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It seems my Minister of Forums did not read the fine print regarding this one. It seems that after a night of taste testing in local liqour establishements, he decided to try to get some work done before bed. As a result, he inserted my name for logon, instead of our Nation's. Therefore, I will personally fix it myself. When next I post it will be under the title of Nan Gorgwaith.




Gothmog VIII

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In case you did not notice, I re-regestered with my NationState name.


Sadly, I am unable to communicate in Portuguese. If lost in a faraway land, I can let people know that I have to use the restroom.


Other than a basic understanding of Spanish, I am stuck with English.


Thanks for the welcome though!


And now, my temporary Banner, designed to be replaced by a professional glitzy one sometime in the future.



Gothmog VIII (8)

Edited by Nan Gorgwaith (see edit history)
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