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Defense Debate Begins!

Debate in the Senate began today as disagreements over the safety of the Free City reached critical levels. With the entry of Miiros into Europa, concerns have risen over the complete lack of defensive spending by the Miirosi government. Senator Emilia Raleigh, from the sub-city of Skike, had this to say,


"No one in Miiros -wants- to have to invest tax denarii into a defensive program, but we need to face the facts here. Europa is a diverse region and while many nations out there will be friendly to us, some will not be. Our current defensive program is only inviting any would-be conqueror right into our city! We must take measures to bolster the military in order to preserve and protect our very way of life."


However, many people feel that Miiros should stick to its traditional path in regards to military. Some of those opposed include Senator Markalos Brite from sub-city Meriac. He issued this statement,


"Miiros has always been and must always remain a peaceful state! Diverting tax denarii from education and our environmental programs for a larger war machine, can only mark the end of the Free City's pacifism! We cannot allow these warmongerers to threaten the order of things with their demands for more machines of death and destruction. They say they wish to protect Miiros from hostile nations in Europa; I have not seen any such nations. This is a poorly crafted cover for these imperialists' real goals; the conquest of Europa! We will not let them win!"


The lines are drawn and there has yet to be a statement from Executor Vander as to his future plans for defense budgeting. This is not unusual, but as the debate intensifies Miirosi can probably expect word from the Press Officer.



To better inform you, our viewers, next week FCMN will be conducting an in-depth look at the state of Miirosi defenses. Do we need to increase spending; you decide!



In other news, the military kicks off their monthly bake sales. . .

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FCMN Special:

How Safe Are We?


?Hello, I am Melissa Owens, and welcome to this FCMN Special edition. Today we here at the FCMN news department will be kicking off out week long special on the state of the Free City?s defense systems. All of this is to help you, the Miirosi on the street, have a better understanding of the defense issue that has currently enveloped the Senate. Let?s start with what everyone knows. The Free City is defended primarily by a large scale static defense network, largely consisting of anti-air batteries and anti-landing guns around the industrial ports of the base sectors. The navy and air force are also supposed to be readily available to defend out fair city. However, what is the state of these systems and out military? What is really keeping us safe? Today, we will take a look at the anti-air batteries in Sky City with Chris Lee. Chris??


?Thank you, Melissa. I am here in Sky City this lovely afternoon and behind me stands one of Sky City?s many Defender Anti Aircraft Batteries. As you can visibly see, the security here is quite light. In fact, the only thing keeping us away from this missile launcher is this rusty chain link fence; it looks as if most of the barbed wire has gone slack or simply disappeared.?


?Showing us this secondary battery today was supposed to be Lt. Daniels of the Free City Defense Force, however, we received a phone call minutes ago from the lieutenant telling us that he has been terminated due to recent ?cut-backs.? I am determined to go on with my story, however, so let?s truly see how secure we are here in Sky City.?


Mr. Lee quickly produces a large pair of wire cutters from a toolbox marked ?FCMN? and proceeds to cut the lock on the fence gates; the gate noisily swings open as the chains that were binding it fall away. ?There we go! Let?s have our tour, shall we??


?Now on closer inspection, one can see that this battery is in what appears to be extreme disrepair,? says Lee as he walks steadily towards the large A-A site. He gestures up at the gears and machinery of the turret with a flourish. ?Now, if I can have the camera zoom up there. Yes, there. You can see a fair bit of rust in those gears. Looking back at my notes, those gears are what allows the turret to rotate and therefore accurately strike a target. One can now wonder whether or not this turret can even rotate at all now. I also find it rather odd that I have not yet been arrested. Is anyone even here? Who is guarding Sky City from danger? Let?s find out!?


Lee strides over to a large metal door; the door is speckled with bits of rust and the once-proud blue paintjob has largely peeled away. Lee gives the door three sharp knocks, each echo loudly off of the steel. Lee looks into a decrepit security camera placed next to the door and speaks to it. ?Hello? Is anyone in there? This is Christopher Lee with FCMN. Hello?? There is no answer; in fact, it looks like the camera is not even on.


?Well, Melissa, I don?t think anyone is even here. If the FCDF cannot even answer the door, how can they stop a missile heading for the Executor?s Tower or the Senate Chambers? This is alarming indeed, back to you.?



?Well Chris thank you for that? eye opening tour,? Melissa coughs uncomfortably before plastering on a fake smile. ?Err... Tomorrow we will be taking a look at the coastal batteries down at the Sector VII industrial port! Thank you for tuning in, this has been Chris Lee and Melissa Owens; a FCMN Special Edition!?

