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The Mighty Leaders Of Europa...

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Noticed: please consult the newer version of this thread published in 2021.

Whether you're a dictatorship, monarchy, empire, or democracy, every contry has their leader. These people have led up through the generations in peace, war, trade, and such. I devote this thread to remembering the mighty leaders who lead us in the time we were lost, blind, or in a state of confusion. Let us remember:

The following are leaders to be remembered, and their country (to get listed reply with the bio suggested below)

  • Emporer Brenn Arsony, Sierra Noche
  • Prince Matyias The Great, Suverina
  • Holy Emperor St. Theodosius I Carus, Tagmatium Rules
  • Inishiro Heisan, Ide Jima
  • Emporer Tinsman, Europtima
  • Andrew Ramsey, Adaptus
  • Joni Nab?rrie (Empress Orioni), Orioni


Bio needed (standard)


In position:




Events lived through:


more fields may be added. Let us rejoice!

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Name: Holy Emperor St. Theodosius I Carus

In position: Holy Emperor of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Country: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Capital: Tagmatica, the traditional capital of Tagmatium

History: Born to Holy Emperor Constantius III Carus and Holy Empress Carolina on the 4th April, 1972, when the Imperial government was in exile, during the Republic of Tagmatium which lasted from 1969 to 1995. Grew up in exile, but returned to Tagmatium on 7th June, 1995, when a popular revolution otherthrew the oppressive Republic and replaced it with the Holy Empire again. He also took part in the storming of the Republican Palace Complex with his Imperial Household Guard, which was the final nail in the coffin for the old regime. The last Holy Emperor to actually take part in a military action as a consequence. He led Tagmatium as it came out of the stagnation of the Republican period, and helped make it become one of the leading players in Europan politics. He was shot through the head by a Conservative League of Tagmatium-employed sniper in Petrium on 28th of January 2005, a move which heralded the start of the Civil War, between the Imperial Government and the Conservative League of Tagmatium.


Is now considered a saint by the Orthdox Church of Tagmatium.

Events lived through: The long period of the Empire-in-Exile, the storming of the Republican Palace Complex and the refounding of the Holy Empire.

Quotes: Nothing particularly memorable.

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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Name: Inishiro Heisan



President of the Federal Ide Jiman Republic

Governor for the District of Serekan



The Federal Republic of Ide Jima






The son of a general in the Ide Jiman Red Army and a captain in the Red Navy, Heisan witnessed the brutality of the left wing regime. This has impacted greatly on the president, who now bans communism throughout the nation. Heisan heads the Ide Jiman nationalist party, currently in power. The far right wing views held by his party have lead to some accusations of oppression, although any such oppression will be shortlived - as the army enforces free elections.


Events Lived Through:

-The P21 Incident, Heisan was a lieutenant on a Destroyer

-The Native Wars in Ide Jima - Heisan authorised several controversial airstrikes

-The Fall of Communism



'Fat People are Harder to Kidnap'

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Bio needed (standard)

Name: Emporer Tinsman


In position: various dictatorial titles. changes randomly biggrin.gif


Country: The Allied States of Europtima


Capital(s): Hrothgar and Baltimore


History: Originally a poorly developed colony of Vanarambaion, the Van troops withdrew to fight in the Pot wars. Left to our own devices, we founded a government and military and set to developing the country. After a brief, bloody stint with democracy, Tinsman, a nephew of teh ruler of Vanarambaion started a coup and founded the current dictatorship.


Events lived through: The Pot wars, various conflicts with enemies of my alliances, such as TCN and Xheng.


Quotes: "Keep your friends close. Just kill your enemies" laugh.gif

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Name: Andrew Ramsey

Position: Adapton Primer (Prime Minister)

Country: Adaptus (Imperia Region)

Capitol: Ramseygrad

History: Born in 1964, he is the grandson of the Famous Field Marshal also named Andrew Ramsey. He was born in Newcastle, he attended Hartford University, one of the top universities in Adaptus. he started out in the Adapton Conservative Party at the age of 25, he later fell out with the party leader and left, after gaining backing from Vicker Weapon Systems, and several other companies, he set up the People's Party of Adaptus. This made him very popular, both with the public and the military. After several years he found himself Prime Minister. Again after serving 2 terms he found himself being exiled to a small island to the south west by Ivon Avesky in the Fatherist Revoloution, later that year he was part of a counter-coupe to re-take Adaptus from the evil Fatherists, and re-enstateing the old Monarchy, and now currently is sitting in a Comfrance in Nimarci


