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Deltannian Revolutionary War

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Deltannia's outlook toward the future could not have been brighter. The Deltannian Space Initiative launched a new wave of satellites into space, and eventually, with the founding of the Deltannian National Space Agency (DNSA), the first Deltannians were launched into space.

"Space Fever" as it was called back in these times, hit Deltannia entirely. The entire nation mobilized into one enormous effort to reach the other planets. The first Space Platforms were launched, non-military installations for scientific research and expansion. The Lunar Colonies were set up by the end of the 21st Century.

From the moon, Space Fever continued to grip Deltannia as the nation drifted more socialist progressive based. The noble cause of humanity, while shuned by many nations, was the true goal of Deltannia, and soon Mars was reached. The local planets, and the asteroid belt, had an enormously progressive construction plan. Venus was colonized difficultly, and after Mars, the raw ores from the asteroid belt were fueling the world. Petroleum oil was no longer needed as hydrogen and other alternatives were being gathered. In space, simple solar technology would prove to be king now.

Exploration of the outer planets was next, as Deltannia grew in size, it's progressive machine cranking at full capacity as DNSA continued its Space Fever propaganda to further its reach, along with other nations of the world. Capitalism was phasing out faster than ever as Energism, the national socialistic policy of energy units being currency, began to spread. Now instead of cost, products would be marketed more efficiently by energy costs.

"Tyrrhenian Geometry" was invented after a small-town professor, Tyrrhen, envisioned the scale of space-time, and had managed to chart out the flows and eddies of space. Now, instead of the months, it would take to reach planets, it would take jumps along the coordinate plane to reach the stars. When the Alpha Centauri System was reached, Glorious Deltannia rejoiced.

After several explorations to various star systems, the Empire was formed. Like the time of the old kingdom of Solaria millennia before, the Deltannian Empire was constructed out of this grandeur, destroying the principles of the progressive nation. The Imperial Navy was founded, commandeering the few military vessels Deltannia had and forming the first capital ships, along with fighter support. Although they could not match more spacially advanced military vessels, the science and exploration of Deltannia pushed the Empire to grow. New systems were being invented, and the glorious flag was replaced by a dark fist.

Decades, even centuries later, the resistance movement's exponential growth was ready to strike. The war to return Deltannia to its original valor and glory was about to begin across the stars.

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