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FCMN Special:

How Safe Are We? Part 2


"This is Melissa Owens welcoming you back to FCMN's special edition on the Free City's defenses in order to answer the nagging question, how safe are we? We left off with a look at Sky City's air defenses yesterday; today we will be looking at a coastal defense battery in the industrial Sector VII. Chris Lee will be reporting. Chris?"


user posted image

Sector VII, Miiros


"Thank you Melissa. Behind me through the gloom lies the industrial wasteland of Sector VII, where one of the Free City's five principal ports is located. This makes it a very promising target for a sea landing. Now, defending the port are a number of defensive batteries. Today we shall be given a tour of one such battery by Lt. Daniel Mathers of the FCDF. Thank you for giving us your time lt."


"It is my pleasure Mr. Lee. If you would follow me, we can get this tour started."


Lt. Mathers and Chris Lee make their way past a gate leading through a high wall crafted from steel. They enter into a large courtyard dominated by a massive cannon turret with smaller buildings surrounding it.


user posted image

Defensive Turret


"Now, this here is one of the turret courtyards; each cannon tower has its own. The buildings you see surrounding the gunnery tower are basic supporting structures: barracks, armories and such. In wartime they can contain about 200 men and women. Any questions so far, Mr. Lee?"


"Why, yes, I do have a question lieutenant. You said in war time they can contain that many soldiers, but what about peace time and in the event of an emergency how soon can this cannon be readied?"


"Ah, a good question. In peace times there is little perceived threat towards the port, so a skeleton crew of about a dozen officers is kept in place. It'd roughly take a good twelve to twenty four hours to ready the cannon fully."


"So little and so long! What if a surprise attack were to occur on the city?"


"What if indeed, Mr. Lee. The likely hood of such an attack is minimal however."


"Do you think the government is being irresponsible to allow for such lax defenses?"


"I'm not really comfortable answering that question, sir."


"Do you think this cannon can actually protect the city or is it just for show?"


"Sir, the cannon can be devastating given the right amount of time. I thought this was supposed to be a tour."


"What if there is no time man!?"


"You have no intention of continuing, do you?"


"The city is in danger; isn't it?"


"Ok, Mr. Lee. I think we're through here!"


- The feed cuts suddenly -


"Well, that was another interesting look at the military might of our Free City! Unfortunately, the FCDF has refused to grant us further tours of facilities due to reasons of national security, so this will conclude our special edition on the Free City's defenses. We hope this has helped you, the viewer, formulate a better opinion on the defense issue the Senate is currently debating. Do not forget to write your sub-city's senator with any concerns you may have! This has been Chris Lee and Melissa Owens: a FCMN special edition!"


OOC: Oh God, please don't attack me. =P

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FCMN Headline News!


Perscription Prices Continue to Soar

user posted image


The costs of perscription drugs in Miiros continue to grow steadily despite outcry from the lower classes and retired citizens. It is predicted that soon only the rich and middle class will be the only ones able to afford the latest medical innovations here. Representatives from the drug industries have allegedly ignored all complaints from struggling citizens saying, "They should have gotten a better job when they had the chance." Pleas to the government for regulation of the drug industry have also incurred the wrath of many of Miiros's capitalists.



New Martial Arts Program Under Fire

user posted image


New government programs aimed at keeping children off the streets through martial arts classes have come under immediate fire today. Concerned citizens now fear every rough looking teen on the streets who might be a blackbelt. Citizens across the industrial sectors have been mugged by karate wielding punks and ruffians. The greater citizenry are baffled and the question remains; "Why are our tax denarii being spent to train criminals?" The press officer for Executor Vander issued the following statement, "It seemed like a good idea at the time, however, rest assured that these programs will not be renewed in the future."


Recent Boom in the Cellular Industry Aids Economy

user posted image

The cellular industry has experienced recent growth lately as mobile phone towers shoot up across the Free City. The recent boom in construction and increased phone sales have created a number of new jobs in numerous sub-cities and growth continues. A minority complains that cellular phones continue to menace society by distracting drivers and teens. Economists say that the Free City's economy continues to thrive.


Racing Frenzy Sweeps the Nation!

user posted image

A euphoria for racing has seemingly swept the Free City as millions turn out for the newly crafted Miiros Automotive Racing Series. Created in effort to reduce illegal street racing, the MARS has had an unforseen impact on Miirosi pop-culture. New fans hail the MARS as being "freaking sweet," and "badass." Citizens near the tracks continue to grumble over noise, however, they are making a killing by renting their parking spaces to racing fans.

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FCMN Headline News


Economy in Trouble?

A pattern of rapid decline has settled in over Miirosi's former powerhouse economy. Continual decline of the gross domestic product and a sharp increase in unemployment rates have many of the Free City's economists worried and have drawn heavy capitalist criticism over what they call a bloated and wasteful government budget. We quoted Andrea deVries, leader of the Miirosi Capital Party here.


