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Castillanian Expansion


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Area 35


The trading posts of Punta del Este, Santo Domingo, and Le?n have long been established in the area of thrity-five in southern Europa. This area, directly south of Castillanos, has long been claimed by the Castillanian Monarchy but never by the Goveners of Europa. Punta del Este, found at the tip of area thirty-five, was established in 1788 as a port for the Castillanian Navy, but emerged as a trading post, generating thousands of dollars for the government with sales in lumber, metal, and tropical fruits. The land was explored more with the establishment of Santo Domingo, located on the Eastern Coast of the land and Le?n, located on the Western Coast. Since the mid-1800s, thousands of immigrants have flocked to these cities and they have emerged succesfull. The official population of all three cities has come to 950,000 and soon the numbers are looking to increase.


In conclusion, Castillanos will know officially announce it's ownership of this land, known as the east of area thirty-five, as territory of Castillanos.

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OOC: I don't want to mix in your expansion but as we are a growing region, shouldn't it be wise to keep some lots empty for newcomers? After all, you already occupy two lots if I'm not mistaken.

Hm, why was I myself claiming lot 99 again? I'm going to change that policy rightaway.

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The S.S.S.S. fully backs and supports Castillanos in the annexation of lot 35. We all ready know that Vanarambaion had problems with our annex of our two sister islands because we were moving closer to his shores so he should have no problem with you wanting to move further away..



*This lot claim seems to be challenged so lot 35 will be froze untill this matter resolved.*

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Phil IV has decided to take this oppertunity to expand their own boaders in order to house more people under the protective influence of Phil IV. Lot 28 has come to Phil IV's attention as an area of our region ravaged by anarchy in the absence of a governmental force to act there, at 7:30 on the evening of October 1st, Phils' Troops marched in to claim the region as their own.


As the troops marched into the City of Ahmsville, the citizens celebrated and welcomed them in with opened arms as the country was united under one rule once again.


In a press statement king Phil IV proposed to bring the new area of 28 under his protective wing, to root out the rebals who had been regularely attacking and causing terror and damage to the people of Lot 28, and to give them a general better quality of life.


Phil IV also hopes that this new aquisition will open up new trade routes to Castillanos, and Phil IV fully Supports Castillanos in their proposed aquisition of area 35.

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Phil IV would like to know Vanarambains motives in taking plot 15, Castillanos is taking his settlers under his wing, and our own dear army is rescuing the people from the anarchy surrounding their state, what are V's motives in aquiring territory so far from home, Phil thinks there is somthing more sinister brewing, and asks for a full inspection of the Vanarambains motives in the land of 15, where they have no apparent reason for any interest

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Vanarambaion intends to build a kind of canal in that region (in addition to the usual building of a nation) to facilitate trade between the eastern parts of the region without having to travel all the way around the continent. (We do things for the good of the region too - we're not all military-oriented wink.gif )

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Vanarambaion intends to build a kind of canal in that region (in addition to the usual building of a nation) to facilitate trade between the eastern parts of the region without having to travel all the way around the continent.

Orioni is surprised to hear about plans for such a canal because for long our country has been a transithaven for vessels from the north to the south and back, along with the Great Kings. We have strived to keep peace on the central European peninsula, in order to let all benefit from mutual trade. Now that we hear these rumors about annexations, we are very worried!


Who will take (full) control over lot #15?

Who will man this canal and control the traffic going through?

Will the surrounding nations have anything to say about this?

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The Castillanian Goverment can assure the nations of Europa that it's intentions to acquiring the Northern Region of Area Thirty-Five is only to ensure the safety of the people in the colonies and trading posts in the area. The people have longed been wanting for funding and protection, but as it is not yet a Province of Castillanos Senate has never passed approval of funding. Also, the Castillanian Army will only enter this area to establish a fort and to tell the people of Punta del Este, Santo Domingo, and Le?n that they now live in a province of Castillanos. So if granted access to claim the area, Castillanos will only help the people of this area and keep it safe from dangers.



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