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The Free City Of Miiros

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Statement to the Established Nations of Europa:


Dearest nations of Europa,


The Free City of Miiros extends its greetings and best wishes to you all! We have come from an existence of anonymity in the horrible Pacific in hopes of finding a place where we can leave our mark and make friends along the way. It is our hope that your region will give us a place to do so and we look forward to working with all of you. I have provided a good look at Miiros below, so that you all may get to know who you shall be dealing with.


May you all be blessed,

Aron Vander: Executor of the Free City of Miiros


The Free City of Miiros

?We are the righteous!?



1.487 billion (Est. March 16th, 2006)






The government of Miiros is loosely based off of the government of the United States of America. The constitution serves as the supreme law of the land and power is shared by the three branches of government: executive, legislative and judiciary.


Executive Branch: The Office of the Executor

The executive branch is headed by the Executor of the Free City; he is basically the face of the Miirosi government. He deals with foreign nations and is tasked with enforcing Miirosi law and commanding the military. His administration also sets the annual budget of Miiros. The Executor is elected by the people of the Free City and can serve a maximum of two terms; each term is five years long. The requirements to become Executor are; you must be a naturally born citizen of Miiros and you must be at least forty years of age.


Legislative Branch: The Senate

The Senate of Miiros is charged with creating law for the Free City and their proceedings are overseen by the Consul, a senate appointed officer. There are currently fifty seats in the Senate; each sub-city holds two seats. Senators are elected by the people of their respective sub-cities to terms of four years and can hold as many terms as they like. To ensure that the entire Senate is never up for re-election, the Senate elects only half of its Senators every two years and the other half two years later. Requirements that Senators face are: you must be a resident of your sub-city for at least ten years, you must continue to live in your sub-city for the duration of your term, and you must be at least thirty years of age.


Judicial Branch: The High Court

The High Court of Miiros is the greatest court in all of the Free City. They are composed of a panel of nine Justiciars and one High Justiciar, who are appointed by the Executor, but must be approved by the Senate; the High Justiciar is the Justiciar with the most seniority. The Justiciars serve for life or as long as they are able. They have the final say in all court cases and can overturn legislature passed by the Senate if they deem it unconstitutional.



The natural population of Miiros is mostly composed of a people characterized by fair skin, brown shades of hair, and blue or green eyes. They are a multilingual people since Miiros has historically been a rather busy port city and tourist destination, however, their native tongue of Mirrosi is still held dear to them and gives them an interesting accent when speaking foreign tongues. The Miirosi people have always been very accepting of other cultures, races and are historically very peaceful; this makes them ideal allies or trading partners. However, the Miirosi do hold disdain or even downright hostility for especially narrow-minded peoples or nations and dislike more authoritarian systems of living.



Miirosi culture is as diverse as the multi-tiered Free City itself. It gigantic super-towers, sky-streets and promenades rise high into the clouds and make the city a cultural masterpiece; for when land ran out, the Miirosi adapted to building up, up, and up to accommodate their people. The architecture is amazing and from the air one might say the city is built on top of clouds and defying gravity.


Freedom and personal liberty make up the backbone of the Free City?s society and restriction of liberty is perhaps the only real taboo. An artist is valued just as much as an industrialist, but both are left to rise and fall in society on their own as self-sufficiency is critical to all Miirosi citizens; welfare is a humiliating thing for any self-respecting Miirosi and having once been on it is a horrible social stigma. In Miiros you can say whatever you want, and as long as you respect other peoples? liberties you can do whatever you want.


This fear of being dependent on others has made the Miirosi excellent workers and entrepreneurs. This gives the Free City a wide array of goods and services to offer its people and the outside world. Miirosi business is highly competitive, but civil; this ensures everything is of high quality and low cost. In the lower levels of the city, prostitution and gambling are huge industries, while in the sky levels you see more financial and white-collar trades. At the desolate, sun-forsaken base of the city and well into the Underground, heavy industry is king.



