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Outbreak Of Violence

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General Li-Shun-Jin's force drawn from Army Group: Khamseen were reached the city at 12 noon. Plumes of smoke rose over the city, and in all directions around gunfire could be heard. AG:K were almost entirely Jimantai, which did not help matters. The 13,000 troops began to set up a perimeter in the city centre whilst they waited for further orders.




Countryside, just outside Cteisephon...


The IJMC FI-14U buzzed along, the 14 marines inside the helicopter tasked with delivering Li-Shun-Jin's orders (communications were out). About twenty miles from the target 5 of the marines drew pistols - as if to check ammunition, and shot their fellow soldiers. The roar of the engines muffled the bang, and the pilots paid no attention.


He looked ahead, black smoke - pollution or burning homes, it was hard to tell - shrouded the city. Then the barrel against his head...


"If you want to live land this helicopter now"


"Ok... It's going down..."


The pilot - had no choice but to land the plane. Once it had bumped down, they let him go... there was no way he could warn Li-Shun-Jin in time, so it was pointless killing him.


There on the ground 9 Red Faction troops dressed as marines boarded the helicopter. The laptop carrying orders was placed on the ground and shot by the door gunner, and a second identical laptop was produced from one of the marine backpacks. The helicopter continued on its course, along with a new set of orders.




30 minutes later, it landed in the Cteisephon perimeter, and the marines carried the laptop to the general...


"Here are you order C...Sir!" The General looked up... interested by the stutter, but continued to open the orders file...



Internal Operations Directive

Orders - Priority: HIGH

TO: 3 Star General Li-Shun-Jin, Commander No.6 Wing AGK, Head of Cteisephon Operations.

FROM: Internal Operations Command


The Presidential Office has directly ordered that you quell violence here by any means neccessary, justification of this can be found on article 56 of the charter, referring to race cohesion.


You are to:


- Launch all requests for support through Marine Channel 19

- Report back only to Field Marshal Tellermann

- Use any means neccessary to stop the violence

- See to it that minimal damage is done to Jimantai property

- Destroy this laptop once you know your mission

- Report back in one week, no sooner.


Any controvention with these rules will be deal with accordingly.


From: Internal Operations Command


Forwarded from the office of Inishiro Heisan






This seemed odd to the general, still - orders were orders...




ooc: More to come

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All around the streets of Cteisephon, Idekuedo and Jimantai groups ran, wielding Kalashnikovs and stolen police shotguns. It was total chaos, looting, rape, murder for that reason the orders made sense to the general. At 0145 hours he summoned officers, and explained the orders, before throwing the lap top into the river.


Outside, troops began to get ready for a fight loading M-16s and FN-2000s. At 0215 hours, troops began to move out, moving through the streets.


Sergeant Ke-Lao-Shun's unit spearheaded movements west of the river, shooting and blasting their way down streets. After only 200 yards, a group of Idekuedo militia had them pinned down, they returned fire, until all of their opponents were dead. Behind them, troops cleared out buildings shooting all who resisted - especially if they were not Jimantai.


As well as the orders, many resented the Idekuedo anyway... after all, it was they who had started the communist revolution in Ide Jima all those years ago, meaning they were hated by southerners.

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CIS Relief Teams have landed at thier designated Airport. Triage and Medical Centers have been set up, and un armed Red Cross Helicopters have begun airlifting Military and non Military Wounded and casualties. Records of MIA and KIA are being kept and the 'MedStar' Transport will continue to bring it Medical Supplies, Water and Food.

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the rest of the CIS Teams have made it to the landing zone, and have also set up more Triage centers. Red Cross flights increase, and more and more food and supplies arrive daily. Monetary funds will be transferred upon confirmation from Governing Council.


Suverina (sp? ) Medics arrive with Light Guard of about 10 Guardsmen. Restricted to the Medical Camp. Thier red cross flights also go out with ours, and begin to search for wounded civilians.

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