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Thieves, Rebels, And A Struggle For Power

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Sierra Noche was a peninsula around this era, and the civilizations of "Oceania, Hazell, Endopolis, and Argos" were the onlyΒ ones. It was a peaceful time in this era. But peace doesn't last, right?

In Endopolis, there was a fortress, at that time a "province" if you will. It spread and became known as a Female tribe, living on the border deserts. The "Kelester", or as they called themselves, tribe was mighty, and after people fled from their homes in Endopolis, That area was the Kelesterian Desert, where the capital "Kelester" resided. Statues of Sierra were knocked down, and ones of great female warriors and gods replaced them. They were unstoppable, and didn't plan to be stopped, because scouts were sent out looking for cities to conquer.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Endopolis had fled to Oceania, where they told of their misery in great detail. They expressed destruction and fighting and stealing, and of their invincible force and hunger for power. Oceanians took no time to question these people. They sent for troops around Sierra Noche.

The first, a fishing village called Sira, said no.

The second, a rich community called Beachland, said no as well.

Argos couldn't be happier to help, because Kelester was near, and Argives feared they were coming for them next.

Hazell, a military area, said yes gladly.

Goron and Farore said no, yet Naryu said yes.

The battlefield was on the plain of Karenth, directly between the desert and Argos. The troops sent forward, awaiting their enemies with swords and shields and bows with arrows. They saw over the distance the female warriors, spears, lances and halberds armed. As they closely examined the odds, The defending alliance had about 7000 men, and Kkelester had 6000 women.

The battle raged, blood and metal sparks everywhere. Nobody wore heavy armor, so it was a very deadly battle. The Defending Alliance was fighting to not be killed, and the Kelestarians were fighting for freedom and power, for if they lost, The alliance, or what was left, would march up to Kelester and take their people.

Kelester won.

Eagerly, in the sunset, the 800 remaining warriors marched onward to Argos.

{To be Continued}

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The battle was won by Kelestarians. The feminine tribe marched onward to Argos, camping at a hill overlooking the town. The Argives were afriad, for no one knew the result of the battle. They hoped they had won, which was most likely because of the odds. The 800 Kelestarians decided to march in to Argos, and when they did, the whole city burned to the ground. Temples were smashed, people were killed, and only few survived.

Prisoners, slaves, and other captured helots marched with the tribe directly to Oceania. A runner had warned them, but not early. Oceania had no troops, and was trampled by the women. Oceania had fallen. Sierra Noche belonged to the Kelestarians.

Nobody knows what happened next.

Many years passed, and Hazells free people needed fruit. Since they were in the same country as Kelester, they sent people in a caravan to trade with Kelester. The long trip over the desert ended with coming upon the beautiful city. The granite roads and buildings were empty. Not a soul was there. The caravan went across the nation, to Argos, Nayru, Oceania, Farore, Beachland, Goron, and Sira. No kelestarian in sight.

They haven't been sighting anywhere. An oracle in Nayru predicted they'd be in a neighbor nation, so this is simply a warning. No matter how powerful you are, The kelestarians are hidden under your wing, and could regroup, or are already in the process of regrouping...

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