran, Editor of the Week (Special), Editor Emeritus

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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-City of Romenna


NGN has just learned that the radical group RSGM - Regional Self-Government Militia has again started trouble in the Hithlum region. What began as non-violent demonstration over Nan-GorGwaith's recent nationalist sentiment and emerging role in Europa, ended in violence. RSGM elements steered the protest from its designated area to outside of city hall. There police were overwhelmed at trying to keep them from entering and called for backup. Riot police arrived and there was some scuffling.

At least one officer is in serious condition at Romenna Hospital and there has been an unconfirmed death of one possible protester.


Hithlum has long had problems with unrest. As the third and most recently added region of Nan GorGwaith, many of the citizens feel strong historical and cultural ties to the southern lands of Slavic Byzantium. Since most of Nan GorGwaith was once united under a former country (which shall not be named by this paper), these people feel that they are again being forced to unite with others whom they do not feel they have common ground. Now, not all of the people in the region feel this way, but there are enough to cause concern. The port city of Romenna is vital to Nan GorGwaith's shipping industry with other National Regions.


Will the RSGM precipitate more violence? Will they join the IU - Isolationists United radical group that claims it has members thoughout Nan GorGwaith and will not rest until our nation is again in quiet isolation? We shall wait and see.


- Original story by Field Reporter Jakie Quinn

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*** Follow Up***


-City of Romenna


Not long ago, there was unrest in Romenna involving the RSGM - Regional Self-Government Militia and unconfirmed involvement of the IU - Isolationists United radical group as well. Here is an update.


Indeed, one protestor was confirmed dead after the incident was over. Haja Geyer, a 22-year old member of IU, was pronounced dead after arriving at Romenna Hospital. The medical examiner has classified the death as blunt force trauma to the head. It is unknown at this time who is responsible for the death. Both IU and RSGM are blaming the police and the police blame the groups' violent measures. It is not certain whether the blow came from a police baton or from a protester's bat. The officer who was seriously injured is recovering fine.


Since the deceased member of IU was at the RSGM protest, it is further evidence that the two groups are most likely working together. Lord Gothmog has dispatched a group of Special Forces to the region to help the police should they become overwhelmed. He has also ordered an investigation into the issues that both groups are promoting to see if things can be resolved without more violence.


Another protest is scheduled some time later this year in an undisclosed location, according to an unidentified RSGM member.


-Field Reporter Jakie Quinn


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Latest News...


According to the Census Dept., Nan GorGwaith just hit 270 million people (accurate to within 13 and 1/3 persons). This is amazing since only a few years ago, Nan GorGwaith had just breached the 100 million mark. Research has shown that families are healthier and are having more children. Immigration has also picked up as more tourists come visiting and decide to stay.


In a bold move to stamp out corruption and price gouging, legislation was passed closing private pharmacies. All drugs will be sold via the government to those with valid needs and prescriptions.


Breaking with dictatorship tradition, Lord Gothmog has decided to allow limited granting of titles and estates to a few people who have helped the nation beyond what normal citizens are expected to do. These are only honorary, have no political clout, and can be easily taken away as given.


In military news, Nan GorGwaith just recently purchased 4 old B-52s from the USA that were scheduled to be destroyed. This brings the count up to a total of 6 B-52s, currently replacing several old B-29 heavy bombers. As a mostly defensive nation, it is hard to get used to having such rare offensive weapons in the arsenal, but times do change. Here is an image of one of the recently aquired planes,

user posted image


Next news release should have the 3rd and final part of the editorial on Nan GorGwaith's geography.


- Emi Nakano, Editor of the Week

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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The Latest News...


First some briefs:


The nation's first space rocket -- sponsored by Pepsi and shaped like an enormous soda bottle -- is being developed by Nan GorGwaith scientists. Perhaps someday our astronauts will be able to reach the stars, like those before us.


The government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system. Cars are polluting too much and the poor need a way to get to work. When completed, there will be a new and improved bus system, rail/tube system, and there is plans on introducing limited Zeppelin service between the major cities of Nan GorGwaith.


Perhaps the most shocking announcement is that the governement has legalized and is regulating prostitution. Government-run brothels can be found on every street corner. The rational behind this is to prevent STDs, AIDS, illegal drugs, and crime from becoming rampant that used to be from un-regulated prostitution. The government is also taking a portion of the income to fund the medicine and checkups used in keeping things clean.




