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Birds Of Prey Pact


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***People's Federation Statement***


Today an agreement was made by both the Governments of Survernia, and Adaptus on a new non-aggresion pact, known as the Birds of Pray Pact, after both nations national animals. We are happy to announce to the world our new allies, and hope a prosperous future to Survernia. Let this be the start of a great period for both nations. May our other great allies accsept this, and may this prosper also.

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I, prince of Suverina and the entire population of Suverina hopes that our agreement is only the begining of a great co-operation.(right word?)

We wish the people of Adaptus a great and prosperous future, may our relations improve even further!


In the future Suverina will strive for concluding even more non-aggression pacts with other nations so that peace will remain as peace is the only solution.

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