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Week At The Races

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To all nations of Europa!


Deltannia is proud to announce the annual Week at the Races!


Delta City will be hosting the annual Week at the Races, a week-long parade of Cross Country, Track, and Field events. This year, we are proud to announce the opening of the new Delta Belt Stadium, that meets IAAF standards. The order of event will be posted soon, we ask all nations to apply their own athletes for the seeded sections. All unseeded sections must still meet qualifying standards. Medals are awarded to the top 6 individuals. Trophies are awarded to the top three teams in the overall meet. Point breakdown is 10-8-6-4-2-1. Standard Cross Country rules apply.


We expect some exciting times at the Belt Stadium. The world famous Brown Courses will host the cross country events. The marathon will be run throughout the city on the last day of the event. All events have seating for representatives of states, families, and just general audiences to some degree.


Please sign up today! We hope this year will be exciting!


Deltannia National Athletics League



OOC: I'm a runner, so be prepared. IAAF Is the International Association of Athletics Federations. For instance, an IAAF-certified track can host olympic events. These are the best ones. A seeded section means that more than one heat might be run of an event (i.e. 200 guys don't fit on one track, you have to break it up). I probably won't worry about qualifying times and such, because that gets really complicated, but I might just mention a few. For points, whatever you place from 1 to 6, that is the amount of points you get (i.e. 1st gets 10, 2nd gets 8, etc). High score wins in track. In Cross Country races, the low score wins. The indivdual's place is their score and low score wins (i.e, you come in 59th, that's you're score. There are some displacement exceptions). I won't into this detail at all, this was just for your information. The most detail to be gotten into would be close finishes, those are fun. Also, please don't have super athletes in all events. I will probably have some strong guys in certain events here and there. Let's make this fun, we'll just figure out who one the meet based on overall feel for the points gotten by teams, we don't need to start adding. Have fun! Oh, so excited!

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OOC: Note: 1600m is a mile. 1500m is the "metric" mile. You can figure out divisions from these, but I will use the 1600m instead of the other ones..... I spread events to make sure that people, if you wanted to use athletes, would get rest..... Always thinking of the people...


The order of events:


Day 1:

Opening Celebrations

55m dash

55m High Hurdles

4x100m Relay

Distance Medley Relay



Day 2:

110m dash

110m High Hurdles

4x200m Relay



3000m Steeplechase


Day 3:


4x400m Relay

Sprint Medley Relay





Day 4:


4x800m Relay




Day 5:

400m Intermediate Hurdles

400m High Hurdles



4x1600m Relay



Day 6:


Shot Put

Long Jump

High Jump

Triple Jump

Pole Vault





Day 7:


End Celebrations


To all athletes, good luck, and welcome to the Week At The Races.


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