"The government for too long has sucked Miiros's economy dry with its overspending and overregulation of the economy! Why our people continually lose their jobs and the standards of living plummet, Aron Vander is handing resources and money away to foreign lands and demanding too much of the Free City's corporations! The atmosphere here is driving business away! There must be change soon; the government needs to butt out of the market."


The Chamber of Commerce reassure Miirosi across the Free City that the economy is still very strong, but this information says it all; Miiros is in trouble.



user posted image



user posted image

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FCMN Headline News


Free City Embarks on Humanitarian Mission

After repeated reports of rape and slaughter, Executor Vander and the Senate agreed that a team of medical personnel should be dispatched to Dacvi, a region of Suverina that is struggling for independence. The decision was rushed through the Senate and has drawn criticism across Miiros for being too hasty, but the Free City generally agrees someone must aid people caught in the middle. Plenty of other nations seemed quick to dish out military aid, but humanitarian aid seemed non-existent. The team is being prepared for departure tonight; more information as it comes in.


Miiros Accepted into the E.C.A.

The Free City was included in the European Commercial Alliance today, a move that is expected to vastly benefit the Free City's economy and build stronger ties with foreign nations. Certain ports and skyports are already being prepared for E.C.A. use.


Naval Overhaul?

After much debate in the Senate, it has been decided that the navy of Miiros will be getting a much-needed overhaul. Details are not plentiful, but it is rumored that R&D departments are working on newly designed ships and fleet plans that will make the Miirosi navy competitive on a regional scale, thus safe-guarding the island of Miiros from naval threat. The Pacifist League has organized a hunger strike...


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FCMN Headline News


Disaster in Dacvi!

Disaster strikes the Miirosi Medical Corps in the Suverina region of Dacvi, as reports filter into the Free City that the bulk of the MMC forces in the area have been destroyed. The main MMC encampment in the city of Mica reported in a partial distress call from Director Rain and the main medical caravan, which was en route to deliver relief to the potential battlefield of Edinet. The distress call stated the caravan was under heavy attack, potentially by Dacvi Freedom Forces. Suverina confirmed the worst upon reporting the discovery of the dead Miirosi medical crew and technicians in a small town not far from Edinet. There has been no sign of the MMC equipment or vehicles; it is suspected they were seized by the DFF.


In reaction to these reports, Aron Vander has stated that the Free City will not recognize Dacvi as an independent state if the DFF is in power. He expects the criminals that attacked a humanitarian mission to face complete justice. Other leaders have heavily criticized Executor Vander and the Peoples' Peace Alliance for sending in the MMA with no military escort and it is widely believed Miiros is in danger due to the pacifist doctrines Aron Vander has supported over the past decade. With elections so close, this does not bode well for the PPA.


Elections Around the Corner

Yes, it is that time again! Soon Miirosi will flock to the polls to cast their vote for executor and new mayors or administrators. Early polls show the Libertarians, Peoples' Rights Coalition, and Guardians of Miiros as heavy contenders for Executor. However, the United Workers of Miiros is rapidly uniting the industrial sectors of the city behind them. Growing concerns are growing over the militant Order of the New Dawn as well, as they have grown increasingly hostile towards Aron Vander's administration.


Key issues for this election are likely to be defense, the economy, foreign policy, and healthcare. While all citizens are confident that the current levels of educational funding will be maintained, there are some whispers of cutting it in small amounts to provide for greater military spending, something many Miirosi are beginning to support. Reasons for this mainly center on the entry of Miiros into international society, increasingly radical foreign powers, and the ineffectiveness of Miiros in the international scene.

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FCMN Headline News


Executor Vander: Dead!


Today is a tragic day in all of the Free City; Executor Aron Vander has been brutally assassinated during a terrorist attack on the Executor?s Tower. No one is quite sure what happened because all surveillance and military personnel on duty at the time were eliminated or are unaccounted for. Other people in the area, however, report seeing a number of heavily armored military vehicles en route to the tower moments before the attack too place; this points to a possible military coup, although the military brass fervently deny this. Once help arrived, the personal apartments of the Executor were found sacked and burning. The Executor himself was found dismembered in his office, with an ominous message written in blood, ?The Fate of the Pacifist King.?


While no terrorist organizations have taken credit, authorities highly suspect Denise Gratiot?s militant Order of the New Dawn, but have not yet moved for an arrest. Executor Vander had served as the leader of Miiros for an outstanding ten years and has opened the Free City up to all of Europa; he will be sorely missed and the nation is in deep mourning. Funeral plans have yet to be announced. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ellen White has taken up the duties of Executor until the election is over.


