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Kommando Spezialkraefte

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The Commander paced while in front of the Large Mass of 1,000 ONI Special Forces. Having served in the revolution that brough peace to the once war torn nation of Strathyclyde, the Commander, Criax Rothul, was a battle seasoned man with a dedication to peace. Looking straight into the crowd he began his speech.


"Men of the ONI SpecForce. you are assembled here for the important announcement. The ONI shall no longer exist," The commander said to gasps around the crowd.


"Instead, in your place will be the most professional. The most highly trained and equipped elite special forces units in the world. The Kommando Spezialkraefte. You will be our sword of peace and our peacekeepers. You will be our elite few , our only standing army. Your numbers will be swelled to 10,000 from the 50,000 men in our existing army units. Today's world requires an immense amount of stability and dedication to integrity, morals and above all, peace,freedom and democracy. It is now your job to uphold Strathyclyde's integrity. Our way of life."


The was a massive roar from the crowd in response to the last few lines of the Commander's speech. The Commander continued.


" You will be starting your wargames today. This is where you will train to be the best. Better than the Spec Forces of Adaptus, of Akiryu, or of Xheng. You will be the best in the world, because the US Counts on you as its only forces. You will be the Best. And because you are the best, there will be peace, and the freedom of all people's will be had not by the sword, but by your existance and knowledge there of."


Another roar greeted this statement, and the Commander stated his closing remarks.


"I am reminded of the old Strathyclydian Proverb. When you sharpen your sword, you do not sharpen it for a blow. You sharpen it so that you do not need to use it."

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OOC: Well, lets look. I mean, if you think i am sounding aggressive and cutting from 150 k to 20 k troops, is aggressive, then whats Rekamgil?! Belligerent?  tongue.gif  Just kidding. I just do not see where your coming from.


Anyhow, what makes either of our spec forces great?

OOC: Joking. But all this manifest destiny type peace talking is, well, indicative of an aggresive ideology. Let's talk about it in OOC.

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Indeed, there are several instances of a few hundred soldiers holding out against tens of thousands of soldiers throughout history, and not just the best of the best, but average or above average troops against supposed elite units. Although training is absolutely paramount, competent leadershipw tih comepetent troops, properly equipped and supported will be hard pressed to lose.

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The commander was sifting through his reports and he came across one of the daily status reports on the Kommando Traning.



user posted image


--------- STATUS, REORT 2-26-06a ------------



All units are training heavily. Near completion and will continue to train in shifts on regular duty assignments. New Equipment and weapons have been introduced, fully outfitted. Aor Force outfitted as well.




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