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Death Penalty reinstated for Hardee Islands


Ardelphia - Today, the Hardeen parliment passed a new bill reinstating the death penalty. It is to be used only in extreme cases, but the extreme right-wing Real Conservative party is trying to make a movement for it to be used more.


Their leader, John Gurney, said "The only way we're going to eliminate crime in Hardee Islands, is by using the death penalty more. If we can scare the criminal scum enough, then Hardee Islands will become much safer."


The movement is expected to be crushed by a strong opposition.


Search for Chris Burjenri continues


Sillphius Island - The search for the man who attempted to overthrow the government, communist extremist Chris Bujernri, continues. Bujernri gained monstrous support before attempting and failing to incite a revolution. The woman in charge of finding Bujernri, Jacqueline Windkrauff has said that she will not give up on finding him, and that his days are numbered.


Meanwhile, on the nearby island of Tillia, Bujernri sympathsizers Sam Hains and Jeff Roy-Chaffeur have been found. The pair are suspected to have been sheltering Chris Bujernri at one time, and co-ordinating his failed revolution.


Razors capture the Howard Cup


Tristan City - The Tristan City Razors have finally captured the Howard Cup, but not after severe pressure from the Jamestown Crushers. In the first period, Jamestown scored 3 times without reply on Anderton Hanz on one of his rare off days.


In the second, Pablo Ravine? scored a brilliant shorthanded goal with an assist by Marty Neilson, after Harry Dubofstky scored two more for Jamestown, bringing the score to 5-1. However, Ravine?'s goal sparked a terrific comeback, in which the Razors scored 4 goals in the 3rd period to bring the score to 5-5 heading into overtime.


As the overtime period began, Anderton Juffreys lost balance for a second, and swung his stick in order to keep from falling over. The stick hit the puck, catching Jamestown goalie John Smith off guard and making a miraculous comeback for Tristan City, who win their 1st Howard Cup in 27 years.

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