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It's The End Of The World As We Know It...

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To: Nations of the World

From: Vanarambaion

Re: Death



Vanarambaion government facilities will be closed as of 11:59 AM, VST (Vanarambaion Standard Time) in respect for the deceased. Normal government activity will resume once an heir has been determined.





After sending the message, the secretary stood and walked through the empty office to the closet to collect her coat before heading home for the day. There were tears in her eyes. The Emperor had been found dead in his bed that morning. The office would be closed until a new Emperor was proclaimed. And that was going to be no easy task.


There was Field Marshall Li'akan. He was the highest-ranking member of the military. With such a powerful force behind him, he was nearly unstoppable.


There was the Emperor's nephew. He might make a play for the throne from his current seat as Europtima's Emperor. Although Europtima was not as powerful as Vanarambaion, he did have a certain following among Europtiman nationals in Vanarambaion.


There was the Emperor's brother-in-law, the Prince of Akiiryu. Though unlikely to make a play for the throne and risk losing his hold on Akiiryu, anything was still possible at this early date.


There was Ardal Dunsinaine, cardinal of the Church of Vanarambaion. Not only was he an influential cardinal, but his family had ties to the military establishment dating back from the Phillian invasion of Vanarambaion during the Tamurin Civil War.


And there was always the possibility of strange terrorist organization taking over, like what seemed to be happening in Upper Strathyclyde.


It was going to be a long time until this place opens up, the secretary thought as she flipped off the light switch.

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From: President Rekam

To: Vanarambaion


We send our condolences. We are saddened by your news. We too have lowered government flags to half-mast. We hope your transition will be smooth and peaceful. Please do not hesitate to ask for any assistance you may require.

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From: Emperor Khan of the Western Imperium

To: Vanarambaion


I and the Western Bhali Imperium are sadden by the loss of your Emperor. I shall personally vist Vanarambaion as soon as I deal with the renagade Eastern Imperium.



From: Emperor Pol of the Eastern Imperium

To: Vanarambaion


I Emperor Pol of the Eastern Bhali Imperium shall make an immediate departure for your nation to greave for your loss of your leader. I'm aware that "Emperor" Khan has sent you a message already...yes, I do know what goes on in the Western Imperium.

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To: The People of Vanarambaion

From: The Prince, Baronic Council and People of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


Most Honoured Friends and Allies,


Today we mourn with you the passing of one of the greatest leaders in Europa: Emperor Christoph of Vanarambaion. As a mark of respect for this great man the Prince has decreed a 2 week mourning period cross Akiiryu. All planned sports events and festivities have been cancelled, all flags will be flown at half mast and the churches of Akiiryu will hold ceremonies to help guide the Emperor to the hunting grounds of his ancestors. The Prince and Princess will attended any and all ceremonies of remembrance to be held in Vanarambion.



***Encoded Message, delivered by hand by the Akiiryan Ambassador to current Vanarambaion government ***


The prince has no intention of amking a claim on the throne of Vanaramabion. Akiiryu will offer you any support you so require during this time.

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FROM: HIH Andronicus VII

TO: The Nation and People of Vanarambaion


I wish to express, on behalf of the people and government of Rhomanoi, our deepest sympathies upon the passing of the Emperor. Our thoughts and prayers rest with your nation, and we implore all parties to come together for a peaceful resolution to the issue of succession out of respect for the late Emperor.


The Imperial Government has formally declared a day of national mourning, and has opened books of condolences at all government offices. The Imperial Orthodox Church will hold a commemarative service on Sunday evening to honour the memory of the Emperor.

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