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The Kingdom Of Endenia

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Greetings, I am representing the Kingdom Of Endenia, led by his most excellent Majesty, Emperor Kendrick XI


The Kingdom of Endenia




Official Name: The Eternal Kingdom Of Endenia


Current Leader: His Most Divine Emperor Kendrick XI


Population: 6 Million (2% Romanian, 50% English, 8% Arab, 39% German, 1% Others)


Official Language(s): English, German


Land Usage: 30% Industrial, 20% Forest, 30% Agricultural, 20% Desolate Wastelands


Major Religion(s): The Royal Government declares all religions illegal, only the worship of the eternal leader is allowed. No private or public religious activities are allowed.


Major Cities:

-Capital: Endenia Prime, Location: Coastal City (Population: 2 Million)

-Major Port City: New Eden, Location: Coastal City (Population: 1 Million)

-Solaria, Location: Southeast (Population: 400,000)

-Ivalice, location: West (Population: 1.45 Million)

-Nelnia, Location: Northwest (Population: 600,000),

-Xian-Ra [Decimated], Location: Central (Population: 500,000 Note: Former Capital)

-Remaining 50,000 spread out through towns and villages.



The Emperor has absolute power and all obey him. The Royal Government assisted the Emperor in the running of the Country. Any potential rebels are identified and executed immediately, the military police ensure everyone obey the leader only.


Royal Government Ministries:

-The Royal Ministry Of Manpower

-The Royal Ministry Of Trade

-The Royal Ministry Of Health And Education

-The Royal Ministry Of Defense

-The Royal Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

-The Royal Ministry Of Internal Security

-The Royal Ministry Of The Environment And Conservation

-The Royal Ministry Of The Arts And Entertainment


National Budget: Classified


Currency: The Endenian Dollar



-Military Funding: Classified

-Major Army Installation: Fort Tetras

-Army Size: Classified

-Special Military Units: Royal Military Police, His Majesty Secret Service, The Royal Guard, The Shadow Guard


-Major Naval Installation: New Eden Naval Base

-Navy Size: Classified

-Special Navy Units: The Coast Guard, The Royal Naval Guard, The Maritime Secret Service


-Major Air-force Installation: Ivalice Air Base

-Air-force Size: Classified

-Special Air-force Units: The Royal Air Guard, The Border-Watchers, The Royal Air-Force Intelligence Service





-Primary Industries: Crops (Wheat, Potatoes), Vineyards, Mining, Logging

-Secondary Industries: Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Steel Forgeries, Petroleum Refineries

-Tertiary Industries: Banking, Ports, Airports, Tourism, Communications

-GDP: Classified




-Major Port(s):

-New Eden King Edward Port

-New Eden Princess Nora Port

-Endenia Prime Port

-Major Airport(s):

-New Eden Royal Airport

-New Eden Prince Charles Airport

-Endenia Prime Emperor Kendrick Airport

-Endenia Prime Queen Rania Airport

-Endenia Prime International Airport

-Solaria International Airport

-Ivalice International Airport

-Nelnia Domestic Airport

-Xian-Ra Landing Strip

-Major Highway(s):

All Major Cities (Excluding Xian-Ra) are connected via the Royal Highway, which stretches along the coastline and connects all Cities together; Xian-Ra?s Link to the Highway was destroyed in the Civil War.

-Major Railway(s):

All Major Cities (Excluding Xian-Ra) are connected via the Royal Railway Network, it stretches along the countryside and connects all the Cities together, Xian-Ra?s link to the network was destroyed in the Civil War.

-Communication Network:

All Major Cities are connected to all forms of communication (Internet, Phones, Mail, Optical Fibre Network)




Brief History:

Before the Great Civil War, the country of Endenia was a peaceful, well-developed nation that was ranked one of the best in the world, the people of the Kingdom enjoyed peace and prosperity until the War begun. The Reformists led a rebellion attacking and capturing Xian-Ra the then capital of the Kingdom, they slaughtered all the Royal Family there however only Prince Kendrick XI survived, he escaped to Endenia Prime where he rallied the Royalists and met the oncoming Reformist Army outside the city.

