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A Bit of Help?

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It seems that I have 4.448.836.642 $ (dollars, not suverin rubels)


To me that seems to be a lot of money. Is it way too much??


I was thinking of buying a counple of airplanes and a few tanks, therefore it would be good to know how much money I have.


Any help is appreciated!

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Then we have government waste, ( think that is how much money there's left)

Government Waste: S$6,228,357,300.00


and exchange rate.

Exchange Rate: S$1.3923 = $1


So i took 6,228,357,300.00 divided with 1,4.


Thats the wrong way?


edit. Or are you meant to use some percantage of the defensebudget???

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The Defence budget is listed amoung the others. Heres yours.


Defense: S$8,968,834,512.00 16%

Okey, but doesent some og the money go to keeping the forces I've got?


(thats 6.406.310.365 $)


Thats still alot of money....


Weaponsystems... Nah.. That doesent fit into my doctrines. Primarily I though of getting a coulple of airplanes and some tanks.

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We have everything you need at Vickers from tanks to aircraft, to huge ships, to small arms, everything you need. wink.gif


Some of the money will go to maintiaining weapons and such, but about a 3rd will be spending money.

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Ah heres some of our Tanks.


Challenger 2 E MBT


user posted image


The Challenger 2 MBT currently serves with our armed forces, but however is not for sale, alought Challenger 2 E's are for sale. these are basicly Challenger 2's but built for the export market.


Crew: 4

Maine armorment: 120mm

Max speed: 56Km/h

Range: 450Km

Combat weight: 62,500kg

Side slope:30%

Armor type: Chobham/steel

NBC system: yes

NV system: Yes (Gunner, commander, Driver)

Price: 7.5 Million USD each


*Exelent all round tank


Merkava MBT


user posted image


the Merkava is a great tank and once feared, it is an unconventional MBT with the engine compartment at the front and fighting compartment rear, but none the less an exelent addition to any military.


Crew: 4

Main Armorment: 105mm

Max speed: 46Km/h

Range: 400Km

Combat weight: 60,000Kg

Side slope: 38%

Armor type: steel/spaced/laminate

NBC system: yes

NV system: yes

Price: 5 million USD each


*Exelent for rough terrain like deserts.


T-84 MBT


user posted image


Another great tank by Vickers, this is in great supply, we have over 700 in surplus. these are exelent tanks, designed, for rough terrain. sports a rounded design, for more rural areas of combat, easyer to hide in more forested areas, very reliable, as not much computer tech in this one, more bog standard, alough does arm it's self with a fire control system, and electronic turret, and auto-loader, the rest mainly mechanic.


Crew 3

Total weight in combat order 48 t

Main gun 2A46M-1 125-mm Smoothbore Gun

Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm

Traverse range 360 degrees

Machine guns 1250 x 7.62-mm, 450 x 12.7-mm

Maximum road speed 65 - 75 km/h

Slope: 58?

Armour Type: Composite/Steel

Price: 3 Million Euros


*Exelent rough terrain, perfect for new nations.


T-50 MBT


user posted image


This was the crown pice of the Adapton Army in the Early 50's, after the rain of the T-40. It is an exelent Tank, and still is. Extreamly reliable. It is armed with a 100mm smoothbore gun. which backs a good punch. these are best used in huge mass formations. as theres nothing more sceary than seeing a mass of T-50's roll over the hill.


Crew 4

Total weight in combat order 36 - 36.5 t

Overall length 9000 mm

Chassis length 6040 mm

Overall width 3270 mm

Overall height 2400 mm

Main gun 100-mm Smoothbore

Machine gun 2 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm

Traverse range 360 degrees

Main gun 34 rounds

Machine gun 3500 x 7.62-mm, 200 x 12.7-mm cartridges


Engine power 520 h.p.

Maximum road speed 48 - 50 km/h

Autonomy on roads 400 km

Price: 100,000 Euros each.


*Old but efective and cheap


So help yourself.

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I am definatley going to buy some t-84's.


But, I am ALOT interested in the T-50. I need more info on the proper use of this tank. The Suverinian state army is not training for battles, it trains for the war of attrition.


Mobile, simple and quick AT guns would also be nice if i could purchase some.

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The T-50 is an old tank, designed in the early 50's, it was the main stay of the Adapton Army untill the 60's. it does not sport amphibious capabilites, alough can be upgrated. It has a small gun which, can also be upgrated to a 125mm Rifled or Smoothbore gun. It is esencialy an old tank, but can be upgraded. For modern times, you will be looking at the T-50M. A modernized version, exactly the same as the T-50 externaly, but has a full Fire Control System alowing more acurate fireing on the move, a Autoloader, which reduced crew members to 3, it sports a 120mm Smoothbore gun, and had Explosive reaction armour, which are those little squares which cover the vehichles softer parts. so how about that.


Also for more infomation on our other products visit us here at Vickers Weapon Systems.

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I will buy probably buy 100 T-84. (Well wait until Ive decided everything Im going to buy smile.gif )


What price are we talking about when it comes to upgraded T-50's?


Mostly its the gun Im worried about.





Any additional info about the AMI battletank apart from whats on your site?


Seems like a nice machine, do you want a buyer, give me some info QUICK! tongue.gif

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