Guardians of Miiros Expected to Steal Election


The aftermath of the terrorist strike on what was supposedly the most heavily defended of any Miirosi building has served in giving the obscure Guardians of Miiros a huge boost in support. Many Miirosi are feeling very vulnerable right now and the party?s entire platform is centered on security and boosts in military power. John Haggerty has yet to specifically cite the assassination in any of his speeches as a reason for boosting security, but many people do not believe he needs to mention the incident at all; it is burned into the minds of Miirosi everywhere.


There have also been rumors that John Haggerty will withdraw his candidacy for Executor and join the administration of another candidate as Minister of Defense, but there has been no confirmation as of yet.


Map of Miiros Released!


A rough national map of Miiros has been released today. It includes all 54 sub-cities, the capital and the 10 industrial sectors. Not pictured is the Isle of Rosa located to the southeast in the Rosario Sea. (OOC: If anyone can help this map out... it would be a great help. It's kind of pitiful)


user posted image

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FCMN Headline News



Parties Merge!


In an unexpected turn of events just mere hours before polls officially open, John Haggerty of the Guardians of Miiros has announced that he will no longer be running for Executor. Instead, he has endorsed Andrea deVries of the Libertarians and stated he will serve in her High Council as Defense Minister. When asked why he stepped down, he issued the following statement.


?The Guardians of Miiros have always been committed to the improved defense and safety of the Free City. However, a nation cannot be run off of a desire for security alone and I realized our government needs more than just hyper-military spending if the culture and freedom of Miiros is to be preserved. This is why I have decided to serve Andrea deVries as he Defense Minister. There I can help build the safe and mighty Miiros that all the people deserve and need, but she can guide Miiros domestically and abroad. We are both very optimistic about this new combination of talents and we shall both work endlessly to usher in a new Golden Age for the Free City!?


It is expected that the Libertarian Party will surely claim the office of Executor, however, the United Worker?s Party and Citizens? Rights Coalition still have heavy blocks of support in certain parts of Miiros. The polls shall open later this morning and will close late tonight! We here are FCMN will work to bring you results and keep you all informed.

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FCMN Special Report


Election Results!

Polls are closed and the votes are counted and the people of Miiros have chosen their leader for the next five years. The victor of the 2006 elections is... Andrea deVries of the Libertarian Party! Executor deVries shall be the third female Executor in Miirosi history and will boldly lead the nation forward. Most sub-cities also elected Libertarian mayors, however, there are a noticeable number of sub-cities now being led by the United Workers of Miiros and Citizen's Rights Coalition. The Old Volantis sub-cities in a shocking turn of events elected mayors from the Order of the New Dawn, which is currently classified as a terrorist organization and is also suspected in the assassination of former Executor Vander. Now, let's move over to Executor deVries' acceptance speech!


The scene changes over from the newsroom to a large sky-square atop one of Orthen's great towers. A huge crowd is assembled before a large stone stage, upon which stands a woman at marble podium in the shape of a shadow lion. Behind her sit a number of advisors and supporters and a massive fountain serves as a backdrop. The sky is a dazzling blue and the Free City's mighty super-towers can be viewed for miles. The woman at the podium raises a hand to silence the crowd and speaks.


"My fellow Miirosi, today is a grand day. Today marks the beginnings of a new golden age!" The crowd goes wild with such an introduction and the woman again waits for them to quiet.


"Today I, Andrea deVries, am honored to accept the high office of Executor of the Free City of Miiros!" Another thunderous roar permeates the air as the Libertarian supporters of deVries make their feelings known. deVries again must wait for silence.


"For too long, we here have been isolated, something my late, noble predecessor ended. However, we have now discovered Miiros to be a lion with a righteous roar, but without teeth! Together, Minister Haggerty and I will work to rebuild the Miirosi Armada and military! We shall once again command the seas as our ancestors before us did! We shall not be coerced by foreign military might and the Free City shall always remain free!" More thunderous cheers from the crowd.


"The economy under the pacifists has been a roller coaster ride due to government intervention where the government had no right to intervene. Under my administration we shall return to a free market system and Miiros's economy will prosper like never before!" Again the crowd voices its support.


"We shall also work to strengthen our ties, economically and socially, with our great eastern neighbors and all of Europa. We will share our great culture with them all and they will share with us and we will all learn from each other and work to build friendship and everlasting peace."


"Freedom, knowledge and nature have always been dear to Miirosi, so my administration will continue to preserve those things. I as Executor will work for the strongest of economies, the best of schools, continued preservation of the environment, and a world-class navy. Civil rights shall also continue to be valued highly and I will support any legislature promoting your rights as people and as Miirosi! Once again, I am honored to be your new Executor and may we all cooperate in building this new golden age!"