This is the 3rd part and final part of a multi-part series that will help those who are not familiar with Nan GorGwaith's geography to become more educated.


This part deals with Regions and Cities of Nan GorGwaith. First we shall discuss Regions. Nan GorGwaith has 3 regions. (States, Areas, Provences to other nations)

These are Eglador, Nevrest, and Hithlum. Eglador is the oldest and Hithlum is the newest. When the previous "country" fell apart, the people who occupied the current nation of Nan Gorgwaith decided to split the area into two regions to have a balance of power. Since the area with the most "recent history" and old government buildings was Eglador, it was formed first. Nevrest became the second region. The people who live in each share a past, with only minor cultural differences. The third region is Hithlum. This area was annexed by Nan GorGwaith after it became a dictatorship. Many of the people who live in it have ties to Slavic Byzantium, but there are a lot of people who migrated there over the years and outnumber many of the locals. If all of this sounds confusing, there will be a complete history posted on NSwikipedia in the future. All three of these regions are what make up Nan GorGwaith.


The Capital of Nan GorGwaith is Osgiliath, in Eglador. It is situated between the rivers Onodlo and Ringlo, and lake Evendim, on a floodplain. It has a history of being flooded and it has been a challenge to every ruler to keep it dry. Even though it is the most populated city in the nation, if you remove all of the government officials, it drops down to third. Here Lord Gothmog resides, as does his advisory council and the legislature. The only other major city in Eglador is Edholland, a former trading city in the interior of the country. It is located at the joining of the Adorn and Brilthor and is the leading city in tech and science.


In Nevrest, the largest city is Constantinopolis. It is the 2nd largest city in the nation. It is an old merchant city and the home of Nan GorGwaith's fleet. It is actually the oldest known populated area in the country and archeological digs are constantly going on. Another smaller city is Springboro, located at the foot of Mt. Orodruin. It is the birthplace of Lord Gothmog and his family's heritage. Much of the culture of Nan GorGwaith presents to the world comes from here. To the northwest, Belegost guards the mountain pass. An old land-trading center, it still has a profitable market used by both Eglador and Nevrest. It also is the home of the army.


Across the river Sirith, in the region of Hithlum, is Romenna. It is the only major city in the region, 3rd largest in the nation and is quickly becoming the multi-cultural and new booming trade city of the country. It also is a hot-spot for anti-government forces and troublemakers.


For more information, please see NSwikopedia (once the information is gathered)

I hope you have found these brief lessons on Nan GorGwaith's geography and political boundaries enlightening.


- Hjar Emeran, Editor of the Week (Special), Editor Emeritus

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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***Breaking News***


A massive fire has erupted at the edge of the city of Romenna. At this time, it is unknown what the cause is, but a whole apartment complex has gone up. Over 50 fire engines have responded to the alarm. Many buildings are on fire and so is part of the surrounding woods. There is fear that a super forest fire could develop.


Nan GorGwaith has a major forest fire every few years and it has been a warm, dry Spring so far. Hopefully it will be contained and the cause will be determined.


More news as soon as it is known.


-Tan Jamel, Field Reporter

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***Breaking News***


It has been two days now and the apartment complex fire has been brought under control. Here is an image of one of the buildings on fire:


user posted image


However, fears were realized as a major forest fire has started in the woods south of the complex. Many in the city of Romanna are afraid that it will turn towards their homes, but the winds off of the gulf should keep it moving south. Here is last night's image:


user posted image


All fire units in Romanna are currently ingaged, as well as several units from the regions of Nevrest and Eglador. If it gets any worse, Lord Gothmog may declare a national state of emergancy.


More soon...



-Tan Jamel, Field Reporter

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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***Breaking News***


It is with good tidings that this news is being brought to you. The fire outside of Romenna city in Hitlum regions is now out. After a massive effort by multiple fire squadrons from different regions, the flames were extinguished early this evening. Over 800 people are currently displaced and the region's humanitarian services are working to provide shelter and food for them. Many hundreds of acres have been burned, but forests do grow back. It is the lives of the people affected that take a while to heal.



Larry Eleno, chief investigator, has come to the conclusion that the fire in the apartment complex was caused by arson and is actively seeking evidence of the fire starters. When we learn more, we will let you know.




-Tan Jamel, Field Reporter

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Latest News...


