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V For Vendetta

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5th, Novemeber 2006 - Stockholm Imperial City



The Lord high Chancellor's face was displayed on a large Flat screen Television the Size of a large wall. Arrayed around it were the Fascist Flag's of the Republic, and the Chancellor's own Ministers and Cabinet member's. Particularly there was a Mr. Creedy. In charge of the entire Military and Police forces, he was the 2nd top person in the Republic. Of course, you could hardly call the Imperial Strathyclyde Government a Repuyblic. Elections are a fraud, a sham by the Party to create the illusion of participation. It was once said that Artisits use lies to tell the Truth, while Politicians use it to cover them up.



" So what news of the protests? " Demanded the Chancellor.



the Interior Minister piped up nervously.


" We've noticed a 12% decrease in protested with the enforced Yellow Card Curfew. Several Fingerman Korps have been patrolling every route, every street in every city. The Streets are ours sir." He finished



However the Police minister, Mr. Creedy chimed in.


" There is however, the small matter of the Bailey. We are al- "



He was cut off by the roar of the High chancellor.


"I am not here to have you tell me things I already know. What has been done to apprehend this...terrorist?" shouted the Chancellor.



There was a pause.


" We're doing all we can. " said the minister in response.






4th, November 2006 - Old Bailey Square



The masked man was set, and he was preparing himself. He was listening to the propaganda on the USN Television network. Now the Government's own tool of lies and bollux. The old management had no doubt been killed, or imprisoned or worse.


" The government has confirmed that the St. Xavier's virus was indeed the work of the three Islamic infidels, and were associated with the terror Suspect known as, 'V'. the government is close to tracking this menace down, and returning our peace loving society back peace and strength. Strathyclyde Prevails! "


He shut off the television and walked out the door...



2 hours Later


He had met up with his conspirator, Evy Hammond, though she had not the slightest inkling of who he was. All she knew was what everyone knew. He wore a mask, and to ask who he was, was in deed foolish. he was simply 'V'.


" I was beginning to think you would not join me for tonight's concert. " V said, turning to face her. His Guy Fawkes mask glinting ever so slightly.


She looked perplexed.


"Concert? But I thou- " she was cut short.



" Shh. The rendition is about to begin." he removed a small conducting rod and tapped the Air Conducting pipes, and all around them the National Loud Speakers began blaring Tchaicovsky's 1812 Overture, starting out slow. There was a chime. And an explosion...



user posted image




'V' turned to Evy and said,


"It has begun. "

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5th Novemebr, Evening, 2006 - USN Tower



A bustle of commotion was seen as the deniziens of the USN News Station wnet about thier daily buisness. however they failed to see the Masked Terrorist enter the Elevator to his left. Once inside 'V ' placed his C-4 along his chest, and began to wire it remotely to his hand unit. If anything went wrong...





Exiting the Elevator, he was indeed spotted by a rather portly security guard.


"Stop!" he shouted.


The man in the Fawkes mask merely advances, and opens his vest, revealling the bricks of C4.


"Oh..My god." The guard gasps.



" there is no god here. Give me th- " he was cut short by 3 .44 Caliber rounds hitting his chest. As he went down, ' V ' Pressed the button. Unfortunately, two heros would die. But there were others.



user posted image

The USN Tower on Fire.





6th November, 2006 - Rebel Underground



"We must coordinate and smash the enemy! " shouted the man to the left. Though they were hidden by shadow, they also remained hidden in Identity as well. Known as the 26 Letters of the Alphabet, this one was known as ' Q '. He happened to lead the Military positions of the rebel army. If you can call it an army. Out of ammo, and severly demoralised, they werre hunted.


" To coordinate and move all at once would be suicide. We must continue with our ter-" An aide interuppted 'A', the HJead of the Exiled Underground Gov't. Or lack of. They were anarchists. If overthrown, the new government would be no gov't.


" I have grave news. It appears as X and..V have sacrificed themselves for the cause. They no longer soldier along with us. We must not make thier sacrifice in vain. Our Guerilla attacks will increase. We must target government leaders. "

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8th November, 2006 - Imperial Capital




The stage was set, and all the players had assembled. In the interior minister speech upon his podium he spoke of sedition, terrorists and treason. All these thiungs were false, and did not matter. What mattered was the bomb planted under the podium itself. Compriused of a new undetectable explosive, it was installed earlier that day by Rebel Sympathisers.


After finishing his speech, there was a mindless loud cheer, from the brainwashed audience, wether threatened or mindlessly approving the minister. Thats when 'B' pushed the button.



user posted image

US Soldiers ascertain the evidence

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To: the underground army of the US, and the rightfull US government.

From: Suverina intelligence forces


We see you as our allies, therfore we would like to offer help in anyway that we can. medical supplies, military supplies, funding. Just tell us and everything will get to you shortly. We will in any way support your undergorund movement without openly supporting it. Your people are in our daily prairs of the entire people of Suverina and we pray for that God will hear them and help you.