The screen fades away to a helicopter camera of the sky-square. The tumultuous cheers can still be heard as the Miirosi voice their support in the noonday sun. The Free City pans out around the tower and it looks as if the gathering is taking place atop the world...


user posted image

New Executor Andrea deVries

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FCMN Special Report


Protests Over New Nuclear Plants


Protesters gathered in Orthen today to protest the groundbreaking for two new nuclear power facilities yesterday. Sources say that the new Executor contracted a number of private firms to build a total of ten new reactors to begin "phasing out polluting fossil fuels" in the Free City. While government safety analysts assure the public that these plants will have first-rate safety conditions, many people living in the areas where the plants will be built feel the need to protest. The protester's leader, Maria Fren, had this to say,


"These plants will threaten our very lives, if they are allowed to be built! Sure, deVries might say they're safe while she sits all high and mighty in Orthen, but to the people of the Sectors they are a real risk. Safety, safety, safety! Well, I say that even the smallest chance of meltdown is too big a chance. I have to think about my family here and what will the government be doing with all the waste? Huh? They'll probably either dump it on us or sell it off to some third world country to "take care" of... or DUMP IT IN THE OCEAN! YEAH! I SAID IT! WHAT NOW DEVRIES YOU MONEY GRUBBING BI-"


Ok, we seem to have lost the signal there. My apologies.




Well, it seems we are just getting an official response from the new Minister of Press, Mary Morrible. Let us see what the government has to say in defense of their new plants.


"While we know certain people have objections to these new power facilities, Executor deVries and the Senate both feel that by constructing these plants will be a step towards a better Miiros. They will provide a much greater supply of power for the Free City, will not pollute like coal or oil plants, and will provide wonderful new jobs for the Sectors they are constructed in. Besides, once they are up and running, the protesters will see how safe and beneficial they really are."


Rapidly Expanding Defense Budget


In other news, Executor deVries and Defense Minister Haggerty have wasted no time in beginning the restoration of the Free City's military. The previously non-existant defense budget has already soared to take up 7% of the nation's budget and has no end to its expansion in sight. The Press Minister has promised government adress on the matter soon, but also assures many new jobs will be had in shipyards around the Free City.

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FCMN Headline News!


Economic Golden Age?


With the new policies of Executor deVries coupled with greater foreign trade, analysts are now saying Miiros has entered a stage of economic prosperity previously unheard of in the nation's long history. "People are making more money than ever before, the Denarii's value is skyrocketing, unemployment is tanking, and people are in a consumer frenzy. It is quite exciting, but also frightening. We have never known such levels of prosperity were possible here," says leading economist, Francine Blake.


What does this "frightening" economy mean for the average Miirosi? Well, wages across the nation are increasing, so maybe when that next new trend rolls around, more people can jump on the bandwagon.

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FCMN Headline News!


New Trade Routes


user posted image

Freighters being loaded for departure


Finalization of two new trade deals occurred today with the nations of NanGorgwaith and the Aristocratic Confederation. Negotiations with the two foreign powers have been conducted for the past few weeks by the Miirosi Trader's Guild, the leading corporate alliance of the Free City and only corporate group sanctioned by the Senate and Executor to handle foreign trade. The Aristocratic Confederation and NanGorgwaith will send vital raw materials that are becoming increasingly scarce in Miiros due to harsh environmental regulations. In exchange, finished products will be sent north and west to our new trade partners. Economists are overjoyed as the booming economy shows signs of only more prosperity. However, a number of cynics openly question how long such wealth and economic strength can last.


Operatic-Techno Superstar Tops Charts


If you haven't heard of Mina Chord, you must have been living under a rock for the past few months. This sexy diva has long been credited with reviving opera in the Free City and is known as the inventor of the operatic-techno genre. Her popularity has skyrocketed in recent weeks and is now reaching new heights. Chord's new single, Take Me Higher, has topped the Miirosi charts and shows no sign of leaving.


user posted image

Mina Chord performing at the Skyhigh Theatre in Valua


Mina is set to release a new CD this fall and is also starring in an upcoming techno-opera by the master writer Fran Valore.

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FCMN Headline News


Terror Reigns in Tamurin!


Startling reports from the capital of Tamurin suggests that the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europa has been taken over by a terrorist organization of Tamurinian origin.


user posted image

Presidential Palace, Alaghon


The conference was being held at the Presidential Palace of Tamurin, leaving the Miirosi government speechless that such a complete and total breech of security even occured. Rumors are also spreading that the Senate's confidence in our new ally through the EOS is badly shaken. This quote was taken from Senator Jordan of Kerrigan earlier today,


"I simply can not comprehend how the Tamurinians could have allowed something like this to happen! This would be equivalent of terrorists siezing Dawn Tower and holding deVries at gunpoint in her own office!"