Events lived through:-

CLF Crisis 1972-81

CLF Rebelion

Fatherist Revoloution

Fatherist Expulstion


Quote: "What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better"



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Name: Emporer Brenn Arsony


In position: Emporer


Country: Sierra Noche


Capital: Argos (Province of Hazell)


History: Brenn was a good Emporer, though assasinated at Endopolis during the Noche rebellion. His grandfather founded polethesium among Sierranese-Nochain people.

He was also a popluar military character, and only regretted retreating at Sombre.


Events lived through: THe battle at Sombre, Argos becoming independant, The Erkia Rebellion, the Noche Rebellion, The War with Plutenite, Civil Negotiations


Quotes: "When I die, bury me in a coffin filled with roses and push me in a current, so I may travel beyond Sierra's Sanctuary (heaven)"


"Do not fight with your life, fight with the willpower and soul of a Free man."


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Empress Orioni, also known as Orioni CXXVI, and formerly known as Joni Nab?rrie.


In position:

Her Royal Highness Empress Orioni



The Beautiful Empire of Orioni



Orionopolis, commonly refered to as O'polis



Born on december 8th 1982 as Joni Nab?rrie, first daughter of Hensei Nab?rrie (former Empress Orioni CXXV), the bright young woman became Empress Orioni on march 1st 2004, when her mother died in a car-crash (read). Since then, the young royal had a turbulent time learning to balance on the ropes of the international european scene.


Events lived through:

Pot Wars I and II, foundation of the ECA (European Commercial Alliance), founding of all major alliances.



"Bloody hell! The Councillor of Foreign Affairs clearly didn't do his job!"

"They won't know what hit them"

"Damn you Pristo!"

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Name: Richard Haller

Position: President Dictator (Executive Power, and former Moderator of Emakeran Politics)

Country: Emakera

Capitol: Pa?o



Born in November 9 of 1974 in the city of Angra, Richard Haller was the son of one of the families of settlers that founded Pa?o city, the capital of the newly formed Emakeran state. He grew up close to the government figures of his country, and almost breathed politics. When 9 years old, he was struck by leukemia. At 16 years old, he joined the communist party of Emakera, the ruling power back then. When the former president, Danilo Marquezini, died of a heart attack in 1995, Richard was elected president of Emakera by the communist party, and has drastically changed the country with numerous political and social reforms, and the embracement of more capitalistic ways, although maintaining the socialist ideas in part.


Events lived through:

- The end of communism


Quote: "I?m not a wise man, but my heart is on the right place"

In various occasions.


"While there are horses, St. George won?t go by foot"

In an interview to a local newspaper.


"It?s growing like a ponytail. Heading down."

Answering a reporter?s question about the economy of Emakera, in early 1996


"As the laying old man said..."

Sentence usually said before quoting an Emakeran saying


"Nukes are only enfeite. If they weren?t, they?d fly day yes, day not."

Richard Haller on nuclear weapons


"My grandma said more clever things than i did. Why her quotes aren?t on an history book as well?"

On quotes

Edited by Emakera (see edit history)
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Name: Christoph the Great of Vanarambaion (Last name: Tinsman; uncle of Emperor Tinsman of Europtima, adopted son of General Van Helsing, previous emperor of Vanarambaion).


In position: (Long Title):His Imperial Majesty, Bishop of Thule, Vicar of the Synod, Successor of Richard, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff, Patriarch of the South, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Servant of the Vanarambaion Masses, and Imperator

(Short Title): Holy Emperor


Country:The Holy Confederacy of Vanarambaion




History: Born on September 23, 1924, to an old aristocratic family who'd lost everything but their titles on the outskirts of Thule, Christoph became active in the church at an early age. After the Conscription Act of 1950, Christoph joined the military, while remaining active in the church. Due to his superior education from the church, he rose through the ranks as an outstanding tactician. Eventually, he met General Van Helsing, last in the current line of Emperors, and the two became friends. When Van Helsing took the throne in the early 1980s, he adopted Christophe as his son, making him next in line for the throne, and made him head of the Vanarambaion High Command and Marshal of the Realm. When Emperor Van Helsing was assassinated, Marshal Van Helsing placed a look-alike on the throne while he worked behind the scenes. Although it seemed as though the Vanarambaion government had collapsed, in reality it was only undergoing strenuous renovation. At the end of it, Christophe assumed the throne, now head of the Holy Church of Vanarambaion, and the Holy Confederacy of Vanarambaion. With supreme power, he disbanded the Vanarambaion Parliament (though he later reinstated it as a debating club with very little actual power) and removed the constitutional monarchy, turning Vanarambaion back into a hereditary monarchy.