The Miirosi are a peace loving people, but they are no fools; they know that to have no military would just invite conquest to their islands. Thus, the Miirosi military is entirely defensive in nature. The Free City has invested heavily throughout history in static defense systems worked into the colossal towers, most of which focus on missile defense. Any missile strike would be catastrophic on a city so densely populated and could result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Miirosi, so the missile defense systems are taken very seriously. An amphibious landing on Miiros would be insanely difficult as the entire island is urban and the super-city?s base has become largely solid except for large and heavily defended industrial ports. Invaders would find the base of the city a maze of hardcore industrial landscape and easily be defeated. Air attack on the city would be more effective, although the missile defense system is quite formidable for dealing with an air force.


In addition to the Free City?s static defenses, Miiros keeps a small navy to patrol its waters and a counter-strike air force to keep the city safe. In peacetimes the air force and navy are mostly packed up in moth balls, but a coast guard force is always monitoring Miirosi waters for smugglers, piracy, or just ships in distress.


The Land:

The Free City of Miiros controls a large island with a number of smaller islands surrounding it. The primary island of Miiros is dominated by one immense city that towers well into the clouds and houses almost all of Miiros?s population; it is a true super city. (Author?s Note: I have based Miiros off of Coruscant from Star Wars to give you an idea of what I mean. I didn?t initially mean it to be this way, but when your population keeps growing, there are few options for a free city short of annexing land and thus no longer being one city.) The city is divided into many sub-cities, each functioning breaking down administration into more manageable proportions.


The upper levels of the city are well into the clouds and bask in golden sunlight in the day. At night, it is still bright enough in the sky-streets to call it day, although a night sky is hovering around the city. This region of the city is reserved for the wealthiest Miirosi, big business, cultural centers, massive sky-parks, and the Free City?s government; it is like a gigantic sky-Manhattan. Here they live and work, with a billion people below them; the float over them all like Gods.


The mid-section of the city is the middle class?s region. It is here where you can find most of the goods and services of Miiros and the deeper you go, the more rowdy and risqu? it becomes. Sunlight is also quickly becoming rare in this section of the city so artificial lighting is prevalent. To outsiders, the blue glow of the lamps can make this metropolis inside of another metropolis seem otherworldly and the rhythm of this monster city can consume you. Yes, it is quite easy to get swept away in the flow of Miirosi life, moving from one club to another reveling as long as you please. Just be careful not to venture too deeply, the Undercity does not like to let go.


The lowest regions of the city are classified by hardcore heavy industry and the presence of the ground at long last. No sunlight filters down to this desolate place and the citizens are either robotic or extremely poor. Living conditions are abysmal and the air is only kept breathable with the aid of technology. The only way out is up or through one of the few industrial ports that ship goods out of the city; visitors can rest assured though because Miiros receives travelers far in the upper levels.


Below this industrial wasteland lies the Underground. Enter at your own risk.


Off the main isle of Miiros are a number of small islands that are kept in pristine condition. One could call them little gardens of Eden, if they liked. This is where a large amount of food is grown for the city, although they still need to import astronomical amounts. These islands are seen as prime vacation spots with beautiful white sandy beaches and unspoiled views. If you wish to escape the city, however, do not direct your view towards the main island; the Free City is visible for many miles.

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Good morning!


Glad to have you aboard!


Your nation's history/description is awesome in its detail, and a very interesting read. I haven't finished it yet, as I looked out on a house opposite my window which is white, and as its a sunny day, cannot quite yet see without a large block of colour obscuring my vision. unsure.gif


It's really good and fascinating.


I do hope you enjoy your time here.


If you have any questions on our region, please do ask.

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Thanks for the welcomes and the compliments and if I think of any good questions. I'll probably be jumping into some RP later in the week, as weekends are rather busy times for me. So, here's my first question: what would be the best way to start up RPing for a newcomer here in Europa? I'm not sure where I should begin.


And no, Pirilao, I do not write Portugese. Interesting question though. =P

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Start a controversial gun battery building programme... worked for me! wink.gif


Seriously speaking though, you could start a news thread, decide whether you want to be in an alliance (if any) but when it comes to actual RP, you can jump in any +++ Interesting new ideas are also welcome too.

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*Looks about at the assorted glaring going on*


Well, thanks for the advice! I think I'll steer clear of entering any formal alliances for now or at least until I know Europa's politics better. I'll start thinking up ideas for a news thread; those look pretty cool.

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