In addition to our own Executor, a large number of Europa's most influential nations had high ranking delegates or leaders present at the convention, which ironically, was addressing security. Information on the fate of these delegates is currently sketchy, but it is rumored that Tamurinian president, Jurgen Axmann had been assassinated along with key diplomats from Orioni and NanGorGwait. The situation in the palace is also unknown currently, but stay tuned in for later developments.

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FCMN Headline News


Elections Around the Corner

With the elections for Senate and Mayor around the corner, Miirosi can be expected to come under a barrage by the various campaign programs underway. This election should finally clear out the Senate, which is still dominated by the now defunct People's Peace Alliance, causing some excitement in the Executor's office. Eary polls show the Libertarian Party carrying many of the core subcities on the Cityscape Plains, with only minor opposition from the traditionally socialist Industrial Sectors. This election could be the thing that guarentees Libertarian dominace of Miiros.


New parties do seem to be forming, however, replacing some of the minor parties of Miiros, and some other minor parties seem to be seeing increased membership. The Technocrats seem to be gaining quite a foothold with the youth in Miiros as a greater demand for scientific advancement spreads with the growth of the Information Technology industry. Two radical parties also seem to be gaining strength in Miiros. The Order of the New Dawn, led by nationalist zealot, Denise Gratiot, seems to be picking up many followers on the Inverna Peninsula and in Old Volantis. They are pointing to increasingly unstable conditions in Europa and warn that we must strengthen the security inside Miiros and outside Miiros by increasing Miirosi holdings around the Rosario Sea. The Red Alliance is a new group, stating that the traditional socialist parties in Miiros have failed to stand up for the working class by being too meek in the Senate and the Industrial Sectors need to rise up and demand change instead of letting the Senate and corporations bully them into submission. Their cries seem to be falling upon deaf ears however, as they have failed to appear in the polls. Time can only tell how these new groups will do and there is a long way to go on the road towards election day.

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OOC: I'd again be willing to secretly finace any socialist party running in the election. the suverinian economy is stronger than ever, I'd have a nice amount to help finance socialism. smile.gif


(Instead of attacking every government I dislike I try to get it off peacefully....

I'm just kidding. wink.gif )



Edit: reply to Miiros: DO SO! smile.gif

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FCMN Headline News


Oil Tanker Destroyed in Raga Sea


user posted image

T.G.V. Sterling


Late this afternoon the Traders? Guild supertanker, Sterling, was destroyed in a colossal explosion when the civilian freighter hit an underwater mine laid by Suverina in international waterways. Rescue is deemed impossible despite numerous Europan powers being nearby as a large inferno is being fueled the estimated two million barrels of crude oil that were being transported from the Aristocratic Confederation to Miiros. Ironically, the Sterling decided to take the more expensive northern canal route to avoid poor weather conditions in the south due to the Europan Hurricane Season. The Miirosi Traders? Guild has yet to disclose how many souls were on board the Sterling.


This appears to not only be a tragic and senseless loss of life, but an environmental disaster as crude oil now burns in an important international waterway just south of Tagmatium?s canal zone. Reports lead us to believe that the Sterling misunderstood Suverinian reports of mining and though that the international waterways would still be clear. Politicians and citizens across Miiros are furious over this destruction, many people saying Suverina had no right to use such barbaric weapons of war in international waters.


Denise Gratiot of the OND has this to say: ?This horrible tragedy and the unwinding chain of events in Miiros and the West are all evidence that the ?Great? Queendom of Suverina is nothing more than a foul pestilence upon Europa. They have no regard for civilian life, no regard for the ideals of liberty, sovereignty, or brotherhood! I call for the Senate and Executor deVries to immediately demand reparations from the Queendom AND enact economic sanctions on this immoral bastion of tyranny."


Melissa Vander, Minister of Foreign Affairs released a government statement that was short, but concise: ?We are very angry. Suverina has a lot to answer for and the Office of the Executor will ensure they do indeed answer.?

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To: The Free city of Miiros

From: Suverina

re: Tanker accident.


According to our intelligence the Suverina navy fired 3 warning shots to stop the Miirosi oiltanker, they tried to reach them on ready shortly before the ship hit the mine but contact could not be established. A number of 21 sailors have been saved by the navy, we assume that the rest of them died in the massive fire, a number of 24 bodies have yet been found. All survivors and bodies will be sent to Miiros as soon as possible. Wen shall pray to good that their souls reach heaven.

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To: Suverina

From: Miirosi Foreign Ministry


Tankers are highly difficult to manuever and MTG ships operate under the assumption they are safe in international waterways with the exception of terrorist or pirate threats. We are viewing you mining of free waters without consultation of the international community and firing towards Miirosi civilian craft as an act of aggression and are still debating how to respond.


