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Sierra-Noche Juegos

Sierra Noche

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Come one and all!


The peninsula of Sierra Noche is holding the Juegos, A popular kind of olympics held only in few nations. (If you are interested in holding the Juegos another year please reply)


The Juegos consist of 10 events:


Serhai (Really a game with a ball and two goal posts, rather popular)

Knuckleball (Oversized Jax)

Cooling (Curling)

Trenton (A major race, 30 miles around Oceania)

Gyvra (Skating on water)

Ace (Acedemics)

Regity (Throwing a javelin so that it moves a giant sheild)

Feuro (Gymnastics, very complex)

Niji (Downhill luge, usually on wheels)

Kiliharo (Artsyness, dancing, singing, usually in pairs.)


Competetors are listed below. Everybody is encouraged to participate, so I'll list Sierra Noche's athletes below. If you wish to participate, please list your nation's name, athletes, and what sports they are playing for the gold in.


(Note: 1 team, or athlete, per event, so 10 athletes in all in your nation.)

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Athletes (teams) from Sierra Noche:


Koren Hikk, Goy Eritu, Dramen Branch, Kilo Perzival, Deo Illeana. (Serhai)


Gret Yughan, Opel Syran, Ilo Fsran (Knuckleball)


Tu Treel, Fruliom Fryut, Vasreh Ley (cooling)


Hope Hilo (Trenton)


Drek Arovw, Liki Upolio (Gyvra)


Dreat Medd, Erlin Yugoflasky, Leoo Zashred, Pequollo Frell (Ace)


Ben Ulrand, Wel Ikred, Vedruy Trokisto (Regity)


Sier Jullo, Frendal Refred (Fuero)


Jopul Kilof, Jiki Ure, Pasd Lamn (Niji)


Ally Emeral, Ryu Porsheun (Kiliharo)


you may place more athletes in certain events, no big deal. I must warn you, We are well trained... showoff.gif

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Athletes (teams) from PIRILAO:



Serhai ? Jos? Costa , Pedro Gomes , Andr? Santiago , Jord?o , Martinha

Knuckleball ? Zeca Diabo , Manuel Estrela , Ant?nio Faria , Perna Longa

Cooling - Meme , Zacarias , Chavancas , Luis Pato , Pateiro

Trenton - Z? Barbatana , Ant?nio Peixe , Miguel Piranha , Carlos Tubar?o

Gyvra ? Carla Silva , Orlada Bonica , Cara Linda

Ace (Acedemics) ? Jeitoso , Lindinho , Z? Cabeleira , Maria Escorrega

Regity ? Costa Grande , Peito Gigante , T?ni Bra?o , Atarrancado , Gorila , Fotalh?o

Feuro ? Pata Choca , Vasco Xadres , Cabrela

Niji ? Joaquim Rapido , Paulo Rodas , Nelson Acelera , C?ti Veloz

Kiliharo ? Anita P. + Jorge Travolta , Ana Cristina + Rui Dan?arino


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Welcome to the 5th annual Juegos, hosted at Sierra Noche this year!


Sierra Noche vs. Pirilao. Let's begin with a ceremony


(OOC: We'll both do our own opening ceremony)


LIghts turn on, shining up the field. All of the athletes come from the gate onto the field. A woman comes out, reconizable as Zezima Lorelei, daughter of the Most High Nova Lorelei. She holds the flag, and two general's come out and take the flag from her. Ten men wearing masks, feathered hats, no shirt, and robe bottoms come out holding blue palms, the national plant. The Tribal men line up by the athletes as the national anthem of Sierra Noche, Estrellas en colmo, and the flag is raised. The Sierranese and Nochain cheer, and a small girl gives a speech on the Tropical Coasts and Glistening Mountain rAnges of Sierra Noche.


*Pirilao will next honor us with his opening ceremony*

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It is with great honor that nation PIRILAO participates in the

cerim?nia of opening of the Sierra-Noche Juegos.


It starts with much

light and sea sound, 2 groups of volunteers extend a great blue cloth

simulating the sea. For backwards of a great fog a boat appears (imitation of the old boats used for the Republic of the PIRILAO in the old times).

After 12 salutes of cannon, the athletes of nation PIRILAO start

to leave the boat joining in the center of the stadium with the given

hands. Later they start to run, to long of the stadium, complimenting the


The games can start.

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The Juegos have been postponed. As a prediction from Ide Jima, the Red ARmy Faction is going to attack here, if theres a failed attempt with the threat on Sierra Noche. I am sorry, but our saftey is in is best thoughts. I hate to cancel them, so I won't. Just an orderly evacuation from the stadium, and they shall continue in two days.



For more information about the Threat on Sierra Noche, click here-------->Europa->Terror!

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      - Rossoneri
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      Oh and if someone wants to host the Euro Cup he shall be writting it in here. I will dice the hoster out.
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