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International Criminal Tribunal For Yugoslavia: A

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International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia: a complex judicial tool?


Slobodan Milosevic's death on 11 March in his prison cell raises questions about the way the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) handled this trial. Some critics say it was a mistake to roll all the charges relating to Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia - more than 60 in all - into a single trial, pointing out the length and the complexity of the judicial procedures. Others say the biggest problem was that the tribunal took on mission impossible - trying to prove a chain of command between a head of state and the actions of paramilitaries.


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The important thing is that this guy spent his last years in prison. All other thing don't really matter.


The UN-war crime-tribunal is a good thing - in theory. But the way they worked on the Milosevic-case...well, that way they wouldn't have been able to convict Hitler for his crimes...Milosevic would've been in court for the rest of his life anyway, even it he'd had lived until 2030...

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I think that a tribunal to judge war criminals, cannot be so slow.

Because who commits as many horrible crimes as Milosevic - wild

butcher, cruel person, to deserve to be punished , only deserve a thing the DEATH.

I say the God made justice.

For me this had to be applied to all the criminals, who kill for

pleasure and disdain of the life human , that they do not respect

the life.

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