In the mean time, we demand the return of our people to the Aristocratic Confederation and the Miirosi Trader's Guild will be wanting compensation for the T.G.V. Sterling, her crewmember's families, and for the two million barrels of oil the Free City had purchased from the Aristocracy.


Martin Delynn, Deputy Foreign Minister

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Dear family of (-)


You are probably in a deep grief, probably asking why and how. I shall personally try to explain your family members death. I will not drag in all the political background that was behind it, I will try to tell you the plain basic story. The strait between Suverina and Salvinoria where mined by our navy, to force merchant ships to take another route than the newly built Tagmatine channel. That was because we have had some serious diplomatical trouble between Suverina and Tagmatium. Of course that had nothing to do with your family member. He/she just happened to get stuck in between the crossfire. This was never our meaning and we did warn the ship, although we do not know why the captain didn?t respond.

We can only hope he/she is with god now, not suffering from all the worries down here on earth. We know that nothing in the world can bring the dead back, although I have issued an amount of money for your family that you can spend as you please.


Yours sincearly,


Queen Eva I of Suverina




To: Miiros

From: Suverina


We will not replace the ship, the state of Suverina is not an insurance company. Nor will we replace the oil as we have enough trouble as it is cleaning it up around our shores.

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Many Miirosi are confused or angry over the recent events unfolding in the West recently. AdSoc continues to oppress its citizens in brutal ways after the Tagmatine and Akiiryan coalition to overthrow such tyranny with the cooperation of the Adapton monarchy was blocked by Suverina. To protect itself from its own allies, the communist stronghold mined an international shipping lane, leading to the civilian supertanker Sterling, larger than some aircraft carriers, to been destroyed resulting in a death toll estimated to be over a thousand innocent souls.


Suverina then became belligerent to Miirosi requests for compensation and offered nothing more than empty prayers with the bodies of the dead, which had been unceremoniously fished out of the Rage Sea, burnt and covered in oil. Such things lead to an emergency meeting of the Senate, which quickly chimed in with Akiiryu in branding Suverina a rogue state. To better explain the logic behind this and the consequences it will have is the noble Executor deVries herself. We now will move over to her speech.


user posted image


My fellow Miirosi, I feel I owe you all a better explanation than what has thus far been provided to you by the media. After all, branding a government as rogue is a very serious thing. The Suverinian monarchy, however, have left us no other alternative. Not only did they refuse to apologize for mining the international trade routes, which directly resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Miirosi sailors, but the blamed the ship?s crew for the tragedy, saying the Suverinian navy warned them of danger. They warned them by firing warning shots. They did not open communication with the vessels to warn them, but instead shot at them, an act of aggression in peacetime towards a neutral civilian ship.


When my administration called for compensation for the families of those murdered sailors and assured Suverina that Miiros would hold it to its promise to remove the mines in 72 hours, the Great Queendom responded. I shall now read to you their response, so that all of the world can hear how Suverina treats other nation?s to which they have harmed. This is a word for word quote, I have not had it edited to make the Suverinian government seem unreasonably hostile.


?It seems to me that the Miirosi are quite stupid, some go straight on mines, some make demands that have already been fulfilled. I must say that Miirosi companies working within Suverina will be more affected by your recent action than the Suverinian state. Suverina keeps all funds within the Suverinian national bank. Therefore only civilians money could be frozen. Will Miiros steal from innocent civilians? Will miiros steal from people just because they are born in a certain place?


Siding with the fascists in Akiiryu only shows where you stand, with the rightist. And there do you all belong there, all of you that oppresses the workers and make yourself rich on others work. We think that Andrea deVries should try to work sometime, or perhaps that would make her beautiful white hands ugly and torn??


There you have it my people. Miirosi are stupid thieves and fascist oppressors. And I am a corrupt and lazy leader. Suverina also recently went as far as to declare ?victory? due to these recent events. They say they have accomplished all of their goals. Murdering Miirosi without sympathy must have been one of those goals, because there was no mention of an apology or even the event itself. Congratulations on your glorious victory, Suverina. I curse you for it.


Since I feel you all have a better understanding of Suverina?s government, I would like to make it clear now what the Senate?s decision to acknowledge Suverina as a rogue state means.


All trade with Suverina is to end as of this day, private and public. We will not trade with governments, who refuse to apologize or even admit when they are wrong.


All Suverinian assets in Miiros that are owned by that rogue state will be seized and sold off to provide compensation they refused to give for the destruction of the Sterling and murder of its crew. This includes the Embassy of Suverina, which is in the process of being evacuated of its personnel as I speak. Private property belonging to Suverininan nationals shall be exempt from this and if any has been mistakenly seized, the owners shall be reimbursed with extra money for the inconvenience.


