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Burgundy project

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I think this might help me. I have a project for my french class, and the project is about Burgundy, the region of France. Well, IF anyone here can help me. I need famous people that were born in Burgundy. I also need why,when, who created Burgundy. Any thing about Burgundy posted here is going to help. thank you.

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Wikipedia is always good...


Just a few thoughts here:

Burgundy was not created by someone. The Burgunds were a germanic tribe that settled in this region during the 4th century AD. Burgundy became a part of the Empire of the Franks. After the Empire of the Franks was split, Burgundy was once again a nation of its own (more or less - "nation" really doesn't apply in those days).


During the middle ages, Burgundy became a regional power in western europe, influencing the politics of France, Germany and Italy. In the end, it was integrated into France.

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