Signed by with the approval of the Prince himself:

Alexandra Isyanov

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We have prepard the standard SAC 1b, ass they are cheap and mass produced you'll get alot of them. With lots of ammo. (Just have as many as you're pleased with, remeber don't have too many!!:D)


user posted image


user posted image


We're also sending foreign purchased:

100.000(a major part of our arsenal of this weapon) MBT LAW's


user posted image


Medical supplies will also be sent. expect them to arrive in about 8 hours. Meet them at the suggested meeting place.


Keep this top secret as we do not wish to let this "new" government know anything.

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The package is recieved, and we now have 5,000 Rifles and your LAWs. We thank you for the Ammo and the Medical Supplies. The new administration after we dispose of these fascists shall not forget what you have done this day.






8th November, 2006 - Imperial Province Oslo



Several troops of the Imperial Army were patrolling the streets, looking for Rebel troops. They were walking along with the USN director, who was out suveying a building to thier left. Thier job was to protect them. Suddenly, and elderly woman came out from the crowd of onlookers and approached the lead soldier, as he aimed his rifle. she spoke an unknown language to the soldier, who was confused. He armed his rifle.


"Step Back!" he shouts to the woman. She continues to jibber. The soldier shoots the Woman down, and an Angry roar rips through the corwd. The troops go to battle readiness and surtround thier USN Charge, who cowers behind them like a wounded calf.


The crowd suddenly, and to the suprise of the Troops, produces SAB Assault Rifles and fire int othe Imperial Army Platoon. Several US troops are hit and several more rebels are taken down, but the crowd swarms the Troops and execute the Imperial Propagandist and the Murderer of the elderly woman. The Province of Oslo experienced similar waves of attacks, including at the Imperial Provincial Palace at the Capital. Oslo was the first Free Territory of Strathyclyde. The New Era had begun.


Freedom from Government!

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To: US Rebel Army

From: Rekamgil Counter-insurgency office


We, like Suverina, recognize that your army represents the rightful government of Upper Strathyclyde. We will not rest until you have acheived victory. We also recognize that it is best if your own troops effect your own victory. This is because we feel it would appear better for your people if your army can "do it themselves". Of course, we are want to offer every bit of help we can that would help you acheive victory. We must recognize the speedy and effective assistance hat Suverina has so far offered, we thank our CIS alies for their immeasurable help.


We have readied a shipment of munitions. It is being covertly shipped to US. Please meet our teams at the rearranged point. Here is what you can expect:


user posted image

C8 Carbine, Automatic, 5.56mm

We have shipped 3000 units with 15,000 magazines.


user posted image

Tac-50 Sniper Rifle Rifle, .50calibre

We have shipped 100 units along with ammunition


user posted image

Rekamgil Light Machine Gun ? the 5.56mm C9 LMG

We have shipped 200 units along with ammunition


user posted image

MkIIaI Hand Grenade

We have shipped 6000 hand grenades


user posted image

Military First Aid Kit

We have shipped 4000 first aid kits

This kit offers all the supplies necessary for one to be prepared for minor trauma while in the field or on the road. Kit contains: 1ea. Bloodstopper kit, 1ea. 4" elastic bandage, 2ea. 4x4 sterile sponges, 3ea. 3x8" sterile sponges, 16ea. bandage strips, 1ea. SS Tweezers, 1ea. EMT shears, 1ea. 5x9" ABD pad, first aid instructions, 6ea. Safety pins, 1 Pair gloves, 4ea. Aspirin, 1ea. Tape, 6ea. BZK wipes, 1ea. triangular bandage, 5ea. butterfly wound closure strips, 2ea. ammonia inhalants and 1ea. Burn gel package.


Please contact our agent, who is living in country under an assumed US citizenship.


Our thoughts are with you always

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One more thing. Our team will deliver a non-descript duffle bag which contains $100,000 cash so that you can buy any information or supplies you might need. Again, let us know what you need - when you need it.

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9th November, 2006 - Oslo





The Imperial Counter Attack was heavy. Anti Infantry Mines, Aircraft and Troops poured into the city. There were over 100,000 rebels in the City. A pitched battle. Civil War and complete Chaos. RPG's destroyed imperial Tanks and Mis matched Small arms took on the advanced weaponry of the Imperial Army. Several Generals were taken out in the first stages of the battle by the elite sniper corps, though not much could be done in that area anymore.


" I told you not to engage them directly! " shouted ' A '.



" we have outside assistance and weapons! " said ' B ' in response.



And indeed they did. Weapons of all kinds outfitted all of thier soldiers and they had even hijacked several US M1A2 Tanks as well. The battle for Strathyclyde could be won, and it would be. Or they would all die trying.

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Noting the immense size of the rebel army, we have sent an additional shipment. Please expect:


3000 more C8 Carbines

500 more C9 Rekamgil Light Machine Gun

400 more Tac-50 Sniper Rifles

65,000 more rounds of ammunition

4000 more medical kits

20,000 ration kits


user posted image

Ration kit contents


200 Off-Route Mines


An Off-Route mine is an ambush weapon which detects a passing object, and fires at it automatically. A typical example is an anti-tank rocket launcher placed on a stand, fitted with a sensor to detect a passing tank and a computer to calculate the range and course of the vehicle and then to fire the rocket at the correct time. Such a weapon can be concealed near a road and left unattended.