Events lived through: The First and Second Pot Wars, Founding of the ECA, Founding of The Alliance, the alliance wars, the imperialist period of Vanarambaion, Reunification of the Island, the Independence of Europtima (and its recent propping up as an ally).


Quotes: "I am going to explain to you why we went to war. Why mankind always does to war. It is not social or political. It is not countries that go to war, but men. It is like salt. Once one has been to war, one has salt for the rest of one's life. Men love war because it allows them to look serious. Because it is the one thing that stops women from laughing at them. Night fell again. There was war to the south, but our sector was quiet. The battle was over. Our casualties were some thirteen thousand killed--thirteen thousand minds, memories, loves, sensations, worlds, universes--because the human mind is more a universe than the universe itself--and all for a few hundred yards of useless mud."


"Today we did what we had to do. They counted on Vanarambaion to be passive. They counted wrong."


"All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring."


"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."

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Name: Justinus Fritz Imbel

In position: Emperor, supreme ruler of Damak Var

Country: The Empire of Damak Var

Capital: Vonrichkover

History: Damak Civil War ended. After which Damak Var was left to be a staggering nation. With fear of another civil war and determination to ensure order, Grand General Gerhard disposed of the parliament and established himself as Emperor. At his death, Justinus Fritz Imbel was elected Emperor by the executive council. He has ruled Damak Var ever since. Justinus has turned the nation around making it a emerging world power in economics. As well as maintaining a strong military and virtually eradicating crime.

Events lived through: The Damak Civil war

Quotes: "There will be order or there will be death"

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Name: Gabriel Byrne

In position: High Chancellor

Country: Marsitrania

Capital: Vilamar

History: Born in 1982 the son of Catholic parents in the agricultural nation of Marsitrania, Byrne is an ardent patriot and a fiery orator known for his stirring right-wing rhetoric. He is a known ultranationalist, placing his country above all other needs, although his critics refer to him as a rabble rouser. Nonetheless, Marsitrania is a heavily conservative country dominated by Christianity, approximately 40% of whom are Catholic and 60% are Protestant. The long established monarchy which preceded the nation's transformation into a modern republic never drew its power from divine rationale however, so there is little inter-factional strife.


The previous king was heavily critized for his corruption and for his utter lack of attention to the needs of his own people. Most Marsitranians celebrated his swift overthrow in mid-2006. Byrne, while a nationalist, remains a pragmatic and skilled politician, and was the only candidate among the revolutionary conspirators to enjoy the support of the country's large conservative base. Through a combination of threats, cajolery and promises, Byrne received the blessings of the revolutionary council to assume the mantle of leadership for a new government administration. To the surprise of some, he declared his post to be that of High Chancellor - a position drawn and elevated from the old monarchy, and considered to generally be an advisor above responsibility but with tremendous power and influence over decision makers. It remains to be seen what sort of power he actually holds, and how he will choose to wield it.


Events lived through: Fall of Marsitranian monarchy, establishment of the Republic of Marsitrania

Quotes: "I will cease to refer to the monarchy as corrupt when it ceases to refer to all citizens as plebians."


"The so-called humanists who claim to support this movement for revolutionary change do us all great shame by way of their flawed reasoning. They wish to demolish this government because it impedes their own silly notions of progress, whereas I wish to destroy it because it impedes national greatness."


"God and this country are inseparable entities, and I fully intend to rule with His consent."

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Name: Danielle (Cohen)

In position: Queen of Cohen and Empress of the Dominion

Country: Cohen-Thomas

Capital: Lancaster (Cohen); Portsmouth (Cohen-Thomas)


History: Born in 1982, the eldest daughter of King Simon and Queen Miriam, Danielle was an exceptionally intelligent child. She was educated at one of the finest Academies in Europa, before entering Columbia University. She graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2000.


