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Millbrex declares "Make mine a 99"

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Warmasters Drummond and Cauty, of Millbrex have today declared their interest in lot 99. Since the upheaval of moving Millbrex from the West Pacific, and previously the Land of Mu, a permanent home had yet to be secured.


"We will take one icecream van, one ford, a stereo and some sheep and park them on lot 99. We will spend the next two weeks occupying this are until it is secured for the population of Millbrex"


Cauty later added that the occupation alone would result in a claim of 14 million Euro against Millbrex's military budget.


"We need to burn about a million euro a night, just to keep warm"




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Oh, I also have a question: would I be allowed to annex the empty lot 99 nextdoor? No one seems to occupy it so I would like to turn it into a large agricultural and mining area. Part of the profit would be shipped to friendly countries, as a token of our mutual understanding. Windmills would be placed between the fields (see image) in order to produce sufficient energy so Orioni can reduce the use of their older powerplants.


So Orioni, would you like to dipute this lot claim or give it to Millbrex?

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