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KSNS- Kievan State News Service

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Government to end isolation


Today the Chancellor announced in a speach infront of the capitol that Kyiv would finally end its isolationist foreign policy and open up diplomatic channels with other nations. Other governement officials who attended the speach congrtulated the Chancellor for his wise decision, saying that it would bring new properity to the glorious fatherland.

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Nuclear Arsenal to be exanded


The War Ministry has announced plans to expand the Allied States Nuclear Arsenal. Although the details are classified it has been reported that major investments are being made in mobile launchers and fractional orbital bomdarment systems. These new systems will help ensure the Allied States security in an increasingly unstable world.



New aircraft under development


Also announced by the War Ministry are plans to field a number of new aircraft. Details are classified but plans call for a new interceptor, multirole fighter, and long range bomber. The new aircraft will incorporate the latest in stealth technology and weapon systems. A timeline has not been released.



Governement begins nationalisation of power generation


After years of inefficent managament by private companies and following the recent blackouts in the east the Governement has begun nationalising the nations power generation infastructure. The changeover should take about 2 years and a government spokesperson has guaranteed that there will be no interuption of supply.




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