Danielle spent the summer before her senior year with Claudia Thomas, the younger sister of John Thomas, the richest man in the Archipelago where the Kingdom of Cohen is situated. The following fall, John Thomas visited Danielle frequently. That winter, John Thomas visited the King and Queen of Cohen and announced his intention to marry Danielle. The King and Queen forbid Danielle from marrying the commoner John Thomas. That spring, Danielle defied her parents and secretly married John Thomas and moved into his penthouse apartment in New York.


Within months of Danielle?s graduation, both of her parents died and she became Queen of Cohen. After her coronation, Danielle and John Thomas had an official marriage ceremony at the Lancaster Palace. After the ceremony, The Dominion Charter was signed, uniting the Kingdom of Cohen with the other States in the Archipelago under the influence of the John Thomas Corporation.





Name: John Thomas

In position: First Citizen

Country: Cohen-Thomas

Capital: Portsmouth


History: John Thomas was born in the early 1970s. He spent his impressionable years in the Cohen Royal Navy. Unable to attend school, Thomas was self-educated, learning both from books and observations he made during his travels across the globe. After several tours of duty with the navy, Thomas partnered with a number of his Naval colleagues to form the John Thomas Corporation, based in Portsmouth.


After many years, the lesser States in the Cohen Archipelago depended more and more on the John Thomas fleets for protection and commerce. Even officers and ensigns of the Cohen Royal Navy would retire only to join the John Thomas fleets. John Thomas rose to become the wealthiest man in the Archipelago, even richer than the Royal Family of Cohen.


John Thomas? younger sister, Claudia Thomas, attended Columbia University and was classmates with Danielle Cohen, heir to the Kingdom of Cohen. When John Thomas first saw Princess Danielle, he was instantly in love. That summer, Danielle spent less time with Claudia Thomas and more with John Thomas. He had Danielle move into his private Penthouse in Manhattan with his sister. Danielle and John Thomas married in January of 2005 in a civil ceremony in New York City. They also participated in a royal ceremony later that year, after Danielle became Queen of Cohen.


As first citizen of Cohen-Thomas, John Thomas decreed that elections for a 60 member Dominion Assembly would occur in early December. This move would be the first step in making Cohen-Thomas a Constitutional Monarchy.

Edited by Cohen-Thomas (see edit history)
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Name: Commodus Michael James (pronounced Jam-ees)

In position: Holy Emperor

Country: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Capital: Tagmatica

History: Born on the 15th of August 1942 as the eldest of three children to Christophorus James, a minor civil servant of a middle class family who worked his way up to Imperial Secretary of Holy Emperor Constantine VIII (?the Mad?) and was later Minister of the Interior under Leo II, and Helena Brewer, also from a middle class family. Commodus attended mainstream schools, as his father was determined that he wouldn?t have a sheltered existence, even though he was a Minister?s son. He attended the prestigious Prousa University, where he got a 2:1 in History and International Politics. Commodus, showing a natural talent in languages, then moved into a minor position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where it looked like he was set to have an uneventful career as a member of the diplomatic corps.


However, this all changed with the military coup led by General Konig. Along with a large portion of the Imperial Government and their families, Commodus was forced into exile, living on the run for a period of time. During this Empire-in-Exile, he was able to rise in the Imperial Government before becoming a member of the inner circle of Constantius Carus, the Holy Emperor. Commodus remained a trusted friend when Constantius died of lung cancer in 1981 and was made High Chancellor in 1986. When the Old Republic was toppled in 1995, Commodus retained the position of High Chancellor under Constantius? son, Theodosius.


He was voted into power as Holy Emperor after a near run election victory against his Vice Chancellor, Philip Commenus and has led the Greater Holy Empire through numerous crises and made it into one of the strongest nations in Europa. Known to be very authoritarian and adamant he knows of all of the actions of the Imperial Government, as well as personally steering Tagmatium politically, acting in a very absolutist manner, even going as far to elminate political threats to his rule over the Greater Holy Empire. He feels that he knows best for the future of the Greater Holy Empire and has been proved right in this respect so far.