The prince won the hard-fought battle and then went to besiege Xian-Ra, however by then the War had spread to all over the Kingdom, skirmishes between the two factions happened all over the major cities, the economy virtually collapsed and tourism came to a stand-still. The War continued on for several years, roads and rails were destroyed and many citizens died in the War.

The Civil War finally came to an end with the destruction of Xian-Ra and the execution of the Reformist Leader Sarah Bella. Prince Kendrick XI was crowned Emperor and declared Endenia Prime the new Capital of the Kingdom, many people now believe that a new era of peace has begun but there were several glaring errors the new Emperor made.

He did not order the complete destruction of the Reformists, they have escaped intact and are currently regrouping for another attempt to overthrow the Emperor and establish Democratic Government.


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Okay here is more information about the Kingdom



Military Information:


Special Elite Units:


Name: The Royal Guard

Strength: 2000

Location: The Royal Palace(Endenia Prime)

Weapon(s): Standard Issue SAR-21 Assault Rifle, Colt Pistol, Ceremonial Sword

Armor(s): Kelver Bulletproof Armor, Ceremonial Royal Armor

Duties: To protect all members of the Royal Family and to guard all Government buildings, also to perform all ceremonial duties expected of the Guard

Description: These are the best of the army, they were formed when the Kingdom was found. They perform more of a ceremonial role now, the original Guards were all killed in the line of duty protecting the Dowager Empress during the Seige of Xian-Ra


Name: The Shadow Guard

Strength: 200

Location: Wherever the Emperor Goes

Weapon(s): Special MP5 Sub-Machine Gun, Silenced Colt, Sniper Rifle, Dagger

Armor(s): Kelver Bulletproof Armor, Full Body Black Armor

Duties: To protect the Emperor in all Situations and to ensure his survival in all kinds of crisis.

Description: Formed by Emperor Kendrick XI to protect him wherever he goes, they are above the law and are the best of all the Kingdom. They ensure that the Emperor is kept safe via field agents and counter-snipers.


Name: The Juppon Gatana Slashers

Strength: 10

Location: All over Endenia but can be called in.

Weapon(s): Weapons vary for each of the Juppon Gatana. All weapons however are close combat weapons(E.g. Katanas, Sycthe, Spear) All have special abilities.

Armor(s): Armor varies among the Juppon Gatana. Each have their own individual preferences.

Duties: To respond to any crisis with force and to eliminate all enemies before they can react, They are above the law and only the Emperor can order them.

Description: The best swordsmen of the Kingdom, the Emperor commissioned them to serve him, each of the ten are extremely powerful, the full abilities of the ten are, 1.Soujiro of the Heavenly Sword, 2.Akina of the Flaming Hell, 3. Amakasu of the Grim Sycthe. 4. Uiji of the Blind Spear, 5.Cora of the Hundred Swords, 6. Sarah Of The Flying Death, 7. Shisa of the Mysterious Blade, 8. Kendra Of the Dragon Slayer Sword, 9. Hikia of the Kempo Sword, 10. Saito of the Cold Wolf.


Name: The Oni Gang Spy Network

Strength: Top Secret (Estimate: 5000, 3000-Sleeper Agents)

Location: All over the world

Weapon(s): Standard issue weapon Special Silenced Desert Eagle, Dagger.

Armor(s): Standard issue Oni Gang armor.

Duties: To provide accurate intelligence for the Royal Intelligence Corps and to protect all cities from Uprisings

Description: The 'soldiers' of the Royal Intelligence Corps, these men/women are the field agents of the Corps and they ensure that the Security and Intergrity of the Kingdom is maintain. They operate on many fronts and were instrumental in defending the city of New Eden from a fire-bomb plan by the Reformists.



Note: The Juppon Gatana are spread all over the Kingdom and thus it takes an estimate 1 week just to locate 5 of them, therefore usually only one is called into duty, however in the event of a great disaster, all 10 swords are called into service, this takes an estimate 2 weeks to call them all.


The Oni Gang can only gather information and cannot eliminate any targets, that is for the Royal Intelligence Corps to handle, the weapons are for the Oni Gang to defend themselves.



This is a small part of the military force of the Kingdom.

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