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To Colonize The Space For What?

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To colonize the space for what!?

The ideia of that one day the Man

will finish for colonizing other planets is a current belief. However,

of moment, weight reasons do not exist that justify the enterprise.

What it exists are vacant ideias on space tourism, mineral exploration

or use of the space for ends advertising executives.

Currently, the only motivation to explore the space is scientific.

Although some scientific projectos are financed by interested private

companies in developing definitive products, most of the projectos is

paid with government securities and they do not have immediate

practical application.

The presence of human beings in the space can be justified by

scientific reasons. It is justified presence of small equips in the

space station or in a base in Mars or the Moon because some inquiries

alone can be made by human beings, because to be there and to see as

it is that the things are it is much more excellent of that to order

machines. But these you equip will be always you equip reduced and

they do not go to be the embryo of a community vaster human being.

The extrac??o of mineral resources in the space is one of the

activities that will be able to become the income-producing space

exploration. The ideia most popular is the transport for the Land of a

great asteroid, made up essentially of Iron or Nickel or another

valuable metal. This enterprise could be valid to a courageous

investor an incalculable profit. The involved amounts would have that

enough to be raised to justify the investment. Such amounts would

almost provoke of certainty the fall of the value of the substance

cousin in the world-wide market and the perigos of the meteorite to

fall in inhabited zones would provoke reactions gotten passionate of

who want that it was in the trajectory of the fall. As contributo for

the supported exploration of the space, this projecto would develop

new technologies of space transport, but it would not justify the

existence of great col?nias in the space.

The settling of the space could be to detonate by the overpopulation

of the planet.

The Center Of Research And Space Development goes to start to study this subject with more intensity and to perhaps program some space trips of recognition.

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