PersonalityCommodus is known to be a very cold and distant ruler, rarely seen by the people of the Greater Holy Empire in public. This, combined with the fact that he is very authoritarian and makes every decision himself, means that many of his detractors can paint him as a dictator who rules with an iron fist.

Events lived through: The Sevrun War, Konig?s Coup, the Empire-in-Exile, the Storming of the Imperial Palace Complex, the Tagmatine Civil War, the Cenape Islands Incident, the Plot 21 Incident, the Abyssioan Peacekeeping Mission, the First Adapton Civil War, the Tinian War, the Tarragat War, the Second Adapton Civil War.


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Name: Rose Amoros.


In position: Nation?s General Secretary.


Country: People?s Republic of Red Iberic Workers.


Capital: Puerto Naxos.


History: Born in Mira, a village in Castilla-Tierra Comunera region, on December the 6th on 1972. Daughter of a state employee agronomist and a housewife. She hardly lives the last years of Carlos G?ngora in power. Her family moved to Valence on 1985. When she was 16 years old she took part in the demonstrations against the orthodox URSSI regime, looking for progressive concessions. In fact she was imprisoned. When the Perestroika arrives on 1992, Rose was studying Agronomist and she was witness of the conversion of economic sectors and state factories to private ownership and subsequent workers massive dismissals. When she was 25 years old, on 1997, in midst Neo-Liberal Period, she wrote ?Two Governments, same Direction? which criticized that orthodox communist and liberal governments are far away from people needs and they are the two sides of the same coin with oppression and delusion, she defended in their conclusions a new way to socialism without the orthodox mistakes, a real democratic People?s Republic. People, specially young people, started to follow their ideas and some left-wing intellectuals call their ideology like: New Socialism, New Wave to Socialism, Ostalgic or Iberic Socialism. On 1997 she enrolled in the Communist Party and started to go up positions. On 1999 a nationalist attack killed the General Secretary of Communist Party, some journalist told that the Neo-Liberal Government was behind it, accusing Patty Das and Pepe Ansar to give support to nationalists. The situation was critical, with strikes and paramilitary nationalist attacking workers and intellectuals. On October 1999, the Communist Party in his annual assembly elected Rose for General Secretary. From here she thought that the only way for expelling the Neo-Liberals is taking frenzied and not democratic measures, a Revolution.


Hidden for public life avoiding hypothetical nationalist attacks she moved her contacts. In her process to iberic new revolution, she contacted the army general with nostalgic ideologies, Chaves, the General Secretary of the National Trade Union, an important position of the Communist Party, Miguel Perdido and the Representative of the Indigenous Ga?anaco?s Community, Julio Valerio. On August 2000, together held a secret meeting in a small village near Puerto Naxos, Calella in Brave Coast, for preparing the way to Revolution, this meeting was called ?the summer meeting of five?, and it expected to shock neo-liberal system in the first days, taking advantage of surprise factor. Chaves would try a coup d??tat moving his army faction; the General Secretary of the National Trade Union would try a general strike; the indigenous and communists would try protests in cities. All of them set the day for Revolution on the 7th September 2001.


So in that date, at the morning, the revolutionaries took the streets and some military and police headquarters. Soon they had the entire south (Naxeria and South Castilla-Tierra Comunera) and besieged the capital city, Puerto Naxos while in the Neo-Liberal sector the production reduced to 80% consequence of the general strikes. Bloody battles decided the fate of war to the Revolution like the Bridges Battle (near Cuenca), Puerto Naxos (The Workers Town Battle) and Valence.

With the victory Rose Amoros turned on the New Socialism and its lines of action: system with no political parties, direct democracy, self-organised factories and companies, attaching importance to Environment and civil rights, etc.

She won the elections on 10th February 2004 and she is now representing the Republic.


Events lived through:

- URSSI ? Red Terror.

- ?Perestroika?.

- The Neo-Liberal Period.

- The neo-socialist Revolution.


Quotes: ?In all our History we have been waiting for a system that gave power to People. Never had happened before? The orthodox communists promised us jobs, houses, public wealth? But the fell in the same corruption like the capitalist. These, the neo-liberals, gave us, the workers, pleasure and comfort: televisions, cars... silencing while our voice and our rights. The two systems have a characteristic in common: they was deceiving us, they was hiding the power that is ours. Now is time to revert the situation. You are going to decide the most important things that will happen in our Republic, the bad and the good things and it will be complicated, now we are all in the same ship and all together we have to move it, sailing to the unknown, it will be a difficult travel and adventure but it?s our opportunity on History to tell what we want? Good Luck, comrades? (Speech on the origin of the New People?s Republic.)

