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The Space Federation Of Adaptus

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OOC: Hehe, far future-tech, I like this.


Adaptus in the 3rd millenium has changed dramaticly. The spot of land within Europa has now becam a small colony. the Federation now spreads many planets, and galaxies. The Planets are huge industrial hartlands, with huge towering factories. The whole populance is in one way or another involved in the military, and no longer does a Prime Minister sit at the top. After a large civil war in 2989, the old government was deposed, and the Emperor once again took full control.


Emperor Grandius Maximus was the Emperor who led the rebelion. He is the only known relative of the great Emperor Adaptus Maximus, the man who forged the Empire of Adaptus all those years ago. Grandius Maximus unfortunitly was mortal wounded in the final clash of the rebelion, in his fight with the old Prime Minister, Prime Minister Ramsey, yes another Ramsey, the 11th to take charge. Now Maximus resided, as the immortal Emperor, blood nolonger flows through his veins, but cold yellow plasma, and in a sence, he fight was in vein it's self, as now the Federation is ran by the Emperors minions, who also tend his every need, as he sits upon his eternal thrown, in a constant state of semi-consiousness.

user posted image

Emperor Grandius Maximus, atop his immortal thrown


The Military runs the show now. Vast ships cruise space, and orbit the planets, and mighty Space Marines spearhead the assult. Imperial Guardsmen rome the universe, fighting for their Emperor, and dieing for their homeland. In some respects, the military runs the Federaion, with it's vast might, and huge machines.

user posted image

Blood Angles, one of the many chapters of the mighty Space Marines


The people of the Federation have also changed. Most find it hard to escape the eye of the Emperor. Men can be found if not working in one of the many factories, armed and ready to fight. Women, women to most of the other jobs for the federation, most of the orgonization jobs and such, but still some find themselfs part of the ranks of the Sisters of Battle, a all female corps linked to the Space Marines.


The Cities of the Federation are smoke and soot choked huge towering metal spaces, surrounded by either jungle, desert, water, snow, swamp or forest. Cities are now classed as megacities, and only a few are dotted about on a planet, about 150 to ever planet, this shows the shear size of such places. Out in the hart of space also sit many space stations, which act as floating cities, which dock many huge monstorus space craft, the largest of which being the Imperium, which stands at 260.3 Kilometers long.


This was just a sort introduction into Adaptus in the 3rd millenium. Much has changed since the days of Prime Minister Ramsey, and the old People's Federation. Now, in the this time, the Federation is a huge military controled, industrial power, waiting to strike at anyone.

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Segmentum System - Lv4-26 Colony - Critan 3 - 3078


Groups of mercenaries were fighting the Imperial Guard on the planes of Critan 3, fighting over the colony at LV4-26. Restless with the resent subjugation of Critan 3, the alien mercenaries had become rebels, nothing that the Federation hadn?t dealt with before.


The aliens were fierce fighters, and excellent in a close up brawl, and they knew it, and so did the Imperial Guard. The aliens, known as the Cyrans, were fighting the for their homeland. At the moment, both sides were locked in trench warfare, along a 30 mile long front, with little movement, until now.


It was about 7:30 in the morning, and the Imperial Guardsman at the Delta sector of the trench line were changing shifts for watch, when suddenly a huge crash came down upon the line.


"Bloody hell, there shelling from space, where the hell is the Adroptianus? It should be watching that part of space."


"Ah, sod it, get to your position, they will be attacking!"


"Yes Sir."


The shelling continued for several minutes, until silence fell, and dust rolled across the planes to the west, the direction of the Cyran trenches. After what seemed an eternity, the sound of Cyran roars were heard, and through the dust, the faint outlines of the first aliens was seen.


"HERE THEY COME!" screamed a Major.


As he shouted, and round flew past and struck a Guardsman right in the head.


"Bloody hell, they hit something, return fire!"


With that hit, the whole of Delta section of the trench opened up, the whole of the 9th Dragoon Guards Regiment fired, unleashing a hail of laser fire. The Cyran bodies mounted, but still they came, closer and closer, firing as they came.


"Sergeant, we need tanks!" Commanded another Major


"Right away sir."


The sergeant began yelling over the radio, as bullets whizzed by his head. The Guardsmen, returning with everything they had. Several Cyrans managed to reach the trenches, but were tackled by several Guardsmen at once.


After a while of fighting, a large thud was heard, and then an explosion on the dusty horizon, where the Cyrans came from, and then another and another, until several Mammoth Tanks steamed past, ploughing over the trenches, and pushing the Cyrans back.


"Come on lads, there retreating."


With that statement, the whole regiment rose "over the top", and began a counter-charge against the Cyrans.....

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