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We are pleased to help. This government (in top secret all party discussions) has debated the level of support we will offer your forces and has agreed to offer all aid short of war. Our recent shipments represent the first step in that direction. All you need do now is ask and you shall receive an immediate response. We have dozens of agents in the field, all speak the language fluently (mostly with an Oslo or Stockholm accent) and are provided with all necessary papers. They have nothing linking them to Rekamgil. We are transmitting their whereabouts and how you can contact them. They are strictly non-belligerent insofar as actively engaging the enemy, but are of course not neutral. You can ask them for any help, which they wil acquire from our intermediary agents, who are in contact with the President. If they are captured they have orders to commit suicide. These officers are taking part in this mission on a completely voluntary basis and will be withdrawn immediately if they request such withdrawal. We regret that it has had to come to this, but have always maintained that certain sacrifices are necessary for the maintenance of peace and democracy. Upper Strathyclyde is a beacon of such values and it shall be restored to its former glory.

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10th November, 2006 - Imperial Garriosn 23




the dawn came early for the men of 1st Korps, 2nd Battalion. They rose and got dressed and went outside for the usual drill of PT. They did all of the Pre requisite material and a few favorites before heading to the Mess Hall. The SFOR, or Special Operations Regiment was not seen readily. The Rebel high Command had recently learned that hte ONI Spec Forces had totally defected, and gave over crucial information to the Rebel army. ONI Troops now lead this raid.


The Soldiers of the Small Rebel SpecOps Squad planted the C4 on the Mess Barracks, covered by two Flanking Rifleman and one SAW Operator. Fingers moving deftly, he connected all the wires and they ran towards the nearby holed out fence where they entered.


" Eat this you fascist Pricks! " shouted a Rebel Commando. And he pushed the Detonator, and the Entire Mess hall exploded on the men of 2nd Battlaion, killing 45 Troops and injuring 123. Yet another step closer in getting the Army's ranks to join the Rebels and realising that thier government cares nothing for its people, or its troops.




user posted image

ONI Returns!

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To: US rebel army

From: Suverina


Our intelligence minister Alexandra Isyanov informed the government that we might be possible to send in some heavier weponary. We do not know the size of your arsenal. But we guess that some heavier weponry is needed to hold of the fascist forces. If needed we can send in som rocket artillery ramps that can be used for defensive positions. As your army mostlu consists of ordinary people not to familiar with guns.

Therfore we offer 10.000 of our SAC's as they are easy to handle and easy to fire and are reliable. We hope you well. May God be with you!

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25th November, 2006 - Imperial Palace, Capital



Red Squadron, the elite of the Rebel Air Force, if you could call it that, was closing in on the Fascist Palace. The stealth Paint and Composites on thier MiG 15's so far was evading thier radar. That and they were so close to the ground, they could see the deer running from thier aircraft. They were outloaded with enough bombs to demolish the palace completely and erradicate this poresence for good. A special meeting was taking place in the Palace and it would mean all the leadership would die if they could get through.



" Six, are your scopes getting that? " Said Red One, the squadron lead. They were flying with 6 men, and Red Six took up the Middle slot. So far they had evaded two air patrols, and it looked like a third one.



" Copy that One, I register 3 AMI 90 Recce Craft. They are way above us. Switch to passive sensors. " Said Six, and the squad dipped even lower and switched to non active radar. The yahd evaded a third.



They were coming up on the last checkpoint, and they saw the palace. They rose a little bit higher and now the Radar screens picked them up. But it was too late, thier missles were too slow and thier gunners were lax, as they were arrogant pricks who thought they were the best. Sadly mistaken.



"Squadron, this is lead, all flights weapons free. I say again Weapons Free. Freedom! " Said Lead, dropping his bombs. The rest followed suite. the entire building was engulfed in Napalm and high explosive bombs, and the Squadron screamed off into the sky, each taking a different route back to the hidden and only airfield.


The Battle was over. Freedom has prevailed.





Councilor Elabrej, the direct descendant of the original Freedom fighter harkening back to the 1500's, stood in front of the TV Camera in the Demolished palace. Surrendering Fascist troops were coralled into holding areas.


" My fellow men and women. Today our nation is free. While short lived, this regime has caused more damage than any other before it. Depriving us of our very nature of freedom. But freedom's son's and daughters have prevailed, once again proving there can be no Strathyclydian State without freedom. Our new Government, The Free Anarchy of Upper Strathyclyde consists of the new Governing Council ,which will propose laws to be voted on by us, the people. they will run our army and a very small police force. Never again will the police run rampant and run us from our homes again. Today, you are free. "



The Screen goes blank, and is replaced by the Anarchy Symbol superimposed on the US flag. The Screen goes black.



Freedom Wins, Fascisim Loses. Game Over.







OOC: Had to rap this up, because I am busy for the rest of the week. Sorry for any headaches, but I appreciate your patience. I had fun, and I hope you did too smile.gif

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