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Kaiser Maximilian Von Wagner III

user posted image

Maximilian Von Wagner through conspiracy and other incidents went from Prince to Kaiser of Cypriceos recently. Was born mute (He can't speak)

Born: June 5, 1949

City: Wagner

Nationality: German

Kaiser: May 12, 2007

Favourite Sports: Powerball (Cypriceos extreme team handball)

CUFC (Is seen watching various matches at the casino's and resorts in Callisto City and usually invites the winners to his Royal Reich Palace in Valinor for dinner.

Addictions: Jagermeister


Collecting Europan small arms from all era's

Positions held: Prince of Cypriceos

Tank Commander in CRA

More bio will be added later but just to point out. Most of the events that brought him to power were actually conspiracies made by Maximilian and several of his influential friends in government.

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President Panos


user posted image


Born: June 15th, 1959

In Position: President of The Confederacy

Capital: Tarentum

History: In the making



"He that lives on hope, dies fasting."

"A lie told often enough becomes truth."

"Freedom in Capitalist societies exists much as it did in the ancient Greek replublics: freedom for the slave owners."

"Blessed are the sleepy ones, for they shall soon drop off."

"If we don't change our course; we will eventually get where we're going."

"As long as the preist, that professional negator, slanderer, and poisoner of life is reguarded as the superior type, there will be no answer to the question: What is Truth?"

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Name: ?Consejero? Jos? Aza?a

In position: ?Consejero?, President of The Hortalezian Republic of The Cathunters.

Country: The Hortalezian Republic of The Cathunters

Capital: Alcal? D.F.

History: Born in Alcal? D.F. in November, 20, 1947 (then, National Day of The Cathunters when 50 atomiums were sacrified by the King), soon proved to be a worthy brain since his first years of life. Not very popular at school, he was always one of the three best students at his level until he reached the University, where he passed graduate with honors in Cathunterian Philology and History. It was in that time when he entered in contact with some left-wing republican parties, which were out of legality in that time. He became a very important person in his party, Republican Left, in the following years, reaching the sub-secretary of treasury. After the death of the entire royal family in a plane accident in July 1990 while on their holidays, the party begun under his command a mass-media campaign calling the people to not vote any of the two legal parties, the Monarchy Party and the National Party, political branch of the Army. Prosecuted by the military and the interim government?s secret agencies, he almost died with some other important leaders of more parties in a very dark happening when, during a secret meeting in the little town of Hortaleza, 2 planes of the rebel Air Force rioting against the government struck the town and destroyed it, killing 153 people and wounding 75 more. It was after this when the media campaigns moved by Aza?a against the interim government and the named ?silent civil war?, involving fights between military units for territorial control, became more active, calling the people to revolt against the internal situation and asking for a clean referendum of which political system did the people want: a dictatorial regime directed by the military, another one directed by the nobility or a free and open Federal republic. Then, a series of happenings involving the defeat of the rebel army by the loyal military and very popular general strikes moved the interim government to call for a clean Referendum on May, 1991 overseen by the UN which led to the overwhelming victory of the Republican side, and the subsequent free elections taken place on November, when Aza?a was claimed as the absolute winner. He is the ruler of The Cathunters since 1991 until date, there have been elections every 4 years and have always been won by him with a very wide advantage.

Events lived through: Political prosecution (1969-1991), The Chaos Period (1988-1992), Refoundation (1991-1993).

Quotes: ?Es la hora de todos! (a quote from the 1990 mass-media campaign)

?Casi la espicho! (A Cathunterian medieval voice, said after the air strike on Hortaleza)


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Name: Eli Myllyharju, often presented with the addition "Ttoille," representing Myllyharju's status as a member of the royal household and Imperial family.

In position: President and Regent of the Glorious Dominate of Beautancus

Country: The Glorious Dominate of Beautancus

Capital: Ttoille, Province of Inner Beautancus

History: Born on March 08, 1960 in one of the Imperial residences in Ttoille, Myllyharju's entire life has been intimately tied to that of his Lord, Janus. Born some three months before Janus, it was decided at this time that the two children would be raised together, with Myllyharju receiving whatever attention and training that would be necessary to ensure that he would provide life-long council for the unborn Prince.