In recent legislation, all public smoking has been banned. As Lord Gothmog is asthmatic, there was no problem getting this passed. The only provisions are that bars and pubs are allowed to have smoking sections outside in an area that also provides shelter from extreme weather. (ie, patio with a roof of some sort.) Otherwise if you want to puff up, stay home or smoke in your vehicle.


The investigation into the massive fire from last week has concluded that it was indeed arson, and it was set by several people using accelerant in at least three different apartment buildings. Nan GorGwaith anti-terrorism units have been brought in to aid the local fire investigators to see if this was related to the unrest recently in the city of Romanna by the RSGM and IU radical groups.


-Gary Rein, Editor of the Week

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Recent Political News...


In a surprising move, Lord Gothmog has asked the legislature to take over some of the legislation and workload that has normally been in his hands. When asked about this, he responded that it is time to move the country forward and give people more freedom to make decisions regarding their welfare. Does this mean Nan Gorgwaith is a democracy? Hardly..., but there is a definite loosening of the reins of government.


The UN has re-classified Nan Gorgwaith as an "Authoritarian Democracy", which sounds better then "Pyschotic Dictatorship".


At this moment, the nation's official title remains The Dictatorship of Nan-GorGwaith


-Byron Voltaire, Political Advisor @ NGN

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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Latest News...


Prime commercial land is being swamped with archaeological teams.

With the recent finding of skeletal remains in the city of Constantinopolis while constructing a new office building, Lord Gothmog has issued a new law, ratified by the legislature. This is due to the destruction of the bones by careless workers. Anytime a new building is to built, NGAA (NanGorGwaith Archaeology Association) will make sure there are no remains or artifacts on the site. This will delay many timetables and has upset the real estate world. It has also made many Historians, Archaeologists, Art Historians, AND Lord Gothmog very happy.


All footpaths in Nan GorGwaith have tollbooths.

That is correct. In order to walk upon a footpath, you must pay a toll. This toll is 1 Wooden Nickel, round trip. It is sad, but there is no other way to fund the upkeep of these paths. Admission into parks and other recreational areas still remains free for now.


The nation's gigantic air force is both respected and feared throughout the region.

Straight from the head of the AirForce; "we are the best". This editor finds that hard to believe. The Nan GorGwaith Airforce still flies WW2 aircraft! There are no planes from the last 5 years! It is gigantic however and from observers, the pilots are most skilled at their particular aircraft. If only the funds were there to make all of the planes 21st Century, then there might be something to fear.


- Al Goreman, Editor of the Week.

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Nan GorGwaith intelligence has hinted that they have evidence that there is something being planned by several of the radical groups in the country. They are not sure what, but it does not appear to be a demonstration.


As more information comes in, we will inform you of what these groups have planned. Hopefully, they will do the right thing and use legal means to promote change and not resort to violence.


Speaking of demonstrations, today there were two small ones held in Romanna and in the capital. Again they are in protest of Nan GorGwaith's involvement in Europa's affairs. There are also some protesting the government's handling of past demonstrations, some say government reforms are not happening enough, others are calling for the removal of Lord Gothmog by any means, and still others want raises at their jobs.



- Igor Relenet, Editor of the Week

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  • 4 weeks later...

Latest news:


After almost a month of surveillance, nothing has come of monitoring radical groups in Nan GorGwaith. The government released information that there might be some sort of "event" in the works. So far, nothing has come of this.


Decreased funding of the military has been attributed to the recent increase in funding of the developing space program. The Defense ministry can neither confirm or deny this.


Nude Art is all the rage! With relaxation on cultural laws, artists are allowed to display their latest works, which include many nudes. If there is enough outcry against it, there may be a reforendum.


Speaking of referenda, one can be called for any law at the request of at least one third of the voting population. The government has allowed citizens to question certain laws that have been passed. This could be the dawn of a new day in Nan GorGwaith.


Lars Eritara, - Editor of the Week

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*Breaking News*


Nan GorGwaith New's office has just been informed through an anonymous caller that "it is time for action" and to "pay attention to what the people want". The caller also stated that "innocents should stay away from government sites".


NGN was unable to verify where the call came from, nor what events are supposed to happen. A call was placed to the Chief of Police in Osgiliath, where the main NGN offices are located, relaying the message. Police have been placed on alert in the capital city for the next 24 hours and messages have been sent out to other government agencies in the nation.


In addition, a group of rock-throwing men in several vehicles pelted the front of the Foreign relations minister's office last night, damaging several windows.


- James Tennyson, Editor of the Week

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