As for the Suverinian nationals within Miiros, they are no longer welcome here and a travel ban is placed upon the Rogue State itself for fear of violence towards Miirosi. Suverinians in Miiros will be given an opportunity to stay, however, if they renounce their Suverinian citizenship. Suverinians who do so will be offered Miirosi citizenship and an equal opportunity in our Free City.


I hope you all understand why nations like Suverina are dangerous. They threatened their closest allies, committed crimes on the high seas, and abused Miiros in a most grievous manner. Miiros can not continue having a relationship with Suverina until it acknowledges the pain and misery it has caused and apologizes. Even then, it must take steps towards reform so such a gross abuse of power and break of international law can not repeat itself.


I will try to make things right for the families of those dead sailors and I am sorry this had to happen. I assure Miiros my administration is doing everything it can to help bring peace to those families and bring peace to the West and before I leave you here tonight, I ask you all to forgive the Suverinian people for their governments actions. When governments go mad, the people should not be made to suffer for it.


I thank you all, Goddess bless, and good night.

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Protestors Escort Suverinan Diplomats

As the staff of Suverina?s former embassy were being driven to the Orthen International Airport a large procession of Miirosi followed to watch them depart. Angry over being labeled ?rightists? and ?fascist oppressors? the liberal Miirosi decided to give the Suverinian delegation a story to take home with them.


user posted image


As the chief ambassador of Suverina was getting into the armored van provided to him, one young lady shouted out, ?Didn?t your mothers ever teach you to say I?m sorry?? It was an emotional walk to the airport for many, with some of the deceased sailors? families even showing up. We caught up with the widow of Captain Jon Brohn, the man in charge of the ill-fated Sterling and she agreed to an impromptu interview.


?Ma?am, first let me offer my condolences for your loss and thank you for agreeing to this interview.?


?It?s no problem. I have quite a few things I?d like to share. That?s why I came to join this march with my kids.?


?So your children are here??


?Yes, Mary and Jeannette. Twins you know, they?re both six.?


?How are you all handling the news??


?Badly. He [Jon] was my everything, you know? I don?t know how I?m going to wake up every morning knowing that I?ll never get to see him again! *tears*?


?So, are you angry at all??


?Very much so. I always thought Jon was safe, he wasn?t in the military and I never knew any other countries would do such a thing. I think it would have been ok if I simply got an apology.?


?So you?ve heard no word from Suverina at all??


?I did receive a letter from the Queen Eva.?


?Oh? What did it say, if you don?t mind my asking.?


?That they mined the strait to hurt Tagmatium?s canal and that the ship simply got caught up in the cross fire. They said they didn?t know why the captain did not respond to warning shots. They never said sorry. They blamed my Jon for what happened and offered money at the same time. Money won?t bring back my husband and it won?t bring me peace. Queen Eva, I hope you have all joy robbed from your life, so that you might know a fraction of the pain your nation has caused me! *the woman begins crying unconsolably* I?m?. sorry, I can?t?. please?


?Cut the camera!?


user posted image

The Brohn Family last summer.

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Foreign Minister Vander Escorts Delegation to Nimarci


Early this morning we have received word that Minister Vander and a small delegation of her staff departed Orthen for the Akiiryan capital of Nimarci. There are no officials reports coming in about the purpose of such a visit, but rumors are spreading that it has something to do with the recent situations in the West. More news as it comes...


In other news, the riots are begining to wind down as the Red Al...

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Two Miirosi Bureau of Investigation agents killed as Red Alliance goes underground


A tragic turn of events has left two agents of the M.B.I. dead after a botched attempt to arrest Red Alliance chairman Brian Aldwynn. A warrant for the arrest of Aldwynn and several other key party figures was issued as the investigation into the 2006 Senatorial and Mayoral elections came to a conclusion. Charged with conspiring with a foreign power and high treason, Aldwynn and his cronies most certainly faces life-exile to the Freewind Penitentiary, however, when agents went to make the arrests the Red Alliance security opened fire upon the government agents.


After a brief firefight, two agents were dead and four others wounded. Brian Aldwynn escaped with a number of top party members, however, many of the Red Alliance staffers were apprehended as accessories and co-conspirators. The party headquarters in Sector VII was seized soon after by the Free City Defense Corps, procuring vast amounts of incriminating evidence.


After reviewing the evidence, numerous other arrest warrants were issued and the Office of the Executor classified the Red Alliance as a terrorist organization after files recovered linked Red Alliance leaders with the 2006 Sector Riots and numerous other plots that remained in planning stages. M.B.I. officials and the Executor?s press corps have yet to share anymore information on the matter, although it is expected that Mr. Aldwynn has fled the country.

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