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Timos Prize

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The Timos Prizes are irregular prizes instituted by the will of Amali Timos (1833-1896), awarded by the Timos Foundation to people (and also to organizations in the case of the Timos Peace Prize) who have done outstanding research, invented groundbreaking techniques or equipment, or made outstanding contributions to society. The Timos Prizes, which are generally awarded annually in the categories listed below, are widely regarded as a respectable commendation in Europa today.

Prize Categories

  1. Timos Peace Prize
  2. Timos Prize in Economic Sciences
  3. Timos Prize in Literature Journalism [best IC post or thread]
  4. Timos Prize in Physics, Chemistry or Technology Environmental Sciences [non-military]
  5. Timos Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Merged with IV)

Timos' Will

The prizes were instituted by the final will of Amali Timos, an Orinese geoligist, industrialist, and the exploiter of uranium. Though her work had not directly involved the creation of nuclear weapons, Timos became increasingly uneasy with the military usage of her product. It is said that this was motivated in part by her reading of a premature obituary of herself, published in error by a foreign newspaper who mistook Amali for her sister Ariana when Ariana died, and which condemned Amali as a "proponent of death." So in her will, Amali left 90% of her worth to the establishment of these prizes for "those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind."


The Timos Medals

Front (left) and back.

user posted image


The inscription reads: "Inventas vitam juvat excoluisse per artes", loosely translated "And they who bettered life on earth by new found mastery."

(Word for word: inventions enhance life which is beautified through art.) The words are taken from Vergilius Aeneid, the 6th song, vers 663; Lo, God-loved poets, men who spake things worthy Phoebus' heart; and they who bettered life on earth by new-found mastery.

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2006 nominees

    Timos Peace Prize

    Timos Prize in Economic Sciences

    Timos Prize in Literature

    Timos Prize in Physics, Chemistry or Technology

    Timos Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    (Feel free to contact me via private message if you would like to nominate any other worthy nominees.)

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    2017 Timos Prizes

    • Peace Prize: the late King Tomasso and former PM Lydia Mauve of the @Sunset Sea Islands
    • Timos Prize in Economic Sciences: the Trilateral Trade Proposal by @Fleur de Lys@Cristina and @Magnaeus
    • Timos Prize in Journalism: the reporters of @Iverica One
    • Timos Prize in Environmental Science: the Antargic Treaty Conference

    (OOC: I reshuffled the above listed categories so they match our RP awards categories.)

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    2019 Timos prizes

    Good everyone. The Timos Foundation Committee has decided to award the 2019 Timos prizes to the following laureates. These people and organisations are recognised for their outstanding research, groundbreaking inventions, or contributions to society. These laureates have made a crucial contribution to focussing attention on their respective fields. The work of this year's Timos Laureates also included promoting freedom of speech, as well as supporting economic innovation and preserving vulnerable ecozones.

    (OOC: based on the results from our 2019 RP awards.)

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