Most of Myllyharju's childhood was spent in the equivalent of Cussian luxury, though a strict regimen of martial and theological training was required of both youths. Though Myllyharju never attended any sort of academy or college, he received tutelage from the most gifted teachers in Beautancus, in subjects ranging from linguistics to foreign political science.


After a brief stint in the National Defense Brigades as artillerist-officers alongside Janus, Myllyharju was forced into exile upon the ascension of Janus' older brother to the Throne. Both men presented a clear danger to the authority of August, and were far too deeply ingrained in the national consciousness to simply assassinate. As such, the two along with their household of nearly two thousand were forced into exile abroad, chiefly residing in (the Reupublic of) Tagmatium, what was then the Aristocratic Confederation, and Miiros. During this time, Myllyharju continued to educate himself, now preparing for an inevitable return to his homeland- and more importantly for the unimaginable role as the first President of Beautancus, a role dreamed up for him by a much younger Janus. Patience and careful planning paid off for the two, and the opportunity presented itself for them to return and make a grab for the Throne. After a brief but bloody civil war and subsequent coup, Janus was established upon the Throne as Emperor Janus IV of the House Ttoille, with Myllyharju serving first as his Regent. Within months, Myllyharju was named as President and given the necessary authority to pursue his vision for the nation. Though Janus may claim credit for legitimizing the concept of progressivism in Beautancus, Myllyharju is chiefly responsible for the sweeping reforms witness in the Dominate, and is the originator of the concept of a Cussian "cultural revolution."


Myllyharju has something of a reputation as a lover of fine drink and flesh of all kinds and as such remains unmarried and uninvolved with a steady partner (though he does maintain relationships with several "regular" companions), as well as displaying a keen fondness for some of the more martial Cussian leisure activities- most notably kick-boxing (Myllyharju provides patronage for a number of high-ranking national-level title contenders) and Cussian "theopera". Myllyharju also has a fascination with flight, and takes the chance to fly (whether as pilot or passenger) whenever it presents itself.


Events Lived Through: Exile and the Augustinian Regime (1983-1990), Cussian Civil War (1989 [1990]-1992), Janusite Reconstruction (1992-1994), Cussian Cultural Revolution (1994-present)


Quotes: "They hate us!? That is well- let them hate, so long as they fear." - Myllyharju to Waelfwulf circa 1991, concerning Augustinian Loyalists and Conservative-Traditionalists sentiments towards the would-be Emperor and his supporters. The quote carried over, and is the generally acknowledged government sentiment whenever dissent (now rare) arises.

Edited by Beautancus (see edit history)
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Name: Michael Corrino


In position: Lord Protector of Nisadon


Country: The Republic of Nisadon


Capital: Rellos, Nisadon


History: Michael Corrino was born into the Tzen Imperial family through his mother's marriage to Emperor Peter II, the reigning monarch at the time. He spent much of his childhood with the confines within the Imperial Palace, only to be sent away for schooling when he was in his mid-teens. Upon the death of his father, Michael became the Emperor of the Imperium and Lord Protector of Nisadon, a position his family, the Corrinos had maintained since the days of the first founding (even today, though their power has been severely weakened by President Maxe). Although he was Emperor of the Imperium, he spent a considerable amount of time acting in his role as the Lord Protector, leaving Imperial administration to his advisors. Corrino was responsible for the recognition of the native Avvars, Alammani and Clayne and bringing about a period of prosperity across the Old World. Lord Protector Corrino's reign as both Nisadon's heredity noble and Emperor of the Imperium came to an abrupt end when he went insane, causing a Imperial civil war (resulting in Nisadon's emigration from the Old World) and killed a large number of his own family members. Before he could be captured by his own soldiers, Corrino committed suicide, leaving the diminished title of Lord Protector to his son, Sebastian, who barely survived his father's attack.


Events Lived Through: Conclave of Rellos, Imperial Reorganization, Native Recognition, Imperial Civil War (died)


Quotes: "We will always have enemies but I would rather have my enemies close to me so I can teach them a lesson, a lesson to prove that they are weak, uncivilized and that they require our guiding hand."

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